Juliette and the Cats

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Juliette went on a walk for cat food and well, I don't even know what happened.

Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



 Juliette walked along the sidewalk holding a bag of cat food that she bought for her three cats. She started to hum a song joyfully as she continued to make her way towards her house. The blonde stopped in her tracks however, when she noticed a little kitten mewling at her feet.

 "Aww, SO CUTE!" Juliette cried out at the small tabby. The kitten just meowed once again as it stood on its hind legs, trying to claw at the bag of cat food in the young girls arms. 'It must be hungry, poor thing.' Juliette thought as she decided to open the bag of food. The blonde knew she shouldn't be feeding a wild animal, but she knew that it would be weighing down on her conscious if she didn't feed the kitten. She knelt down and poured some of the food onto the floor in front of the tabby.  

 "Meww!" said the kitten as it happily starts to eat the food Juliette had laid out for it. It started to rub against the blonde's legs, purring to show its joy.

 "Haha, good kitty." Juliette told the tabby as she gently stroked its fur. The moment of peace and tranquility was short lived however, as the teen girl heard multiple hisses from behind. Juliette quickly snapped around, checking for what was making the sound. She was appalled as she saw the hundreds upon hundreds of cats and kittens, all of different breeds, laid out in front of her. They all seemed to be staring in one single direction - at one single point. Juliette followed their gaze until her eyes landed on one single item - the bag of cat food.

 "FOOD!" The cats hissed. The girl knew that's not what the cats actually said, but she did know that's what they were implying.

 "Heheh… sorry guys, I can't give out all this food; there's not enough for all of you guys." Juliette said sheepishly with closed eyes as she scratched the back of her head. The swarm of cats seemed to get angrier as they heard her, causing the blonde to back up and her eyes to widen. The cats all growled as they advanced towards Juliette, scaring her greatly. Trying to think of a way out of this situation, Juliette grabbed her cat food bag and started to throw cat food at the crowd, hoping it would distract them. It hadn't worked as she had hoped however, as the cats simply shook off and ignored all the cat food. Juliette got even more scared at this fact. 'They don't even care about the food anymore,' the girl though, 'they just want me!'

 Juliette continued to back up away from the cat army until she tripped on a rock. "Nononono!" she cried out, worried she wouldn't make it out of this situation alive. She scrambled backwards, still on the ground, trying to get as much distance from the cats as possible. The crowd continued their advance as the girl ended up hitting a brick wall - dead end. Juliette noticed this and freaked out even more. She got up and pressed her back into the wall as she still tried to get further from the cats. The herd of cats enveloped her as she let out a desperate cry for help. Her hand was sticking out of the ocean of cats trying to pull herself out but to no avail - she was literally drowning in a sea of cats.

 After a few minutes had passed, the cat army had left the scene, leaving a small tabby kitten by itself. 'WHAT HAPPENING??" Juliette thought as she examined her new paws and tail. 'I-I'M A CAT!' She made her way out of the alleyway and to where she was before. She saw a blonde girl walk down the path holding a bag of cat food. 'Maybe she can help!' Juliette thought as she made her way to the blonde girl's feet.

 "Help!" Juliette tried to cry out but it only came out as a mewl. The girl turned around and noticed the kitten before she yelled.

 "Aww, SO CUTE!" She cried out as Juliette tried to think of anyway she could tell her that she was turned into a cat. She decided that maybe she could point at the word 'cat' on the cat food. Juliette stood on her hind legs and attempted to point at where she wanted. Apparently the blonde girl took this as a sign that Juliette was hungry so she poured her some of the cat food. The kitten stared at the food for a second before noticing that they actually were a bit hungry. Juliette tried to say thanks but it just came out as a mew before eating her food. She purred as she scratched her back on the leg of the girl - she was itchy and had no idea how to scratch it alright? Suddenly, many hisses appeared out of nowhere. Juliette and the girl both turned towards the sound and Juliette started to run away thinking, 'It's your problem now.'



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