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Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



164- What is the scariest dream you remember? Describe it. Your happiest dream? Describe it. 
The scariest dream I have ever had was this one time, I went to school, and in the classroom, and there was a creepy shadow. Everyone who walked near it disappeared, and I went near it. It took me to a different place, where everyone was getting tortured, and I had to get out. I found a giant beast, and inside it was a way to get everyone out. I didn’t want to get eaten alive, so I had to kill it. It was huge, and I got this giant sword, but before I could use it, I woke up. My happiest dream was when I went down this slide, and fell through the ground, and the slide kept on going down to a truck full of presents with my name on them, and there was money everywhere, and I got the first present, and while I was opening it, I woke up.
10- DAYDREAM… what do you like to daydream about?
I usually daydream about our YouTube series, “Criminal League”. I like to think about what kind of things we should do for the next episode, like how to make the series better. I like to daydream about scenarios like one of the criminals decides to join the police force to betray the other criminal, but instead he tries to make him and the other criminal innocent.
25- Write or draw anything you want. Anything is possible…all you have to do is try.
Hello. My name is Ishmael. Today, I will tell you about the story of Moby Dirk. It was one Christmas day, as we were mushing our way over the Dawson trail. My friend turned to me, and “Cap,” he said, “I’ll cash in this trip I guess. And if I do, I’m asking that you won’t refuse my last request. Before I die, show me the mysterious Moby Dirk.” I carried him all the way back home, because we were in my back yard. He was perfectly fine, but I had to keep the promise we made. It was a whole -5 degrees Celsius outside, but I decided to walk all the way to the car, where I left my keys. I took out the secret key, and brought it inside. I went up to the giant model ship, and opened the side. There it was. Moby Dirk. I took it out. It was such a beautiful goldfish, so I had to keep it hidden from the cat. Then, I realized the mistake I made. Moby Dirk attacked! He jumped out to my friend, and knocked him out with one blow! I dropped the fish bowl, watching Moby dirk flop around. That was the last I ever saw of Moby Dirk.
126- Does your family have a fire emergency plan? What is it? If your family does not have a plan, then start to create one.
I wake up to my alarm. I go to turn it off, but then I realize, “Wait! I have no alarm!” I get out of bed, and I go to my brothers. “Hey! Wake up!” They are already awake. I go to my room, open the window, and kick out the screen. I get my fire emergence ladder, and I try to open it. “How do I open this mischievous thing!?” I scream. My brother says back, sarcastically, “I don’t know! How about you read the instructions that are obviously placed right in front of your face!?” “That would help,” I say under my breath. I finally get it open, and I put it out of the window, and latch it on. We all climb off of the ladder, out of the window, one by one. We all get around the big tree, even my parents, who probably got out from their window, or the patio door, and go to the neighbor’s house to call the fire department before all of Etters Beach burns down.
109- How do you feel about your generation? Write about some of the challenges you and the other teens are facing today.
I feel our generation has a lot of problems. I think I should start with people in Africa. They have to deal with starvation and thirst, and also they deal with poverty, and violence. Along with that, there is also one that a lot of people know about, which is Ebola, but they also deal with Aids. Now, with the North American people, some of us complain about first world problems, which barely mean anything, like “This topic is too depressing,” and, “Why do we need to type so much?” Along with that, there are problems like obesity, everyone is worrying about that, so they don’t eat enough.

7- Write about some of your favorite movies. Write about your favorite actors. Why do you like them?
One of my favorite movies is Airplane. It is a hilarious movie, and it is very entertaining. It might be a little bit inappropriate, but it is still fun. Also, I like the sequel, but it is not as good. I like the other comedies, too, like Austin Powers, Blazing Saddles, The Watch, and Scary Movie 4. But I don’t only like uneducated and pointless comedies. I really enjoy action movies, like The Running Man, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Terminator 2. My favorite movie is Big Hero Six, though. Some of my favorite actors are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Knotts, and Jonny Depp.

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