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Short story about a man named stone who was left in a empty town.

Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



There once was a man named Stone. Stone was a tall but also rather short person with simple needs. He is a quite curious person with a simple mind, a humble person. Everyday Stone gets up and gets ready for school a little after dawn. He usually has a quiet simple day of school. He had many friends and even had a GirlFriend. Stone was a happy person. He went to bed at 9 Pm trying to get lots of sleep for the next day.
Stone awoke at 10 am and rushed to school late, it was his Girlfriends birthday. But He arrived to a empty school with no-one there, he checked his watch to see if it was a school day. It was but no-one was there. Stone was confused at that time and went running around the school shouting for anyone and listening for any sound. But nobody was there. He ran outside to listen if anyone was out there, but it was peaceful there too and strangely very quiet. Stone shocked went walking around town looking for any sight of life. Nobody was anywhere in sight.
The town was clean and didn't look like anyone rushed leaving. He was worried that everyone left him there alone. He ran to his Girlfriends house to see if she was there. She wasn't, nobody was he was abandoned in a empty town with no sign of where everyone went. He started going house to house searching for people and supplies in case he has to live in a empty town. He was gathering food and clothing and other basic supplies. He pilled them all up in the town hall. Where he thought he could live now since nobody was there because he was Abandoned.
Stone started taking peoples gas out of there cars and storing that in the town hall also. He gathered guns and ammo also cause why not he thought. He went down into the basement of the town hall to find a new experimental police car with everything you could imagine. It was a high tech car that could power itself naturally incase of a natural disaster or if they were attacked by another country. Stone was quite happy to find this new ride that he could easily drive and explore other towns with. 
So he got in the car and started driving through other towns to try to find people and supplies. All the other towns were also empty and looked like nothing happened to the town so there was no reason everyone left him there alone. Stone was saddened to not find anyone anywhere. So he went back to his new home in the middle of town and started broadcasting a signal to see if anyone was out there. Everyday he listened to the fuzz of the radio trying all frequencies to see if anyone was out there. Everyday same routine, he ate his food and listened to the radio.
*Two years later*
Stone was fat now and very depressed and very lonely in his empty world. He was running low on food and crashed his car a while back thinking that someone would come out of the car. He was losing his mind going crazy without having interaction with anyone. Stone had a gun he talked to it everyday and only talked to the gun, he got in a lot of arguments with the gun. Stone was now mentally unstable and if he saw anyone now he would probably kill them because he was so unstable now and even forgot his own name. Stone saw no point in life anymore and didn't want to live in his lonely world. He put the gun in his mouth crying while slowly pulling the trigger back farther and farther back. Boom...the gun fired and ended his life instantly, the bullet traveled straight through his head so there was no chance of him surviving that shot. His body fell lifelessly to the floor. There was a screeching noise, it was the radio responding to his old broadcast he has been broadcasting since the beginning. It was everyone who left the town leaving him there all alone. They called and called but there was no answer from Stone since he just ended his life seconds before hearing them call for him...THE END


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