The Dark Contract

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A young women completes a contract with a demon to gain back her lover. The story is coming from the demon and not the woman. The woman finds out that her choice, may not have been the best one.

Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



“Hello?  Is anybody there?  It is cold and dark, I just want help.”  

That is all she ever hears anymore, never another word.  She is lost, gone forever.  Sent to be with the fiery one.  Why the hell will nobody save her?

“I want out...I want out...I WANT OUT!”

Girl mise as well stop screaming, nobody will let her out.  She did this to herself.  Why would the fiery one ever let her out.  He would have to go through the pit to save her, and why would he do that.  He is cruel, deadly to the bone.

“You will never get out you stupid girl.  Now, shut-up before I chain your goddamn mouth shut,” it would say over and over again.

“Why are you doing this to me?  What have I ever done to you?  You are a monster! LET ME OUT...NOW!”


What has she done to deserve this, locked up, freezing, and slowly dying to be with the fiery one?  That is actually a mystery of why she ever ended up like this, truly it is her fault.  She is the one that did this to herself.  She is the one that locked herself up, she wanted this….and now she wants out.  She is capable of getting out of there right?  No, oh no, she is stuck there, and it all starts in the lovely city of Clarksdale, Mississippi.


No, no, no it is nobody’s fault but hers, this is what she wanted.  She knew exactly what she was getting into.  On a lovely, cold night, this girl walked up to my crossroad.  My crossroad, where all your wishes and dreams come true.  She walked in the middle, and dug a hole.  In that hole, there was a box.  A box that I placed there, to make my wisher’s dreams come true.  She picked up the gold, delicate box and stuck in her picture...the start.  

“I am ready to make my deal,” she screamed to what seemed the untrained eye, to nobody.  I was there...I was deciding who I should send to her.  I observed her...up close and afar.  Blonde hair, green eyes, pierced ears, and a smell of alcohol followed her.  She was drunk.  I knew who to send to make her wishes come true.  I sent my king...I thought he might be handsome enough for her.

“You called,” he whispered in her ear.  When she turned, she saw a young man, smiling at her.  To this broad, my king looked like a normal being.  He was tall, athletic, and sexy...what girl would pass him up.  To me, he had his red eyes, brown hair, and of course, still extremely sexy.  Just one look at him could make my clothes come flying off, I knew he was mine.  But to her, he was just a normal man making a deal.

“I did, I did call you my prince,” she said as she hobbled over to him. “I want you to make my wish come true.”

“What is your wish?  Whatever you ask, my boss will make it come true.”  That’s right, I am the boss.  I am the one to make your deepest desires come true, but what they have to do for me….is very pleasing.

“I want my hubby to ask for my hand.  I want to marry him tomorrow...I want to be his,”  poor girl has no idea what she just said.

“Your wish will be granted.  You have ten years to be alive, then my boss will come looking for you.  Do not be worried though, she will make your stay...delightful.”  This girl nodded her head and said that was fine by her.  Only, the deal was not set yet.  “She is coming now to seal the deal.”  My king is so lovely, like I have not been standing there the whole time.  This young girl turns around and gasps.

“You are beautiful, where did you come from?”  She was innocent enough, I thought I may as well tell her.

“I came from where you are going to end up being.  I believe you will love it there.  Any dream or thought you possess will come true, it is truly a fantasy.”  She smiled and I actually felt excited for her to come with me, I have never felt this way before.  I have a feeling this dumb bitch may one day be one of my workers. My workers...oh dear.

“That sounds lovely!” she exclaimed, jumping like a mad animal.  “Now, what do I do to seal the deal.”  I laughed, I made it sound as pleasant as I could, but because of who I am, that did not happen.

“Baby, all you have to seal it with a kiss.  That is my contract, just a kiss, and you will be married by tomorrow night.”  

“I’ll do it,”  and just like that I had another soul it my hands.  As soon as the deal was made, my king and I left...and we waited.  Waiting goes a long way, but I found a way of passing time.  I thought of what I could do to his girl, to form her into one of my workers.  Make her worse dreams surround her, tie her up, hell, I could even make her serve me.  I chose to do the humane.  Ten years went by and I knew it was her time...her time was up.  This was how I set her death up.  


One lovely night, while the moon was so bright, this young broad and her husband set off for a romantic dinner.  I sat at the table next to them.  Could they see me?  No, I was hidden.  After all, I live in two worlds, why would I want to be seen in both all the time.  Her husband of ten years ordered her favorite meal...Shrimp, covered in butter….Lobster, covered in warm, garlic butter...Ham, covered with gravy….and buttery mashed potatoes.  I looked at her...her ten years have done her...well...big.  When I first saw her, she was this petite, skinny broad, and could almost see her bones.  At that time, she would of been a perfect worker.  Now, she added some new things to her.  A new name, new clothes, and she also added something bigger.  She had to weigh more than any soul I have.  I knew she was no longer going to be a worker, but I did know she would become useful in some way.  I chuckled, and she looked my way.

“Did you hear that babe?  I swear I heard a familiar laugh.”  Her husband just looked at her and smiled.

“I heard nothing dear.”

“Well okay then!”  She continued on eating.  As being the boss, you think by now I would of taken her out.  Not yet though, the night is not over.  She ordered a slice of cake and scoffed it down.  As they walked past me, I smiled.  I knew when the proper time would be to take her with me.  It is after all, their tenth anniversary, and I get a kick out of the show that happens.

They walked into their lovely home, and right up to the bedroom.  Now, this may seem a little unfair for her death, but she could fit it.  I knew that I wanted her to die of heart failure.  I mean, she was filled with clogged everything...I am surprised her blood isn’t gravy.  The hard part of this job, is trying to figure out the best time to take them away.  She was pretty simple.  As she lay there in her bed naked, she waited for her husband.  Of course, I did something cruel because, hello, it is my job.  As I was standing in front of the bed, I decided, why not just give her a little scare.

“You know, men think it is no fun when ladies remove their own clothing.  I mean, I have been alive for thousand of years so what do I know.  Oh and by the way, it is time,”  she did not even make a sound when she left her body laying there.  I called her to come to me.  She walked over and gave me these huge eyes.

“Why....who….what happened?”  As usual, I felt bad for this innocent bitch and I told her the truth.

“So, here’s the thing.  First of all, your contract is up.  Secondly, I called you over here to stand next to me, I want to show you something.  Oh...and let me say, you are going you are going to wish that you never made a contract with me.”  Confused, she stood quiet, and just looked at me.  I sighed and looked at her.

“Baby, just watch and see what your dick of a husband is going to do, I already planned this out.  Don’t worry though, he will be punished because I will be the one to do it.  After all, I am the boss.”  I just laughed and laughed, until I heard the door open.

“Look.  Watch what he is going to do to you, and you cannot even feel it.”  This broad starts to cry and finally talks to me.  I liked her up until that moment, she was nice when she was quiet.

“He is not going to do anything to me!  He loves me! I love him!  What do you mean I will not feel anything?”  and blah, blah, blah.  I didn’t even bother answering her questions because it was happening.  Her husband walks in.  He had no idea that she was dead yet.  I chuckled and that dumb bitch just stared at me.  I gestured to her to watch, so she did of course.  The spell was broken, he no longer had to love her, but that did not mean he wouldn’ her.  He tapped her shoulder three times.

“Excuse miss, are you alright?  You are in my bed.”  Obviously, this broads body didn’t move because...well...she was with me now.  He quickly realizes that she is dead and smiles.

“Why is he smiling?  I am dead you idiot...I AM DEAD!!”

“Oh please princess, he is smiling because there is a dead body on his bed.  Not to mention, a pretty large one too.”  She looked at me like I had three heads.  At that point, she had no idea what I was talking about.  “Just watch.”  Her eyes went back on him.

He slowly took his clothing off, imagining what he could do to her.  He walked up to her, and laid on top of her.  Even I was a little disgusted and that never happens.  At least I knew where he would end up.  Mortified, the young girl begged me to leave.  I told her of course, but this is when your days have come to an end.  She wanted to go, so we left.  Little did she know where we were going.


As I walked along, she followed me...then she screamed.  I turned around and grabbed her by her shoulders and threw her down.

“God dammit, what the hell are you trying to do.  Scream one more time and my secrets will kill you...and not on my order.”  Even as I warned her she still looked petrified.  “What is wrong with you, it is like you have seen a ghost.”  I laughed at my joke because well, she is dead after all.

“I saw the man that I made a contract with a long time ago, but he looks slightly different.”  she shuddered as she said that and I just laughed.

“My king, oh my lovely king.  Don’t be frightened by him, he would never hurt you unless I ordered him to.  Besides, I am the one that sealed the contract.”  Now, she started to panic.  “Yes, I am the boss, nice to see you again.  Now get moving before you get hurt.”  We walked along my wavy hallways until she finally got to her room.  This broad actually walked in, not even protesting.  This was the first time I have seen this in years.  She looked at me and laughed.

“You really are not all that tough.  You may be the boss, but you are petrified of me...You cannot do anything to me.”  At that remark, I turned around.  I nodded my head, and all the sudden she was chained to a bed.

“Well, well, well...we have a tough one here.  See, I was going to take it easy on you because I actually like you.  Never mind to that, I am bored with you.  Not only will you never become one of my workers, but you will be strapped down here...forever.”  As I began to walk away, I remembered something.  I jumped on top of her, and smiled. “You felt nothing when your husband stuck you with his needle, but now I am going to make sure you know it.  I will make sure that you remember everything.”

From that point on, all I ever heard was her screaming to get out of the dark hole.  You know, there is something that is fun about my job.  First of all, I am the boss, so of course that would be the best.  Most importantly though, I decide people’s fates when they are not being sent to glory.  Yes, I am not the fiery one, but he picks who is coming down.  The fiery one, my king, oh how I love him.  Together we make a pack, and forever will I be his and him mine, for I am the boss, and your soul is mine.

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