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This is a short story about three goats. The moral is that beauty is on the inside and the outside. The story is not the best, but it is still cute.

Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



Once upon a time in a village, lived a family of goats.  There was the mother, Goatna, who cared for all of her children.  She truly did loved all of them very much.  Then there was the father, Goathew, who worked out in the field all day cutting grass.  He also loved all of his children very much.  The oldest child, Goatlange, who was incredibly rude to the youngest sister.  She believed she was the best and, of course, the prettiest.  The middle child, Goatca, was also incredibly rude to the youngest sister.  Just like the oldest, she believed that she was the prettiest.  And then there was Goatce, the youngest and most flawless one of all.

One day, while mother was sleeping, and father was working, the three sisters went shopping at Cow Mall.  While the sisters were all trying on beautiful shoes, a young goat walked by, and noticed the girls trying on shoes.

“Excuse me miss,” said the goat,”may I ask why you are tying all of these shoes on.”  Goatlange, believing that this young boy was talking to her, walks over to him, but trips because she is walking in the highest heels that she could find.

“I am sorry that you have fallen madam, but I was not talking to you.  I was talking to the princess of all of you.”  Goatlange, feeling defeated, takes of her shoes and walks home by herself.  Goatca then believes that this young boy was talking to her, so she walks over, without falling in her heels.

“My name is Goatca, I am the princess you are referring to.  I, of course, am prettier than all of the rest of them.”  The young boy shakes his head.

“You are pretty, but you are not the princess.  The princess has no flaws.”

“You must be mistaken sir, I have no flaws”

“Goatca, you have the beauty, but where is the kindness?  Where is the love?  You have a heart of stone and you will never be the one.”  Also feeling despair, Goatca begins to walk home as well.

Now Goatce, believing that she is certainly not the princess, ignores the young man and continues to try on her heels.  The young boy notices this and slowly walks up to her.  Politely, Goatce stands up and as if a burst of wind blows through the room, her hair blows perfectly and flawlessly.

“You!  You are the princess!  Now tell me, why are you buying shoes my lady?”  Goatce continues to walk over and says, “I am attending the prince’s ball tonight, and I want to be flawless like my sisters.”  The young boy laughs and motions to sit down.

“I am Prince Goat-Z and I, my lady, wish for you to be my bride.  You are everything that I am looking for.  You do not know that you are flawless, nor that you are already as perfect as can be.”

The Prince and now princess went to the ball together, partied all night, and of course lived happily ever after.

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