The Kristoff Chronicles

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Seven years ago Kristoff Hayes lost both his sister and mother in an incident. Since then, his father has dragged Kristoff all over the country due to fear of losing him too. Each move causes Kristoff to lose any relationships he had built in that town, and this most recent move is no exception. After spending two months in a small apartment in Oklahoma City with no friends and no human contact minus fast-food clerks and his less-than-loved father, he meets a strange girl which then leads him to an even stranger experience of somehow going to another world. A world filled with magic, demons, and death.

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Submitted: April 29, 2016

Prologue I She was outnumbered. The demons had ambushed her at the Black Forest and had been trailing her since moon-rise. Sh... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 29, 2016

Chapter One: Lost I The full weight of everything that had occurred hit Kristoff all at once. He allowed his head to fall bac... Read Chapter