Looking Back

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How do you feel when old memories come rushing back to you.

Walked so far on this path,

Suddenly wanted to look back upon the things he had walked past.

Street lights,trees,shops, he saw not,

A strange feeling he got,

Was he dreaming he thought,

How had he been carried into his past?

Was he not sitting in the living room,

Telling his grandchildren stories about the moon?

But now he was seeing himself,

Again as his childish self.

Running in the garden now,

Suddenly playing pranks on others and how!

His grandparents lovingly fondling him,

Looking back upon that scene,

His eyes with tears became dim.

Today he himself was sitting,With his grandchildren around him wo were playing and joking.

Time fleets so fast,

Even a minute gone by becomes the past.

Life seems so long yet its so short

One day gone and its forever lost,

Leaving behind only memories to last.

Submitted: April 30, 2016

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