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There's a difference between being bored and being lazy.

Submitted: May 28, 2016

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Submitted: April 30, 2016



I lay on the floor, staring at the roof. ‘What to do, what to do.’ I thought as I scoured my mind for any ideas to solve me boredom. ‘I could write a story.’ I glanced at the laptop on my desk, considering the idea of writing a story.


“Nah…” I mumbled out loud, decided that I was too lazy to write a story. ‘What about the homework?’ I considered, but the moment my eyes saw the math sheets I instantly dismissed the idea. I heard a knock on the door, peeking my curiosity. I somehow managed to drag myself all the way to the door. While yawning, I peered through the peephole on the door to see my friend on the other side. I tiredly open the door, wondering why he was at my doorstep.


“Yo!” he said, to which I just responded with silence and a tired gaze. “Okay… so wanna play some football?” he asked hopefully, holding up the football in his hands.


“Not really.” I stated blantly before slamming the door closed on his face.


“Oh, okay then…” I heard him say, the sound slightly muffled by the door. I made my way over to my couch flopped onto it, face first.


“Ugh, there is absolutely nothing to do!” I cried out into the cushion of my couch. I turned myself over so I was facing the roof again and groaned in agony. “Nothing! Nothing to do!” I heard my phone beep, signalling that I had a notification. I rolled onto my side to face the coffee table, then I grabbed my phone. It read: Are you bored? Go play hockey today! Today’s special offer to let you play hockey absolutely free for one day… I tuned the rest of the message out and placed my phone down again. Stupid advertisements, why do they always have to annoy me?

I continued to gripe about my situation - really, why isn’t there anything I can do! The rest of the day I kept getting texts and calls from friends asking me to play some video games or to hangout at the mall. ‘Don’t they understand I’m trying to concentrate right now?’ I groaned internally. ‘Really, how am I supposed to find something to satisfy my boredom if people keep annoying me!’

Legend says that they’re still ignoring the obvious things to solve boredom till this day.

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