The Extra Cheese

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This Short Story is an insight into mind.Just a short one.I might just take it further

Submitted: April 30, 2016

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Submitted: April 30, 2016



The Extra Cheese


Adam woke up.He had just dreamed of having a sandwich,turkey and ham with extra sauces,just the way he liked it.That made him hungry.He decided to make a sandwich the first thing out of bed.

There was no particular reason as to why he dreamed of a sandwich but adam just denoted it to him being hungry and it being a sign of his hunger.He could’ve easily believed it to be a sign to  study today but he didn’t feel like studying that day.

He sat up and swung his legs down to the side of the bed and sat there for a second,both his hands resting on his either side.He thought about this dream again.It made him uneasy.He had never experienced that.There was something different in the dream.There was an extra slice of cheese.That was new to him.Maybe that would change his whole life,that extra cheese slice in his favourite sandwich.inspired by this burst of creativity,he slipped his feet into his slippers and lifted himself off of his bed,got out of his room and bounded downstairs thinking that brushing before having breakfast just seemed funny seeing how you eat and your teeth are again filled with food particles that the bacteria can then feed upon and people could smell what you ate when you spoke.Its way better to just eat and then brush.Some practices just made him giggle and get frustrated with humanity at the same time.God,funny people,He thought.

God.Hmm.Just a word used by him carelessly without meaning anything but what all could this mean to him.Okay,no,Not a religion guy.Not even an atheist.he just didn’t make an opinion on it yet.He didn’t feel like it.

Anyway,downstairs now,saying hello to their maid who was cleaning the coffee table with a cloth.she could use a glass cleaning spray.why doesn’t she? Well.

The kitchen was a nice place.understatement.but,just a thought.He took out the bread out of the fridge,noticing,while doing so,the other contents of the fridge and how they reflected the familys financial situation.That made him kind of sad.Well,if that’s how it is,lets just enjoy our sandwich.WAIT.NO.Lets just enjoy our turkey sandwich with an EXTRA CHEESE SLICE,ADDY.

He liked calling himself addy.maybe it was because he liked the show ed,edd and eddy and he always thought of eddy like a guy who just acted like he knew nothing while he had the answers to everything in the universe but behaved crazily to escape from his own knowledge.Well,that’s how he liked to think.Nothing bad in adding depth to things that you can see only from the surface.Makes the world more interesting.

Finally done with his sandwich.He put some milk into a glass and wnt into the living room and sat on the sofa and switched on the tv to watch some discovery channel while eating.To his bad luck,a very hideous show was coming where they were showing how vultures eat corpses and that motivated him to change the channels.Why always us while eating.he put on some music and took his first bite and when he felt the melted cheese with the sandwich melding with the turkey,sauces and the bread he realized that our brain was such an amazing thing.Making a normal favourite sandwich into a special favourite sandwich.Well,he didn’t have any level higher than ‘favourite’ so he thought adding special to it could make it more awesome.

Anyway,he thought that he should get to working soon as he really wanted to see what he could find.So he went upstairs,locked his room.pulled out a very old book that was the key to the secret room.he had always loved the secret lairs people in books had with their own cool entrances.He went inside,putting the last of his sandwich into his mouth,grabbed a scalpel and turned towards his mothers body which was on the table.

He went closer.his mother was lying there,considerably lifeless.He had gone through a great deal to carry her corpse upstairs after killing her.He should’ve killed her when she was upstairs only.He also just realized something pretty wierd,The table was a little askew.


He started working.

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