culturally neutral – spiritually neutered

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culturally neutral – spiritually neutered

Submitted: April 30, 2016

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Submitted: April 30, 2016



Many today are calling people of faith, no matter what religious beliefs they have, to remain neutral in the cultural war. Those who have beliefs that are opposed to the current culture and what it’s moving towards are told to be tolerant.  Tolerance used to be defined as, “One person expresses disagreement with another but still tolerates him, accepting that differing views exists even while holding fast to his own. He puts up with another person even though they do not believe the same thing. But over time there has been a subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle shift in the word’s meaning. Today’s version of tolerance actually accepts all differing views. We’ve gone from accepting the existence of other views to believing that we need to accept all differing views.”[i] 

Unfortunately, many Christians have swallowed the lie of today’s version, or have believed it because they see it as something that makes sense. Staying neutral culturally means we have been spiritually neutered.  To be neutered means to be sterile, castrated, fixed, rendered ineffective, lacks vigor or force, or disarmed. The non-Christian world wants us to be spiritually neutered. They think we need to be fixed, disarmed of any power, and basically rendered ineffective. The sad thing is many Christians want the same thing. They want Christians to be silent in the cultural war.  But, we should not be silent. Our words shouldn’t be mean-spirited, prideful or put those outside the church in their place. We need to speak the truth in love, sharing our faith and give the reasons why we oppose certain issues. We don’t want to be known by what we oppose, but how we share the love of Christ to a lost world.

Now let’s turn our attention to the church and those who want to remain culturally neutral and spiritually neutered. I would call them a group of believers who want to live in their own little world(view). A worldview is how we see the world through a belief system. To have a biblical worldview means we understand our society and the world through the lens of Scripture. 

The spiritually neutered Christian lives in their own little world (view). They are only concerned with themselves, their family and their creature comforts. As long as the issues of the day don’t currently affect their home, business, career or family, they aren’t concerned with what is going on in the world. They want a church that meets their needs and encourages them, but never confronts their spiritual laziness and sin. 

The world loves the spiritually neutered Christian because they don’t speak up about their faith, or speak out against issues such as abortion, same sex marriage, or anything else that the world loves. Satan has an affection for them too, since they do not oppose his work. 

To think about the spiritually neutered it is not only to judge others in the church, but to judge ourselves also and to see if we are describing ourselves by taking an inventory of our own spiritual life and see if we are guilty of being neutral and neutered. 


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