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6 Space travelers move threw space to find resources to save their planet Earth and in the process of doing so they gets sucked into a wormhole. After they were ejected from the other side their systems were damaged and they crash onto a strange planet with plenty of resources and also plenty of Dragons!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Crash Landing

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Chapter 1 The Crash Landing.
They were supposed to be flying to find a planet with natural resources to help Earth. However things didn't go their way and they were sucked threw a worm hole. The wormhole messed with their navigational system and when they were shot out of it they crashed on a strange planet that had what they needed most to save their planet. However what they found after that was something they never dreamed have existed. Here is their story.....
A female with long red hair looks back with her dark blue eyes at a man who has short black hair, "Captain Jason we have launched and are starting the mission." Jason stands and scans his crew with his dark green eyes, "Very good Cynthia, Lieutent Chloe you are in command I'm going to head back and run checks with everyone." A woman with jet black hair pulled back into a ponytail stands and gives him a salute, "Roger that Captain!" Jason sighs, "We're not military you don't have to salute me." Chloe blushed a bit as she saw both Cynthia and the co pilote Aiden who had forest green eyes and medium lengthed red hair pulled back into a pony tail watching her.
As Jason walks back he noticed that Danuiel who had a military hair cut and dark brown eyes and Wendell who had short blonde hair and wore glasses over his hazel colored eyes were talking. Danuiel looked a bit confused and Jason walked over, "Wendell I think Chloe needed you for something." Wendell looked up, "Ooooh god! Is something wrong!?" He runs towards the front and Danuiel sighs with relief, "Thank god! I thought he was never going to stop talking thanks Jason." Jason just laughed, "Well how about we start up a inventory before he gets back?" Danuiel nods his head and the two grab some clip boards and start making checks.
After 30 minutes Wendell walks back, "Jason you lied! Chloe didn't need me at all!" Jason looked back, "Sorry about that Wendell I thought she told me to grab you." Wendell glared and walks over, "Do we have enough supplies?! How about food we got enough of that!? You sure everything is in working order!!!!?" Jason sighs, "We have enough for 5 years if we need it Wendell and yes everything is in working order so don't worry." Jason then walks to the intercome and tells Chloe all is ready and to take the ship out.
As the ship launches into space Jason walks over to the back of the ship and kneels down punching in a sequence of numbers and as the hatch opens he slides down and starts running routine checks on the engines. Then as he climbs back out of the hatch he walks to his bunk and sits down going over files for the crew including himself.

Cynthia - Top of her class in flight and has a aptitude for making judgement calls when put on the spot. She handles pressure better than anyone could in her class and has a 3rd degree black belt in karate. She weighs 130 pounds she's 5'8" and is not someone I'd want to make angry.
Aiden - Younger brother to Cynthia and just because he wasn't top of his class like Cynthia was doesn't make him inferior to her when it comes to pioliting a ship. He's got a extreme gift for making a flight go extremly smooth and can fly in any conditions. Aiden is white and weighs about 200 pounds and is 6' 5".
Wendell - Eventhough Wendell worries about everything he's a genius when it comes to navigating and working with computers. He's got a book on just about everthing and well know what to do when you need it. Wendell is black and is 5' 10" and weighs about 176 pounds.
Danuiel - Was a weapons expert in the Army Rangers and knows how to survive in any kind of condition. His skills will come in handy in a real bad situation. Danuiel is white is 6' 2" and weighs 212 pounds
Chloe - Marine Biologist who wanted to tag along to see if she can find new kinds of marine life. She also knows about astrology as well as computer systems so she should be usefull on this mission. Chloe is black  is 5' 7" and is 143 pounds
Jason - Survivalist and a expert in anything that involves space and was the leading researcher on this trip. Jason found out that our natural resources were dwendling and that we needed to find more as soon as possible. Jason weighs 185 pounds and is 6 feet tall.

After a week of traveling  Jason was waking up and as he stands and stretches his arms he starts yawning a bit as he starts walking around and watches everyone doing their own thing. Just as he gets to the cock pit the alarm goes off and Chloe was trying to find out what was going on. It was then that Cynthia felt a pull and they saw a massive wormhole opening up and Jason rushes over trying to help pull them away but the pull was to strong. They were sucked into the wormhole and as they were being pulled threw the ship was thrown around and the crew was flying around crashing into the computers and that's when the navigational system was damaged as well as the auto pilot and just about everything else.
When they were thrown from the other side of the wormhole Jason stands up slowly his head bleeding and he looked around, "Is everyone okay?" Cynthia nods and checks on her brother who was unconcious and Jason sighs, "Chloe you alright?" She nods as well standing up, "Yes I'm okay are you?" Jason gave her a nod and looks at Aiden, "Help her with Aiden and I'll check on the other two." Chloe nods rushing over and Jason makes his way to the back, "Wendell and Danuiel are you two alright?" Danuiel groans as he stands, "I'm alright... Wendell you okay?!" Wendell was hugging his bed frame, "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!" Jason and Danuiel both sigh, "He's okay...." Jason looks at Danuiel, "You have some sort of medical training right?" Danuiel nods, "Yes we need to know how to patch a wound in the army why?" Jason motions for the cockpit, "Aiden is unconcious think you can check him out?" Danuiel nods and rushes to the cockpit.
Jason rubs his eyes and that's when Chloe shouts out, "Jason get up here!" Jason groans and rushes back over to the cockpit and see's that they are heading for a planet, "Can you steer us away!?" Cynthia shakes her head, "No our controls were damaged in the wormhole!" Jason looks at Danuiel, "Can Aiden be moved!?" He nods, "Yes he can." Jason undoes his belt, "Strap him to one of the beds and hold on we're going to crash!" Danuiel nods and him and Chloe carry Aiden to the back as Jason slides into the Co Pilot seat, "Okay we've got to try to make this ship hit a clear area or a body of water got it?" Cynthia nods her head sighing a bit.
Danuiel straps Aiden down and that's when Wendell looks around nervously, "Whats going on!?" Danuiel looks at him and instead of ealing with his worrying he punched Wendell and knocked him out and straps him down as well he then looks at Chloe, "Well we're going to crash that's fun..." She arched her brow, "You and I have a totally different view on "fun" Danuiel." He arched a brow, "Just trying to...." He was cut off by the hard jerk and was tumbling forward and runs into Chloe.
Jason growls as they were being thrown around by the entry to the planet and Cynthia was trying to keep the ship under control which was failing. Jason was suddenly in awe when they entered the planet and saw how gorgeous the scenery and than points to a clearing next to what looked like a lake, "Lets try to get it over there!" Cynthia nods and tries turning the ship which it did slowly and when they hit the clearing the force threw Jason and Cynthia back and the buckles snapped and the two were thrown all over the cockpit.
Jason was the first to come to and since their were holes in the ship and they weren't all dead he assumed that the air was safe to breath. They really didn't have much of a choice since their systems were all scrap metal they would of had to check it out anyways. When the crew come to they help Aiden off the ship and Jason looks around his arms crossed over his chest. He looks back at Danuiel, "You have any weapons?" He asked and Danuiel gave a grin and walks back into the ship and pulls out a trunk full of weapons and ammo, "Take your pick!" Jason walks over and grabs a 9mm Barreta and loads it then puts 4 clips in his jacket pocket, "Alright Danuiel and Chloe will go check out that lake to make sure it's drinkable  and I'll look around with Cynthia and Wendell you wait here with Aiden until he comes to... You two will then try to get in contact with home and tell them what happened." They nod and Chloe heads back to the ship to get her supplies as Jason and Cynthia walk into the woods carefully making sure there wasn't anything that was going to jump out and attack them.
After 30 minutes of walking Jason kneels down his gun at the ready and he looks back at Cynthia making sure she was okay and teh two decide to take a break. He pulls out a water bottle and starts sipping from it and looks at her, "How are you feeling?" He asked as he throws her the water bottle. She catches it an sighs, "Well kind of sore but I'll be okay." She takes a drink as well and sighs blissfully as her thirst was quenched and Jason stands back up and looks at her, "Well lets walk a bit further then we'll go back."
Chloe kneels down and fills a vile full of water and starts running tests on it. As she does Danuiel looks around holding his own gun and his eyes narrowed as he scans the area. As he does he saw what looked like a fin in the water and he shook his head, "What was that?" He thought to himself as shook his head, "Must of just been my imagination." He thought again and looks at Chloe, "You almost done?" He asked as he kept his eyes on the water. Chloe nods and looks up, "Yep the water is safe to drink so we have a good supply of water lets get back and tell everyone!" Danuiel nods and helps her gather her supplies and they head back to the ship.
Jason and Cynthia stop at a cave and Jason looks back at her, "Cynthia you rest here I'll go check out the cave okay." He saw that she was tired and thought it was best she rest while he scopes it out. She nods her head and sits down drinking from her water as Jason made his way inside holding up a flashlight and his pistol.
As Jason made his way threw the cave it felt wet and very damp. The air however was hot and extremely hard to breath almost like it was very humid. As he got further in the more intense the humidity got until he stops and kneels down breathing heavily and that's when it was heard. It was a loud deep breath and Jason holds up his light and that's when he saw a claw the size of his body and his eyes widen as he slowly backs away as the light went up the claw and that's when he saw a face. It had horns as long as a car on it's head and looks like it's sharper then a spear. It's body was red and covered in scales and it's eyes were closed and he saw fire coming from it's nose everytime it exhaled. He slowly backed away and made his way from the cave and as he got to the exit he holds his finger to his lips and whispers, "Back to the ship now." He takes her hand and they move away from the cave.
Once they got back to the camp Jason had a look of fear on his face and he sits down breathing hard his shirt was covered in sweat. Chloe and Danuiel were already back and were wondering what Jason had saw and he looked at the two, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." He says as he wipes sweat off his face and drinks the water, "Lets just say this planet would be perfect if the inhapitants weren't so dangerous." He states as he leans on the ship and closes his eyes.

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