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Jason and his crew find 12 Dragon Eggs and come to realize that there is a even bigger threat out there then just a few Dragons... They find out that the real threat is something called the Ancient Dragon...

Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Finding of the Eggs

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Chapter 2
The Finding of the Eggs
After Jason explained what he had seen and what they were up against a few weeks had passed. They had decided it'd be best to make their ship their home instead of moving away from it. Wendell had been able to get some of their systems working but as for communcation that was completely destroyed and was unable to be fixed without the proper equipment. Danuiel had began a patrol ever couple hours to make s ure they weren't being scouted and Cynthia ws trying to wrap her head around Jason seeing some kind of lizard that was as big as he said it was.
A few hours later Wendell walked over to Jason, "Uhh Jason..." Jason looked up at him, "What is it Wendell?" Wendell held up one of his books showing him a picture of what he had seen, "Is this what you saw?" Jason looked at it and nods, "Kind of yes why what is it?" Wendell then closes the book, "It's a Dragon.. One of the meaniest kind you'll see and also the most destructive." Jason arched a brow, "A dragon you say?" Rubbing his chin slowly and sighs a bit, "Well I don't know about that... A dragon? Why would the be all the way out here?" Wendell shrugs his shoulders, "No one really knows much about them since it was so long ago."
After they discussed it they looked up to see a massive Blue Dragon fly over head and they quickly ran inside the ship to hide and watch as the dragon lands and scopes the ship. It walks over nudging the entrance and growls then two more dragons land behind it one green and another brown, "What is it Malcent?" The Blue looks back, "We might have a unknown species running around Brutian." The brown growls a bit, "Siance.... I want you to go tell the Ancient One at once!" The Green Dragon flies off and The Blue Dragon looks over, "We must scan the area and find them then we will dispose of them!" The two Dragons fly off and head south of the ship.
Jason kneels down looking and watching as they fly off, "Okay well if we wait it out they should leave the ship alone.... However just in case I want Danuiel and Aiden to go look for any empty caves in the area.... Just don't head south until we know they aren't looking there." The two nod and run off with guns held up and checking the air to make sure they are clear to move.
Jason looks at Wendell, "I want you to try to get that radar online and see if we can see these things on it so we aren't blind got it?" Wendell nods and rushes inside to get to work as quickly as possible. Jason looks at Cynthia and Chloe as he sits down rubbing his forehead and sighs, "Shit is getting deep real quick we may not survive without some sort of miracle." Cynthia walks over and sits behind him and rubs his shoulders, "We'll just have to do what we can with what we got." He nods and sighs as he leans forward about to talk when Aiden runs back, "Jason you guys have to come see this!" Jason stands up and looks back, "Wendell take a break we have to check this out."
The 4 head back to the small cave where Danuiel was waiting for them and that's when they saw 12 large eggs and Jason walks over kneeling down, "Are these what I think they are?" Danuiel nods, "I think they are Dragon Eggs man... They aren't like anything I've ever seen before." As Jason touches one 6 of them 12 begin hatching and out comes 6 baby Dragons crawl out and that's when Jason falls backwards watching them as a gold one crawls over his lap and lays on it.
Cynthia kneels down as a green one was pawing at her legs and smiles, "They are cute!" Wendell falls backwards screaming, "Noo don't eat me!" He says holding up his arms as a silver dragon crawls over and lays on his shoulder while Chloe picked up a blue one and smiles, "You are right Cynthia they are cute." The black dragon leaps up into Aidens arms and crawls onto his shoulders wrapping around them and lays there.
Danuiel was outside watching for trouble when the red dragon bites his ankle and he winced, "Ow hey you little bastard!" The Dragon growls and jumps at him and the two wrestle around before he grabs it by it's tail, "You're a scrappy little shit aren't ya... I think I'll call you Samuel... Name ya after my grandfather... He was honory just like you."
Cynthia and Chloe call their dragons Jade and Sapphire and Wendell calls his dragon Maxwell.... Jason decided to call his Dragon Topaz and Aiden called his Dragon Malekite. The group walk away and head for the ship and as they set the new Dragons inside Wendell starts working on the radar again.
.....Two Weeks Later.....
After two weeks the dragons had already gotten so big that they couldn't fit in the ship and were already learning speech which of course doesn't come without issues... After countless attempts of trying Wendell had finally finished the Radar and that's when Maxwell pokes his head inside, "About time... I could of done that a lot faster." Wendell growls, "Oh yeah! Wait holy shit you guys talk!!!" He falls back and Maxwell sighs, "What a illogical species you humans are of course we can talk we are intellgent beings after all!"
Jason walks back to the ship when Wendell sprints out, "Jason they talk!! It's incredible!" Jason arched a brow and looks at Topaz who nods, "Yes yes I can talk sheesh! We learn incredibly fast and just so you know Samuel has already tried picking fights with me." Jason laughed a bit, "Well this is quite a turn around... You all can talk and speak perfect english..." He didn't have to kneel down since the Dragons were already standing above them and he must say that these creatures grow extremely fast and were quite fun to be around.
After a while Jason could hear two voices arguing and it was Danuiel and his Red Dragon Samuel, "No Samuel you aren't going fishing!" Danuiel spoke and Samuel growls, "I'm not so small that you can grab my tail you know!" Danuiel glares, "Samuel you aren't ready to head out on your own! We are out numbered here!" Samuel roars, "I'll destroy any Dragon that dares attack my home!" Danuiel thumps Samuel on the head, "Don't be dumb you're smarter than that!" Samuel growls and walks off angrily as Jason crosses his arms watching the two argue and sighs, "Well this is getting interesting pretty quickly."
Wendell was sitting down watching the radar while Maxwell pokes his head back in, "Anything interesting Wendell?" Wendell looks back arching a brow, "Not really it's all clear..."  
Chloe and Cynthia were feeding Jade and Sapphire some fish and petting there nose while laying there cuddled up to their dragons and relaxing, "Well this is quite enjoyable indeed."
After awhile of relaxation the crew noticed that their was something on th ere way over to their location and Jason crosses his arms, "We have a problem... They know we are here." He states and looks around, "Everyone hide some where now!"
As the Dragons hide in the trees and the Crew hide away in the ship wreckage the Dragons walk threw the camp and start talking and the crew hears them mention a Dragon known as the Ancient One and that he wants the humans found and killed.... Jason looks around, "Who's the Ancient One?"
After the Dragons determine that they aren't there they fly off and Jason walks out, "Well it appears to me that the real threat is this beat known as the Ancient Dragon.... Well do you lot know anything about it?" Topaz walks over, "The Ancient Dragon is a very powerful and very old Dragon and is known to be one of the first 5 Dragons to ever exist... He's not one to be beaten by any normal Dragon.." Jason sighs, "Well it appears that we have a very powerful opponent to deal with."

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