The Book of Enubin Chapter 8

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Book of Enubin Chapter 8

Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016



The Book of Enubin, as Recorded by Tristan Biggs.


The Seventh Dialogue.


The purpose of these dialogues is not to dictate what one should believe, or how one should go about pursuing one’s spiritual path. Instead, the goal is to point out that such a path exists, and that each individual should follow the trail through the forest that has been marked out for him or her to walk. No-one else can walk that path. Indeed it is narrow, with only enough room for one person. The one who walks thereon will find many a challenge, many a difficulty, and even many a danger. Certainly such a path is one that leads through many dire straits. But the end thereof is glorious. Although one must walk one’s own path, none shall walk alone. Paths may cross, and at times run parallel with yours - O Reader - even at those crucial times when you are tempted to give up the journey.


Of late there has been much talk of terrible events that are afoot - even the end of the world. In the midst of these, be encouraged by this: The purpose of all prophetic writing is not to show a future inescapable or carved in stone, but instead to warn those with ears to hear, of the consequences of following a certain course of action to its ultimate conclusion. Even therein is Divine Grace. For what warning is ever given without the option of changing one’s course, and avoiding the dangers that lie ahead?


Little is known - except for speculation - concerning the future that would await as an alternative to the physical destruction of the human civilisation, but be assured such a possibility exists. It may be that the door is opened for humanity to begin to explore and settle on other worlds, or perhaps even other dimensions. Indeed there are those amongst the Council of the Holy that have already made such a suggestion.


Alas, humanity has a poor history with regards to caring for its own habitation. Thus, if mankind were permitted to inhabit other worlds in its present state, the problems facing Mother Earth would merely be exported elsewhere. Therefore, for any possible solution to be implemented, mankind’s mind set needs to be transformed. Is it not written somewhere that those who seek a more spiritual path - a more perfect way - must no longer be conformed to the acceptable ways and norms of the world, but be transformed in their thinking - even in the spirit of their mind - and that those who succeed in this would indeed prove the Divine will? It is this change that needs to occur so that those who take this quantum leap are prepared for the better future that awaits them.


The problem is that, at present, there are too many among you that have a vested interest in the status quo. This means that such a transformation will take time. As with the great revolutions of the past, this evolution towards a more conscientious being begins with an enlightened few. Unless these diligently seek to bring about a more universal change, their impact will be limited at best - at worst they will be futile. But herein lays our hope: That those who would bring about such change are not alone. Indeed their aspirations are in accordance with the Divine will, and thus will prevail in spite of the difficulties that they may face.


The Reformation did not happen overnight, or the Renaissance in a day. But once these two had begun, nothing could stop them from gaining momentum and eventually encompassing the whole world. The abolition of slavery began with a few enlightened souls - such as William Wilberforce - and despite stiff opposition, eventually became a worldwide law. This is a universal principle: For any change to occur in order to have a lasting effect, it will take time. There are changes that seem to happen in an instant, but their impact generally fades almost as quickly as they began. Any transformation that is worthwhile is worth taking the time to ensure that it will endure.


There have been those among the Council who have suggested that the colonisation of other worlds could be done, under the supervision and guidance of a more advanced race. This poses an issue because there would be the danger of violating humanity’s freedom of choice. If the transformation is to take place that would enable mankind to effectively relocate, it would have to be at humanity’s pace. Ultimately the decision lies with man.


It has to be stated though - that whatever the decision - there are consequences. Such a decision must also be universal, encompassing the majority of mankind. If it is restricted to a minority, regardless of how enlightened, this would pose two possible issues: The first is that the enlightened few would be in a position of absolute rule over the rest of humanity. The second is that the majority would overrule the decision made by the elite.


Already there is a small - but ever growing - sector of humanity that is aware of the problems at hand, but their numbers are too few to make a lasting impression. All too often the good intentions of a community are undone by the selfish acts of the few, who allow their selfish ends to govern them rather than common sense. But once those that demand change reach a certain so-called 'critical mass', then these can override the ones who wish that the status quo remain.


But this is no reason to become discouraged or to lose heart. At the beginning of any new aeon, there are many who may be dispirited because they believe that their efforts have gone unnoticed. Be assured that Divine eyes are ever open to the good intentions of a pure heart. It is not the works of mere men that ensure that these intensions come to pass, but the hands of the One who causes the Light to shine in even the darkest of places. Even though the Reformation began with a trickle, the day dawned when the flood of change became unstoppable. For this reason it has been said that we should never grow tired of doing good, for our actions will never go unrewarded.


Know this too, and take solace therein, that the Creative Source is deeply concerned with the Planet’s wellbeing. Thus the same will stop at nothing to ensure that this Masterpiece survives. Those who share in this concern can be assured that their efforts in alleviating the circumstances have the backing of the Power that upholds the Universe. This gift that the Divine bestowed upon the beloved Gaea is as the apple of the One’s eye. Such is the trepidation and concern with which the Planet’s condition is being monitored.


It seems contradictory, but such momentous step begins with the individual recognising that he or she has a pivotal role to play in the overall scheme of things. O Reader, you cannot serve any greater good by shrinking back into insignificance. There are many who would have you stand in their shadow. The same feel threatened by any who seek to stand alone in the Light. But is the Divine Light so small that there is not space for each and every individual to enjoy the energy that streams from the Creative Centre, without overshadowing anyone else? The answer is: ‘The gods forbid!’


Grace is by no means diminished if it is shared. On the contrary, its effectiveness is multiplied the more its Light is allowed to permeate the surrounding darkness. Hence it is not due to Divine reluctance that the Truth seems to be at a discount in these modern times, but because those who need to receive it are reluctant to do so, and when they do, they reserve it for themselves rather than broadcasting it for all to hear and benefit there from. Either that or the same would only have those who they deem worthy of hearing this great Revelation to profit from it.


But consider the Great River. It does not say: “I would only water the fields and crops of the deserving.” And when the floods come, they do not only lay waste the lands belonging to the wretched and wicked. The good and upright suffer too in times of strife alongside the spiteful and the deceiver. This is a principle that has been given unto us as a picture of Divine will. To the wicked, this revelation would either free him from, or expose, his wickedness. To the upright in heart, it would encourage and comfort him in times of difficulty.


This is not a judgement against humanity, but rather a call to repentance. O Reader, do not be deceived by those who would have you believe that repentance is a turning away from wrongdoing. Some would even say that it is to deny the human nature which - according to these same deceivers - is distorted at best. In response to this, one must ask the question: How can one deny one’s own nature and - at the same time - be truthful with oneself? Surely the one is exclusive of the other! If the tree is poisonous, how shall it produce anything but poisonous fruit?


But if one looks at the very heart of Divine Revelation, is it not in one place called the ‘Perfect Law of Liberty’? Surely it is better to know that one’s wrongdoing is not because of a sinful nature, but because of a misguided heart that is - at its very core - good.


One of Yeshua’s first messages was: “Repent, for the Kingdom is nigh.”


For many this has brought little comfort because they have been taught that this Kingdom is one of judgement and holy fear. But what joy these words would be to a nation that is wracked with poverty, to a people already suffering at the hands of a cruel despot! Put differently, these words would mean: “Exist no more as one who is in bondage, for one greater than your oppressor shall soon come and declare your freedom. Therefore repent from your life of slavery, for the Kingdom of Deliverance is at hand.”


It is not the Law of Condemnation and Death that is being revealed, but that which would set the soul free. Neither is it a foreign visage that stares back at the one who would look into the mirror of this Revelation, but his or her own reflection - or rather an image of who he or she really is. Understand this, O Reader, you are fearfully and wonderfully created by One who loves you dearly and would only do you good. Ere you were even conceived, your days are lovingly plotted in all their intricacy. Not only is this true, but this planning is not made without your Oversoul being privy to its details. As much as your life is according to the Divine will, so it is also according to your own. This knowledge has been kept in the sanctuary of your heart, that you may learn to trust its guidance as you navigate your way through life’s intricate course.


Again herein lies a common malady: There are many who have been told, and thus believe, that their hearts are deceitful and even wicked. If this were true, how then shall such a being trust in the same heart? How shall this creature know whether anything he or she says, feels, or does is of any real benefit, if he or she cannot even trust his or her best intentions? It has been said before in a previous discourse that humanity’s biggest problem is not the innate wickedness of his own heart, but that he has lost contact with the core of his being, in which he still bares the image and likeness with which he was created.


The remedy therefore is for this Authentic Self to be revealed, that mankind may once more be given a clearer picture of what he ought to be. Herein lies the purpose of all Divine Revelation, and herein also lies the purpose of these dialogues.


It is written somewhere that we have not been given a spirit of fear, but a spirit of boldness and of a sound mind. Therefore it is also said that the truly righteous live by faith, and - if they should shrink back - the Holy One shall not be pleased with them. Many have misrepresented this statement. But what is the true meaning of this? Does it mean that this same Holy One seeks to punish any who fail to live according to this seemingly impossible standard? Heaven forbid!


If one were to search for an earthly example to better illustrate this, one could think of a mother eagle with her fledgling. She knows that her offspring must soon learn to fly on his own. The young wings are full grown, and the time has come for them to be tested. The fledgling is afraid because there is doubt in his heart whether these untested wings would bear him or not. Nonetheless the mother urges him on for she knows that it is for his good. She also knows that those same wings are more than sufficient to carry him. Time and again she calls for him, but his fear overpowers him. Her frustration is not out of spite or anger, but love and good intention.


If Divine Revelation is a mirror that reveals our Authentic Selves, and if it contains that which is for our ultimate freedom, then surely the One who gives so great a gift to us has the right to be vexed, when we are afraid to make the best of its influence. This vexation is not out of malice or callousness, but from a heart that would see us grow to the full stature of the image that was our original design. Be assured that the same One who watches when one falls also delights in seeing one stand. As the eye of the Divine knows our frailty, the Divine will is that weakness becomes strength, doubt - faith, despair - joy, fear - boldness. It is not cruelty to urge one on to greatness. Surely it is unjust when - knowing the potential for liberty - one does not compel the captive unto freedom.


There are many who would question the validity - indeed even the justification - of this so-called Holy War. Of these detractors let it be asked: Is it wrong that humanity be given the opportunity to live to its fullest extent?


Put negatively, is it right that humanity be denied its full realisation? Positive or negative, the answer is the same - Heaven forbid!


Those who fight the ‘Good Fight of Faith’ are not the aggressors. Ours is not a crusade into foreign territory to occupy or convert the heathen to our ways. Simply put, this war is to take back that which was stolen from us. If the helpless are being oppressed - the innocent held captive - and those who claim to be on the side of ‘Good’ and ‘Righteousness’ shrink back from doing everything in their power to free them, who then will be their deliverer?


Many still believe that this war does not affect or concern them. To these let this question be put: Are you living life wholeheartedly? Is your faith, your ‘Truth’ - regardless of the label you choose to give thereto - an inspiration to reach new heights or an excuse to remain in bondage and captivity, to less than that which you know in your heart of hearts is yours to live? It has been said that the Enemy’s greatest fear is humanity fully realised, but be reminded that this realisation is Divinity’s greatest desire and therefore the highest good. Evolution is progression; and spiritual growth no less so.


Divinity’s aim in this war is not domination but the restoration of balance, of harmony. The Light knows that - should it seek to overrule its opponent - it would become as Darkness. Freedom does not follow when one overthrows a tyrant only to become the Absolute ruler in his place.


Instead those who embark upon this universal quest would have their opposition put back where they belong. Only then will peace be restored. But as long as the forces of Evil seek to usurp their position, there can be no armistice. As long as hearts and lives are being threatened and oppressed, the war must continue. There will be no ceasefire while there is an enemy that opposes the Perfect Law of Liberty.


Above all these discourses are an attempt to pave the way for the reunion between Humanity and the Sidhe. It is foretold that this event will occur ere the Great War - otherwise called Armageddon. And how can it be otherwise? At present there are still countless members of the human race who doubt the very existence of any life forms other than their own. This too must change - for as has been said - this War is taking place throughout the Multiverse, in countless galaxies, and in every Dimension.


Even in the Spirit Realm those beings of such splendour as to dazzle the mortal eye are preparing for the great stand-off. Even now they take up arms against the Principalities and Powers of darkness that are enthroned in high places. Among the Blessed Host are such wondrous names as Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Their Captains include the likes of Yeshua, Danu, Allah and countless other ascended beings that have not been named.


But this mighty conflict also takes place in the heart of even the meekest child. Whenever such an innocent is prevented from reaching his or her full potential, the heavens cry out in protest. If even the humble sparrow falls from its nest in a squall - even this does not escape the attention of the Holy Ones. When such a soul learns to soar above the storm, there is much exaltation amongst the Council of the Holy.


A being that cannot live in tranquillity is a being at war with itself. The human heart is no exception. Thus - in preparation for the war external - one must become the hero in one’s own life story.


To defend the Kingdom of Righteousness without, one must defend the inner Realm of one’s own heart.


Is it not said that a victorious warrior wins first and then goes to war, while a defeated warrior goes to war first and then seeks to win? What then would become of the warrior who knows not that such a war is raging on his very doorstep, the enemy at his garden gate? At best he would be branded a fool - even a traitor - at worst he will be utterly overpowered ere he even had a chance to don his armour or take up his sword.


These chapters are not to dictate, nor to criticise. Rather they are to offer a viable alternative, a path unto an alternative ending to the tale of human history. Herein lies a solemn warning for those who ignore the yearning of their own hearts and refuse to walk the path of spiritual enlightenment: Continue upon your present course if you will, but know that Divine Grace shall not wait forever.


The offer is to soar upon wings as an eagle. This is the destiny for which you were created. The alternative is to scurry about, earthbound by fear and doubt, until those majestic wings atrophy. Is it not better to be true to one’s Authentic Self than to deny it the opportunity to reach its full potential?


One wise sage said: ‘… As a man thinks in his heart, so is he …’


In modern times people are told that there are many ways to ascertain the value of one’s life. Fashion, wealth, career … all these are touted by those who claim to be ‘in the know’ as a means to give one’s life definition. But there is one common denominator in all these things: None of them truly satisfy that inner need for validation. What you do does not define you. It is not what you are.


What distinguishes an individual is the attitude of his or her heart and the expression thereof in his or her life. And it is when each individual is given the space to freely express that attitude, as well as respecting the rights of others to do the same, that a society can evolve from its present state.


One ancient text equated life to a marathon in which each individual must participate. Using this analogy is useful as it illustrates the need for each person to ‘run their own race’. It is not a relay race or a team effort. Each athlete must run a marathon at his or her own pace, and not try to run as the rest of the pack determines. His or her preparation and training for the race - although with the help of a coach - is intensely personal.


In the same way - O Reader - how you continue upon your path is up to you and those inner ‘coaches’ who have taken a personal interest in your life. As a runner trusts in his trainer, so must we learn to heed to our inner guides, knowing that they have our best interests at heart.


One should not seek to live according to the opinion of others, for ultimately one is not beholden to them. ‘Unto thine own self be true’ the old proverb says. The praise - and even the criticism - of even those closest to you should not entice or force you to deviate from your Authentic Self. If, at the end of one’s life, one finds that the vital link with the heart - and even the Source - has been lost, can any of those detractors repair the connection?


This is at the heart of what Yeshua spoke of when He said that any who were not prepared to leave mother, father … for His sake were not worthy of Him.


The truth is that the path of life is intensely personal, and to actively pursue it, one should do so in union with one’s Source first. Avoid those who dissuade or entice you away from this goal. Though these may appear to be friends - or even come from within your family - if they cause you to stray from that path that has been determined for you and you alone, then it would be better that such be treated as strangers at best than to allow them to succeed.


‘Unto thine own self be true’. This message is vital if one is to undertake to follow any spiritual path. When all is said and done, and the soul faces that great Council, the individual stands alone and is called to account for his or her life - not for judgement or condemnation, but for review. How then shall one answer when the soul has been neglected and even rejected? What will one say in defence for allowing the heart to atrophy and wither?


Seek the highest good for yourself and you will do the same for others. Grace does not come to those who are selfish, but allows the individual to give of him or herself freely because he or she knows, that in doing so, the soul will suffer no lack. It is when you know that you are loved that you will truly love. It is when you know that Grace is yours in abundance that you will freely give. Only when you realise the extent to which you have been forgiven will you be able to forgive yourself and others. Above all, this ‘Highest Good’ is to become the being that you were destined to be from before the beginning of time.


It has been said before that Divine Revelation is a mirror that reveals the Authentic Self to the one who looks into it. Thus it follows that true spirituality is not something that one puts on as a garment to cover one’s nakedness and shamefulness. Rather it is being able to look upon one’s true form in awe of the splendour of one’s design.


David once said that we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’. But if that form has been abused, corrupted, even neglected … this is what would cause one to become ashamed.


So it was in the narrative of the Garden of Eden. Once Adam and Eve realised that they had broken the Divine mandate, it is said that they ‘… saw that they were naked, and hid themselves for shame …’ Deity knew that something was wrong, for the connection with humanity had been interrupted. This Divine One went in search of Adam, and knew what the couple had done. When they were questioned as to why they were hiding, their reply revealed their true condition - now they were ashamed.


But if one desires to be restored to this original state, one need look no further than the Mirror of Revelation. Deity’s reply to Adam is indicative. In the narrative, God asks him: “… Who told you that you were naked? …” What was not said could have been an earlier version of Yeshua’s words.


Yahweh could have said: “Are you not clothed as I have created you? Is the humble sparrow ashamed of his plumage, or the lily of her attire? I tell you that no garment can match the humblest of these. You have no reason to be ashamed save that you have become corrupted, because you have not listened to your heart but to your ego instead.”


O Reader, your spiritual path begins when you first reconnect with your heart and your Source. How that happens, and in what form, is irrelevant. It starts when you believe that such a miracle is possible, and that you are deserving of Divine attention. But mere belief is not enough.


Faith is not just believing in some truth, but knowing it to be true. This is why our faith is constantly being put to the test. It is in the fire of adversity and challenges that the true mettle of our faith is revealed. Is it real gold - a true treasure - or is it as chaff that is blown away in the wind or consumed by fire?


True faith is an unwavering trust in Divine benevolence. It is based - not on the supposition - but on the knowledge that, as one is instructed to seek the highest good, so Deity does the same on your behalf.


It has been said that we are not tested beyond the bounds of our faith. The question is: Why then does such testing often cause us to fear? The answer is that we frequently doubt the strength and validity of our faith. It is not that our trials are more than our faith can contend with, but rather it is that we do not know the full capabilities thereof. How shall an athlete know the extent of his stamina save that he pushes himself to the limit? Once such a test has been overcome, then fear gives way to strength and doubt to trust.


In history people have given up everything - even their lives - because of what they believe in. This is because they have considered their belief to be of such value that they would rather die than give in to compromise. Surely such dedication is based upon more than a mere belief.


When one is faced with death - and often a gruesome one at that - one needs to be certain that one’s cause is worthy of such sacrifice. It is said that a man would not sacrifice his life for a halfpence, but one must appeal to the soul to bring about true change. A wise man also once stated that only that which is worth dying for is truly worth living for.


O Reader, is your faith such, that even when faced with the prospect of death and torture, this would be better than compromise? Even - and perhaps especially - in such extreme circumstances, one must be assured that one’s Source has your highest good at heart.


Again David of old knew something of this assurance. He says ‘… though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you are with me. Your rod and your staff shall comfort me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in thy House forever …’


Whatever the future may hold, be assured that it is not out of malice but from a Heart of pure love. No Deity who is worthy of mention would that its people suffer without cause or be damned without opportunity of redemption.


The Universe is not a cruel heartless entity that delights to see those who dwell therein grieve. Consider the rains that come after a drought; or the night’s repose after a day of toil. After the dead of winter comes the spring, a time of rebirth and new life. Are these not reminders that the Universe, and its Creative Centre, have only the best in stall for all who would trust in their benevolence. Yea dark and dismal the night may be, but the new day shall dawn.


This discourse is so that you may awake from slumber and soar upon the wings with which you were created. Arise and shine, for your light has come. Glory from above has risen upon you. As you become the light you are destined to be, nations shall come and stand in awe of your light, and even kings at the brightness of your rising. Deity is not ashamed to be associated with you. In fact the same would call you ‘Friend’, ‘Brother’, ‘Sister’, ‘Child’!


Perhaps, from amongst those who would heed to this call, a new generation of god-like beings shall emerge. It may be that the likes of Hecate, Danu - even Yeshua Himself - were the first fruits, and those who call upon them as they walk their own path to the Celestial City are the next generation in that majestic line. ‘You are gods, all of you …’ said Yahweh as He addressed that holy Council. Surely then it follows that we are called to take up the mantle for which we were created, and become the ‘gods’ we were created to be!


Yeshua did not come to rule over a Kingdom but to establish it. As Danu has her people - first among the Celts, and then among all who would heed her call, so this ‘Son of Yahweh’ came - as His Father did to Abraham - to raise a people for Himself. Apollo, Osiris, Shiva, Allah … these too have their faithful followers.


Sadly many of these now claim that they are the only legitimate ‘Children’ of whatever deity they claim to follow. Wars have been fought and atrocities committed in the name of religion. But now a new awakening is occurring that would put an end to the Age of Religion.


The next generation will see that there is more reason to join forces with those who are on the side of the Light, than there are to judge them, because they do not hold to the same doctrine, worship in the same manner, or refer to the One by a different name. Surely how one runs a race, or in whose name one runs it, is not important. As long as one reaches the finish line.


Once again the Voice of Divinity can be heard as it was in Israel so many aeons ago. The Hand that created the Universe is reaching out to humanity as if pleading with you, and these words ring out in the Heavens:


“Why - O Man - will you choose death when I have come to offer Life and that in abundance?


I would have you live a life that exceeds every expectation, even beyond your wildest dreams. And still you would ignore the desires that stir still in your deepest heart of hearts. Still you choose that which is expedient over that which you know to be right.


Your businessmen speak of profitability more than they do responsibility. Politicians follow their own agendas rather than accepting the mandate given them by those they claim to serve. The fires of industry bellow their filth into the air while the waters of the Earth become all the more polluted. An ever-increasing population is placing an ever greater burden upon natural resources that are becoming more scarce … The list is seemingly endless.


O Man, will you not see that this is not what I planned for you? Search your hearts, and you will know it to be true.


And what of future generations?


Will they thank you for the Earth they have inherited from you? I once spoke thus to a nation, and I speak thus now to the whole globe: You are gods - all of you - and yet you will die like mere men, and perish as will those principalities that stand in defiance of the Light.


And you that claim to walk in this Light. I have this charge against you: That you would rather keep the Light of the World to yourselves than let others find their way thereby. Instead of broadcasting the seed of Divine Revelation that I have given you, you would only share it with a select few for fear that others - even those who do not believe or worship as you do - might also walk in its light.


Consider the rain that falls or the sun that shines. Do these say: ‘I would only bless the deserving.’? By no means! Grace would not be gracious if it were given only to those who earned it, for then it would not be a gift.


But - as it is - this is a free gift for all that would seek it.


It is not the sole right of those who claim to be righteous and yet their actions betray them. In the past some have declared that enlightenment and salvation were their inheritance because of their lineage. These my Servant Yeshua called a ‘Brood of Vipers’. The same were they who ultimately crucified Him as they did the prophets who came before Him.


O Man, what evil has Gaea done you that you defile her innocence and treat her worse than one would an enemy? Ever has she loved and cared for you. She has rejoiced to see you evolve, and now you turn against her as if she has committed some terrible crime or done you some great injustice. Tell me: How has Mother Earth wronged you that you would condemn her to the flames of your pollution? This home that I have given you has nurtured you as a mother would her offspring, and this is how you repay her for her kindness, not to mention my own!


Those species that you have eradicated from the earth, have they done anything to deserve such genocide? These have evolved alongside you in aeons past. Some have even served you as you advanced, and now that you are in a position to protect and even repay them for their generosity, you turn against them and treat them as unholy, even as vermin! Where the horses that once graced the plains with the thunder of mighty hooves? All that remains are those kept for sport and recreation.


Where the mighty herds that teemed in the planes and savannahs of the world? They have been hunted, no longer for food but for sport! Where the mighty whales whose songs reverberated through the oceans of the world? All that is left is a mere remnant. Even the waters that quenched your thirst do not deserve to become the cesspools of your pollution! The very land upon which you depended - and still do - was not meant to be consumed by your greed!


But you do not have to look as far as Creation to see the festering cancer of devastation and corruption. Search your own heart. Your soul knows that this is not the life for which you were created. You can shut away your conscience, but not forever, and not completely. There will ever be that inner voice that will ultimately be your judge. How shall you be true to your Authentic Self - that ‘Self’ that I have created - if you will not pay heed to its warnings or even its guidance?


Do you walk in victory or as a victim in your own life? This indicates the true state of your soul. Not that you hold to some doctrine or moral code, or that you can speak of the deep secrets of the Universe, or even that you know the tongues of Angels … All of these things will pass.


Only these remain: Faith, Hope and Love. And the greatest of these is Love.


You who claim to love me, why will you not pay heed to my Word? I speak not of that which is written by the hand of men, but that which was engraved by my own Hand on the tablets of your own hearts. I speak of that Word which indwells you. I speak of those twin Counsellors which would guide you unto enlightenment - Conscience and Intuition - as they have of yore. Has your search for logic and reason made of these gifts a curse or a thing untrustworthy?


O Man, will you awaken from the slumber of your selfishness ere it destroys you? Know this: The age of men will pass away sooner than that of the Earth. If you will not be part of her rebirth, this will not prevent it from taking place. All of Creation cries out for the revelation of the Children of Light. If you are indeed part of this Universal family, then arise and shine with the Light that I have given you.


Even these words are not to condemn but to grant you the opportunity to rise above all the generations of men that have gone before you. This will not be an easy transition, but lasting change often rises - amidst and even in spite of - great opposition.


None who follow the Light would see you fall into decay. Indeed they would have you rise up to stand alongside them in that holy throng. They would have you soar with them on mighty wings, and rejoice to see you blaze your own path across the firmament. But how will they if that trail leaves only destruction in its wake?"


O Reader, these words are not spoken out of spite, nor a desire for vengeance. Understand that with each choice there are consequences. You have come to a fork in the path, and it is time to choose.


Fear not, for the Spirit is there to guide you if you have ears to hear the prompting, and the wisdom to follow. Again let the twin Counsellors be your pilots. But know this: The right path to choose is seldom that which is easy. The way ahead may be perilous indeed, but the end thereof is Life beyond that which your greatest imaginings can fathom. The end thereof is Life indeed!


Choose wisely, for it has been said that ‘… there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is death …’ Often have men rued the fact that they allowed their ego or their flesh to decide rather than their heart. At this juncture, much is at stake. I would caution you again: Choose wisely.


Herein lies the underlying purpose of these discourses. Many are the problems and great the peril that lies ahead. Many have given over to despair because they know this to be true, and yet they see no viable solution. Written upon these pages is a possible answer.


But ultimately, O Reader, humanity needs to chart his own course. No-one may dictate the course that you follow, but many are they that would offer counsel and guidance. Among them are those who have themselves faced great issues and dangers. In the end your fate will be determined by you and you alone.


The Creator has given a mandate. The prophetic message revealed the Divine view of humanity’s plight. What will you do? I say again - Choose wisely! And above all, let Love be your guide.


Here ends the First Book of Enubin.


© Copyright 2017 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.


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