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Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016





The Divine in me

Honours the Divine in you -


I alone am nothing.

I alone am no-one.

And yet, I am in everything,

And everyone is in me.


For a man alone is nothing.

A man alone is no-one

Until he acknowledges his oneness

With his Source,

His oneness with his fellow man,

His oneness with life itself.


In truth,

There is no ‘me’,

In truth there is no ‘you’.

For we are both one.


Thus, when I speak from the heart,

I say nothing

Save that which is already in your heart.

And when I hear you speak from the heart,

I hear only that

Which is already within mine.


Therefore your words find resonance

Within me,

And my words find resonance

Within you.


Together we can ascend

Higher than the greatest of us.

Alone we will descend

Lower than the least of us.

Above all, remember this:

We are one.


Will you stand alone,

When those around you stand together?

Know this:

Ultimately the choice is yours!




Connecting spiritually brings forth a New Being,

One no longer subject

To the laws of Time and Form,

For these are transitional.

Real faith puts one in touch with the Transcendent,

The Formless,

The Sacred.


Truly, even our thoughts and beliefs are transitional.

They change as we gather more information,

Or as we mature.

We have been told that

While we are children,

It is right to have thought, spoke, and acted like a child.

But once we become adults,

We should forsake our childhood ways and its thoughts.


But all too often, we as adults refuse to accept change.

We become staid in our ways,

And do not entertain the possibility

That our lives are in a constant state of flux.

And in truth, we are all children.

Children of the Universe,

Of the Creator,

Of the Divine.


As we grow, we are bombarded with form.

Even our learning comes from information.

Our lives are inundated with passing thoughts.

Thoughts of ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘what’ and ‘how’.

Time - and its effects - is considered our enemy,

One that is constantly stealing from us

The capacity to do, think, and learn more.


Small wonder then that we have so little time

To ponder the timeless,

The formless,

The eternal.

But for us to grow and become complete,

We must stop all our doing,

Even but for a moment,

And concentrate on being.




I am - I existed before I was born,

And I will endure,

Even after I have shed this mortal shell

For that which is physical is by nature evanescent.

No sooner has a flower come into bloom

That it withers and dies.

But even in its dying there is a promise,

A heralding of new life.


Yesterday I saw a caterpillar

As it crawled upon a leaf.

Today I found that the caterpillar had gone,

And lo! a magnificent butterfly.

Then I thought to myself:

“Do I mourn the passing of the humble caterpillar?

Or do I rejoice with the beautiful butterfly?”

And I rejoiced, because I exist.


Everything that has form has limitation,

But the truly sacred is limitless.

And the True Self is sacred.

Thus, to discover one’s authentic self,

One must look beyond the form or limitation.

And find that which is formless within.

And rejoice, because you exist.


Life itself,

If measured only by the number of days

A man crawls upon this mundane world,

Is but a passing shadow.

But behold – there is Light beyond the shadow!

The Dark Night of the Soul will surely pass,

And a new and brighter dawn shall rise.

Therefore rejoice, because you exist.


So Death,

Long considered the most merciless of foes,

Is but the breaking of the kernel

That allows the seed to grow into a mighty tree.

Truly the caterpillar dies

Ere it can emerge a wondrous butterfly.

And so all shall die – for die we must,

And yet we rejoice, for we will still exist!


Until we meet again - Namaste

© Copyright 2019 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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