Mystery of the haunted house

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Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016



On a fine morning, everything was going fine. Everybody was happily doing their daily chores but, one was not. He was coming shouting through the streets. He went closer and questioned to know the reason. That man cried “MY MOTHER IS Dead!! I would have been happier if she had died on some kind of a disease and thought that the god has called her to the heaven. But someone had murdered her!! So she had not gone to the heaven peace fully.” His name is Charlie. Murder, theft, robbery, etc... are not common in that town. These cases are very rare in that region. Thus, everybody was surprised to know that.


Ten Years had passed after that. Now Charlie thought of selling his mother's house. So he was telling that to everybody. It seems that a man and his wife were ready to buy it. But the next day, Charlie was dead! Now, how did that happen??



Police man was working on Charlie's mother's murder. He was totally

shocked to know that he was also plotted. For the past ten years, he

Had been working on the murder, and had not got the answer. But still

he had confidence. Then the case became serious. The police man was

working very hardly on that case. The next day, he was also dead!

Now, how did that happen??



man had an assistant. After that man's death, his assistant thought

of continuing the work. The day after he had started, he also died!

Now how did that happen??



case started to rule over newspapers, internet, social networking,

television channels etc.... The government doesn’t wanted to reveal

the truth behind this case. They thought of keeping it as suspense

forever as the truth would cause panic among the people. Those deaths

were known to the people but, “HOW?” was unknown. To suppress the

people's questions, the government would simply say “the

cops haven't found the answer yet”.

On the other side, there was a 18-years old, playful boy. He would

never take anything seriously. One day his father was in thought of

buying a new house. He thought of buying, Charlie's house. The next

day he was also dead. WHO IS BEHIND ALL THESE??



of these, David came running to his mother asking biscuits. His

mother informed David what had happened. Being playful, he laughed

and continued asking biscuits. His mother got very angry. She gave

his son a hard and a very strong slap and started scolding him. “WHEN




snored. It was audible for all the neighbourhood houses. “don't

talk to me!!” she added. Never in his life he had seen such a

scene. That was the turning point of his life.



went and lied on the bed. He was thinking about it again and again.

He thought of forgetting it and sleep. But those words were rolling

in his mind again and again. He couldn’t forget that. He couldn’t

sleep all over that night. In the morning, He thought about it for a

very long time about it. He thought of changing himself. Then, he

went to his mother. “MOM!!” he said “I am going to change

myself. No more I would behave like that. I was thinking about it.

What I did was really bad. I agree with it. I am sorry for that

behaviour”. Her mother was totally shocked on his words because never

in his mouth came these words. She stood with her mouth wide open. He

continued “I had planned to research on my dad's death. I would

work very hardly to bring home success”. His mother smiled and

replied “that's my boy”.




went out to find something. After thinking for hours, he found a

solution. He thought of asking Charlie's friends who are now in charge

of selling that house because, his father had died after visiting

that house only. David went to a tea stall, where his friends used to

spend time chatting. After waiting for a long time they came together.

“at last they are here” he muttered. He called them and asked

“can I spend a minute with you please?”. They agreed. What’s

the matter??” one asked. “Well!” David begin “I am David of

the second street. I just want to know about the recent death

associated with Charlie's house”. “What’s the need?” another

asked. “he is my father” David replied. “whoever it is, we are

not supposed to tell it to anybody even if they insist and that is

the order of the government” another replied. “I just wanted know

what had happened” David said “You see, if anybody's father is

dead, it is oblivious that he would be flying to know the reason and

same as I. You...”. “I can understand your feelings, David but if

I had told the reason then that would become a big issue. But I would

tell the reason if you promised not to tell anybody” the first one

said. David agreed for that idea.



listen up!” one begin “no one actually knows what had happened

to the five people who are dead. The true one to be blamed for all

those deaths is Charlie's house. That house is haunted. Whoever

enters that house would be found as dead bodies with bloods all

around. It can be that a person who is inside that house is the one

behind all these. But it is clear that all the doors and windows were

locked after his mother's burial. Don't think he must have entered

before they had locked because, he wouldn’t have survived for the ten

years till it was opened again. So the condition to stop selling had

aroused after your father had died. I had started to lie to people

that the house had sold to a foreign person. I had also replaced the

sale's board with a 'sold' board...... That's it David. Remember,

your promise”. David moved on, thanking them all for their help. He

went out and thought “no house in this world is haunted. There is

nothing called ghost in this world”. He was wondering on what

should the truth be.



thinking for a long time, he said




went to Charlie's house. He saw a truck in which loads was being

packed. It seemed to be ready to move. An old man was standing there

and guiding some boys in packing the goods. All these did not happen

in Charlie's house. These were happening in the pale-green,

neighbourhood house. David was puzzled on seeing that. He went to

the old man and questioned about that. “this house was finished

building when Charlie's mother died” the old man replied. David was

confused on his reply. He continued “I could never forget those

golden-ten years. That house is haunted. Whoever enters inside are

thrown out through the window with bloods splashing all around.

Although it doesn’t falls in my house, those bloods would irritate

me. It makes me remember my wife's death, which I don't want to be

remembered. No one believed these truths. So, I am moving from this

house today to a faraway place where could never again see those

bloods”. “I just asked him one, single question but he said his

whole biography!” David thought. In spite of hearing such a big

story, David was moving to Charlie's house with a great anxiousness.



ran out to that house confidently. He was not ready to give up. After

he reached there, he opened the door slowly which made a streaking

sound. After he had came inside, he peaked all around. There he found

a photo frame which, had titled “MARY” and had a photo of an

empty room. Suddenly, the door closed automatically and locked

itself. Then, David was scared a bit. He gobbled his saliva. A

thunder strike (not in or near the house), giving a bright light all

around the house. Chasing the thunder, the only bulb which was

hanging in the room started to glow! HOW? Then, he someone standing

in the darkness. “who...who...who is it?” he screamed. The person

came near David. The light flashed on her face. To David's

astonishment, it was Charlie's mother!! David screamed on seeing her.



cried. “Yes I am “she replied in a gentle voice. “then why on

earth is everybody saying that you are dead?” David asked. “'cause

I had scolded Charlie very badly, once for a mistake he had done and

he got angry. So, in return, he had spread a rumour like that” she

replied in the same gentle voice. David continued “then what had

actually happened to the people who had entered inside this house?”.

Suddenly the door opened with a loud noise and came inside Charlie!!

With a great terror, Charlie smiled. The lightings and thunders lit up

his face. “CHARLIE!” David shouted. “Yes, it's me!” he

replied. David turned to that women and found that women missing!

When he again turned to Charlie, he also went missing! What is going

on?? When David saw the photo frame, titled “MARY”, he found both

of them standing inside the frame!! this meant that they both were





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