The Watchman

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Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016



At the entrance of the city's biggest bank sitting in a chair, so bored! I don't like that at all because being a watchman; I am seeing the same road, same buildings and the same sky. But, it was not as boring as now when I had joined. However, I can't change my job. Near me stands a tall, strong and thin guy who is also a watchman but, a great bully. He always calls me "FOOTBALL" because I am fat. I hate him. The life of a dog would be better than mine!

One day, I was sitting in the same chair with that idiot. I heard a sound of a paper, crashing the surface. I got frightened of that sudden sound and turned to my left. It was a newspaper. It's just a paper so, what is the need of fearing? So, I turned. I was still getting bored. So, I thought of an Idea which was to read the newspaper and read. I stood up and walked a distance to take it. After I had taken it, I came back and resumed my seat. Thanks for that newspaper because for at least for a short time, I got rid of my boring life. The most interesting topic in it was "THE RICHEST OF THE CITY" in the second Page. There was a photo of him and his car. I dreamt of me, being like him and I thought of making him as my role model. The bully near me saw the newspaper in my hand. He started to pull it from me. I held the newspaper grimly such that it doesn't come out of my hands because I had read only the title. Suddenly, the paper got torn into two half. One was in my hand and the other he. No one in this world has ever kept a role model without even knowing his name yet. But, I did. He started to laugh at me. I thought of beating him. But if I did that, then my boss would kick out of my job. Nonsense!!

When I saw the paper which was left with me, there was the leg of him and his car. I noticed that the number of his car is 0492.

In the same night, sitting in the same chair, I was seeing the road. Nothing interesting was on there because it was twelve in the night and no one was on the road. All the places where empty of people and only the sound of the crickets and frogs could be heard. It was six months after I had caught a thief who came to rob this bank. I was waiting for a thief to come because my boss will triple my salary if I had caught one. But that's just for a month. Suddenly, I heard a sound of a car. Usually, there would not be any sound at this time in this place. If it is there, it would be a thief and I am sure with it. I was happy and eagerly waiting for that. It was a black car which was coming. It was not too fast or too slow. Its number was 0492. It was the same car of the richest. Thus, I concluded that he is not the thief and again like yesterday, there wouldn’t be any thief tonight. As the car passed by the road, I saw him sitting inside. I waved my hand and he did the same. His face was neither happy nor sad. I was so happy after I saw him because I had seen my role model in real, not in picture in the same day when I chosen him as my role model. This is really amazing!!

Many minutes ran after I had seen him. Suddenly, I heard the sound of breaking of glasses from somewhere up. I also heard the sound of many glass pieces falling from up. Who on earth is now breaking the sleep of people and what would happen if it falls on someone's head?? I turned up to see what was it. A man dressed in black jumped from the second floor of this bank with great guts. I was stunned and thrilled to see that jump!!

There was no time to be wasted. I took my stick and chased him."HEY" I shouted. He saw me and got afraid. He started to run while I was chasing him. He ran a great distance like an athlete. My legs pained. But, still I ran for my salary. Then, my legs over-pained. There was no other go, other than to stop. I stopped and thrower my stick on him, targeting correctly. My aim on throwing something would never fail. But, he turned his body so the stick just nudged his dress and fell somewhere else. I didn’t think of that! A car came there."GET IN FAST" a voice came from inside. "Ok" the thief replied and went inside. The car started to move. Thus, I left had the thief escape and lost my salary. I noticed the car's number plate. To my utter astonishment, it was 0492!!


-Mohammad Roshan

© Copyright 2018 Mohammad Roshan. All rights reserved.

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