Tapes For Pleasure

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Moving into your own place is always exciting, but for one student it was much more than he anticipated. A shocking discovery leads to secrets, disgust and horror.

Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016



Tapes for pleasure

Part 1: A new home

I guess I should start my story when I first moved into that side of the house, before I knew anything of what was about to  happen. My alarm went off early that morning even though it was Saturday. “The start of my weekend.” Today was moving day and there was a lot of work ahead of us. The earlier we got started, the better. We all agreed to meet up at our new home for 8am to unload the vehicles. My parents and I had loaded up the vehicles late last night to lessen the workload for today. It would take several trips to get all we needed over to the house. Despite having three vehicles we still needed the one truck to move all the bigger items, mostly furniture.

Once I woke up I dragged myself downstairs to the kitchen and started to brew up a pot of coffee. Until I get my morning coffee I am utterly useless and barely able to remember my own name. I’m sure it’s a habit to slowly wake up to the smell along with the sound of a brewing cup of coffee.

I hear my parents getting out of bed and one by one taking a shower.  I just sat in the kitchen drinking my coffee and eating my toast with jam as I waited for my turn to have a refreshing morning shower. My mother was the first one to come down and greet me in the kitchen. We talked for what seemed to be a fair amount of time about the day that lie ahead as my father took his shower. Once my dad was out of the shower, he and my mother went outside to make sure everything was ready to go as I finally had my turn in the shower.

When I came back down the stairs I was astonished to see from the clock that it was already 7:30. My parents got into their truck which was carrying my bed and dressers. I slid into their old 2004 Ford Taurus which was now my new vehicle. I had the rest of my possessions shoved in tightly to every available spot inside the car as well as inside the trunk . Apparently I didn’t own as much as I thought I did. I was sure it would take a number of trips back and forth to get everything moved in, but we managed to get it all there in just one trip.  I was really looking forward to moving back to my old neighborhood again.

I was partially moving back into the same house! I say partially, since my parents and I had lived in a duplex when I was kid and now I was moving back into that same duplex, albeit on  the opposite side. The man who had lived there at the same time as my family used to scare me. I always seemed to cross the invisible line separating our individual lawns and he would always yell at me if I was playing on what he believed to be his half of the yard. As I got older I thought it was probably just my own perspective as a little kid that had made him seem so scary and angry. My parents would always describe him as being closed-in and antisocial, like a hermit.

My parents and I were the first to arrive at the house. We unloaded the truck so it could go on to make the next trip to pick up my roommate's furniture, as the cars were being unloaded. It wasn’t long after my parents and I arrived that the others started to appear. Samantha was the next to arrive, even though she lived the furthest away. Jacob and his parents arrived within ten minutes of Samantha. We all stood around talking for a few minutes to determine what should be done first.

My father, along with  Samantha’s father, went off in the truck to pick up the next load of furniture.  Samantha joined our mothers in directing the rest of us as to where everything should go. Neither Jacob nor I cared very much where anything really went, we just wanted to get everything in as quietly as possible so we could move on to our next task of unpacking and putting everything together. The problem was, the girls couldn’t decide on where anything should go.  At the end of the day the furniture had been into every position possible at least three times before it was all settled into a spot that was unanimously agreed upon.

Unfortunately we still needed to place all the kitchen items inside the cupboards, refill all our bedroom dressers and set up the washroom with all our toiletries. Our parents stayed long enough to join us for dinner and then left shortly before eight o’clock. The three of us were exhausted and didn’t stay up much longer. I passed out in my new room with several unpacked boxes scattered along the floor. That would be a job for me to deal with in the morning when I had more energy.

I awoke late the next morning feeling rested and refreshed. Before I even hit the washroom or grabbed a coffee I ripped open the rest of the boxes in my room and started to unpack them.  I could hear Samantha and Jacob in the kitchen unpacking the pots and pans as I finished organizing my bedroom. I went down stairs to the kitchen to help the others unpack once I was finished with my room. It took a few hours before everything was in its proper spot, leaving only the items that were either seasonal or just not used that often. We decided to take a break and grab lunch before putting everything else into the storage room.

The house was actually quite small considering it had two floors, the main floor and an upper floor. There was very limited space for the storage of our excess items. Luckily we had a small underground area that was accessible from the kitchen. There was a door in the floor right in front of the refrigerator. You had to pull hard on the handle to open it and then you had to climb straight down the ladder. It was almost identical to the one on the other side of the duplex where I had  grown up as a kid. It had been about seven feet high and twenty feet long. It was extremely narrow, in fact if I extended both of my arms I was able to touch both of the walls with the tips of my fingers. The walls were made up of  cinder blocks  and it had a concrete floor. The only difference was that the one I grew up with had shelves all along the walls that stored all of my mom’s canned goods. This one was empty which gave the room an almost creepy feel. It felt like you were in a small medieval dungeon.

After we finished eating I climbed down into the storage area as Jacob passed  down all the boxes and other random things we would store down there. I was shoving one of the boxes tightly against the wall on the floor when one of the blocks came loose. I crouched down and used my hand to wiggle it to see just how loose it was. Apparently it was quite loose since the block came out in my hand creating a hole in the wall. I pulled my phone out of my pocket so I could use the flashlight app. I was curious to see what lay behind that hole. The horrible thought of being bitten by a rat or some other creature rushed into my head. It made me feel quite nervous all of a sudden.  It was an irrational fear of course since anything in there would be sure to run away once my light shone in. I laid down on my stomach to get a better view of whatever creepy crawlies might be hiding in this dark hole. I unconsciously held my breath as I shone my light into the hole, suddenly a loud shout made me jerk and  drop my phone. It was Jacob who was shouting to see what was taking me so long. I had almost forgotten what we were doing, but I shouted back at him.

“Hold on, I’m coming up, just give me a minute.”

My heart was pounding now that Jacob had startled me at a point where I was already feeling kinda creeped out. I picked up my phone, thankful that it wasn’t  broken or scratched. I faced the light toward the gaping hole once again,more nervous now than I was earlier. To my surprise what I found inside the hole was the last thing I would have ever expected to find.

It was a stash of old vhs porno tapes. There was tape after tape filling the tiny hidden space; I would later find out that there were twenty tapes in total. They were all still in their cardboard covers featuring naked women but were covered in dust and grit.  I slid the tapes back into the hole, carefully sliding the cinder block back into place. Jacob was beginning to shout at me to hurry up so I quickly popped my head back into view of Jacob and continued to bring down the rest of the items. I decided not to tell Samantha or Jacob about the tapes I had discovered.I had no doubt that Samantha wouldn’t be amused by my find and would abruptly discard them. Jacob on the other hand would be amused and would definitely want to watch them to see what retro porn looked like. I knew that I would be showing Jacob the tapes at some point, but this was not the time. I would wait for a more appropriate time to do so. We finished unpacking and chilled the rest of the weekend sitting on the couch watching television.

As the days turned into weeks, I almost forgot about the tapes in the secret area of the storage room. I found myself way too busy to be thinking about some old porno tapes. Living in this  home filled me with memories of my childhood that I enjoyed sharing with my roommates. My summer was spent working continental shifts at a factory that makes car parts. It would help provide me with a little extra money once school started back up in September. I was getting some financial help  from the Ontario Student Assistance Program or OSAP. That would be enough to pay for my schooling and most of my expenses but left little wiggle room for anything extra. I enjoyed the work in spite of how exhausting it was to be on the continental shift. It was almost impossible to get on any kind of sleeping routine. I often found myself falling asleep through the day and wide awake all night.

One morning, after I just I just got  home from working all night, and far from being ready to try and sleep, the tapes popped back into my mind. With the rest of the house still sound asleep it seemed like a good time to check them out on the one vhs player in the house. The vhs player belonged to Samantha who had kept it so she could still watch her collection of movies that she had saved from her childhood. Most of her tape were old Disney movies that both Jacob and I enjoyed watching as well. We kept the vhs player in the living room where we were now in possession of a new large television that Samantha parents had given her when we all moved in together. We all benefited from the fact that they were upgrading to a newer, bigger model for themselves.  It was still a  very generous gift and we were all grateful for their generosity.

I only brought up three of the tapes from the hidden hole down in the storage room because I really doubted that I would find it enjoyable and I had serious doubts that they would even work.I have to admit I was first drawn to the one about big breasted woman. I figured it couldn’t possibly be as corny as some of the others looked.I turned the volume down to almost mute before putting the tape in. The tape started off very sticky and jumpy, I tried gently hitting the side of the vhs player to help knock it into place, hoping to make the tape work better. With every light tap I applied to the vhs player it would make the television screen flicker and flash black. It felt like a moot point, I was sure  I was beating a dead horse. I was stretching my arm over to hit the eject button when the television  flickered and the movie suddenly started working. To my surprise it wasn’t a porno tape, but rather something far more shocking.

It was a homemade video that was low quality, everything was slightly blurred, and the voices sounded muffled. It was clear that the video had been recorded in the storage room of this house. There was a young couple that appeared to be in their early to mid-twenties. They seemed like a couple based on the way they were holding one another, at least that was my first thought. Unfortunately, the longer I watched, it became clear that this young couple had the look of fear on their faces. They both appeared to have been roughed up with cuts and bruises covering most of their bodies. They each had one eye that appeared to be blackened and swollen along with a blood soaked gauze wrapped around one hand. I would later find out that is was each of their left hands that had been injured.  I could definitely see how the two were cowering  together from some unknown person that was looming just out of sight of the camera frame.

They were both crouching uncomfortably on their knees on what appeared to look  like an upside down pentagram, in what I prayed was red paint and not blood. There was a weird symbol on the wall behind them that was like a lowercase “t” along with the symbol for infinity attached to the bottom. A raspy, stern sounding voice started speaking but it wasn’t in English, it sounded like it could have been Latin. I really wasn’t sure what Latin sounded like, my only experience with hearing it having come from a few paranormal movies and shows. Cracks began to form throughout the upside down pentagram symbol with more red paint seeping out of the cracks. I was much less confident now that it was just red paint. Black smoke began to follow the red ooze.

The black smoke quite literally entered every opening in the couple's body, seeping under their fingernails and into their eyes. The smoke seemed to confine itself within the couple's body. There eye’s became a deep blood shot red and they began to talk in a deep demonic sounding voice. They were speaking again in what I assumed to be Latin. The voice that came from the young couple actually seemed to be arguing with the person that still remained outside the camera’s view. As the arguing continued, the young couple became quite aggressive in their movements and even tried attacking the hidden person in the room despite the fact that they seemed to be confined to the space inside the upside down pentagram.

The yet unidentified man suddenly came into sight of the camera. He walked past the camera at first and took up half the screen. On the back of his shirt he had a big red triangle smeared on. He was now yelling at the couple as he splashed water on them. The water seemed to cause them a great deal of pain which made me wonder what it was he had actually splashed on them. As he stepped closer I could see he was an older man who was quite bald. He was holding a crucifix and proceeded to place it on the girl who now seemed to be powerless to both the liquid and the crucifix. The man continued to talk in Latin becoming louder and louder as he did. It seemed like he was chanting, or possibly just repeating the same thing over and over again.

Black smoke began to flood out of the girl’s eyes and mouth making it’s way back into the cracks that it had originally come from. The girl collapsed to the ground remaining still.  He then proceeded to walk over to the boy to perform the same ritual on him. The  boy had already witnessed what had happened to his partner so he became filled with such anger and sounded like he was making threats to the bald man before him. The ritual went on in spite of his protests and he too collapsed silently to the ground.

The man just stood there looking at the two motionless bodies, as did I. I was caught off  guard by all that I was watching, I mean, I was just expecting some big,naked breasts. The scope of what I had just witnessed still hadn’t hit me.Unable to turn away or even blink I just sat there with my jaw wide open staring at the two bodies. They were in far worse shape than they had been in at the beginning of the video. They had burns and bloody cut marks covering their bodies wherever the crucifix had touched them.  Tears dripped down their darkening eyes  as more severe bruises appeared under the residue from the black smoke.

The balding man was panting and seemed quite out of breath as sweat dripped from his brow. He really seemed to be in as much shock from it all as I was myself. This couldn’t be real. They were all just incredible actors I thought to myself as I  tried to find an explanation that really just didn’t add up. The screen went black for a moment before turning to static.  I continued to sit there staring at the screen in just complete and utter disbelief. After what felt like an eternity, I pulled the tape out of the VCR and placed it back in its cardboard case. I went into the kitchen and forced myself to go down the ladder where I placed the tapes back into their hiding place. I couldn’t move fast enough as I slid the block back into place hoping with all my heart to never remove it again. Of course that was going to be impossible. I now saw this storage area in a whole new, frightening way, it was truly creepier than I ever could have imagined.

That night  I lay in my bed, unable to blink, let alone sleep. A little over an hour after the sun rose I could hear Jacob and Samantha talking to one another downstairs. I decided that sleep was not going to take me away to where I could forget all that I had witnessed on that tape, so I just got up and headed down to join the others. My eyes were bloodshot and had big dark circles under them. When asked by the others about my sluggish symptoms I  just told them I wasn’t feeling well and might be coming down with something. I didn’t want to mention anything I saw on the tape. If I told them about it they wouldn’t have believed me without seeing it for themselves. I knew I didn’t ever want to watch it ever again so I didn’t want it stuck in their brains either. I really just wanted to forget about them all together and pretend that they never existed.

As time went on, I was somewhat successful in forgetting all about it. I turned it into a bad dream and you never dwell much on a bad dream. Every once in awhile I would have a bad dream where I would recall everything I saw on that tape. Sometimes I would have a brief flashback when something would remind me of it. Of course any movie covers that depicted the devil or a sexy looking women being portrayed as a helpless victim would often remind me of it. I became good at repressing these memories quickly whenever they would occur.


Part 2: Tapes for satisfaction

A year had passed since my roommates and I had moved in together. We were reminded of our early days together and spent hours talking and laughing about all the things we had done in the early days of our partnership as roomies.  Since I found the tapes the day after we first moved into the house, I found it difficult to keep those memories at bay whenever we started to reminisce about those early days together. It got to the point that I could no longer act or pretend that it wasn’t real. I couldn’t get the horror of those images out of my head. I’ll just get rid of them I thought, I'll smash them with a hammer and throw them in the trash. If the tapes are destroyed  they won’t be able to haunt me. A thing of such horror should  not have a physical form, but unfortunately not everything can be destroyed. Memories are a powerful thing as long as there is someone around to remember, there is no way to dispose of it.

After another night shift I found myself the only one up and about around the house. With great determination I headed back down to the storage room to get those tapes and destroy them once and for all. I pulled them out one by one and stood over them with a hammer in one hand ready to smash them to bits. My mind was flooded with the images from the one tape I had watched and couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to the two poor souls who had suffered.I didn’t know if they were dead or alive. Were they the only two victims or were there others?  Who was that bald man? With so many unanswered questions I found myself slowly lowering my hammer. I couldn’t destroy the tapes, I needed to know what happened. I needed answers. The  answers were buried somewhere amongst all these tapes, I was sure of it.

I knew that meant I would have to watch more of those tapes. Just the thought of it put a knot in my stomach. Looking down at the tapes I looked down at the tapes trying to decide which one to pick. I couldn’t stand to even look at the cover on them as they were covered in naked women that no longer had any appealing features to them now that I knew what was truly inside. They all looked like they could have been victims that had met a similar fate to the young couple in the first tape I had watched.I finally settled on a tape that looked like the oldest of the selection. It might not have been the oldest, probably just the dirtiest from being at the back of the pile. Not that it mattered which one I watched next, I just needed to decide where to start.

I put all the other tapes back and headed back up to the living room. I turned the volume on the television down so low that it was almost mute. I dusted off the tape and slid it into the VHS. This tape took longer to start then the first one did, most likely due it’s dirty condition. This video was shot in the storage room as well but there were no strange marking or people, at least not for the first couple of minutes. As I stared at the screen it was apparent that the quality of this tape was much worse than the first one I watched. A figure appeared from behind the camera, and once again it was the bald man from the first tape. He walked to the center of the room before facing the camera, giving me a look at his face for the first time.

I was so shocked when I saw his face. I knew him! It was my old neighbor that had lived here when was a kid. He looked a little younger than when I knew him. He was only wearing pants in this video, no shirt and nothing on his feet. He pulled a knife out from the back of his pants. It looked quite old with a short blade on it. He proceeded to kneel down and gently pull the knife across his left wrist. Blood began to drip from his wrist onto the ground. He began to chant in another language that I still believed to be it was latin.

There was nothing more than him kneeling and chanting for the first fifteen minutes, other than him continuing to make more cuts in his left arm. After the fifteen minutes of chanting he suddenly  fell silent and dropped his knife to the ground. He had a shocked expression on his face as he turned his head in all directions quite frantically. I couldn’t see anything on the tape but after a moment I could hear something.

There was a soft whisper coming from the room itself as if it was in the walls. I couldn’t make out the words over the static and the low volume. I doubt I would have been able to understand it anyway since I knew it would have been speaking the same language the man had spoke. I still found myself crouching closer and closer to the television turning the volume up as I did. As much as I strained to hear, I  still couldn’t make out a signal syllable of what was being whispered. The whispers stopped as suddenly as they had started. The bald man looked quited complexed like he couldn’t believe what had just happened. He jolted up and rushed towards the camera turning it off the moment he reached it, thus ending the recording.

I pulled the tape out of the VCR and brought it back down to the storage area before grabbing the next oldest looking tape. The last tape wasn’t as bad as I had feared it might be, so the next tape came as a bit of a shock. The first thing I saw once the tape began was a young woman sitting along side a goat in the center of the room. Both the woman and the goat had a chain around their neck which was attached to a leash. They sat atop a painted pentagram which appeared upside down from the angel of the camera.  The chain was short and bolted to the floor giving neither the goat or the girl any room to move. I continued to stare at the girl on the screen for quite some time only to realize she was the same girl from the very first tape I had watched. I instantly felt incredibly nauseous; she hardly resembled her former self.  Her skin seemed quite pale underneath all the dirt that covered most of her body. There were countless cuts and bruises that were visible and her greasy hair was now almost twice as long as it hung past her shoulders. She looked up at the camera with her hauntingly dark, almost lifeless eyes. I will never forget that face, it was downright skeletal. You could quite literally see the outline of all the bones in her face. She looked more like a corpse than a living person.

My eyes searched the screen hoping to see the boy from the first tape. As crazy as it was, my first thought was that he had somehow become the goat that she now shared the chain with. Of course my logical mind ruled that impossibility out quite instantly. As I took in the entire view on the screen before me I could see that the “t” symbol was again on the back of the wall with the infinity symbol connected to it at the bottom. The bald man came into view as he walked past the camera. He was holding the same knife I had seen in the last video in one hand and an antique looking goblet in the other. He slowly walked up to the girl and the goat with his knife outstretched in his hand. My blood ran cold and I found myself holding my breath as my unblinking eyes stayed glued to the screen.He walked up to the girl as he held up the knife, I thought for sure he was about to kill her but instead he put the knife to the goat's neck. He forcefully plunged the knife deep into the goat and slit it’s throat. As the blood poured out, the man placed the goblet at the base of the goat's neck and filled it with the blood.

Once the goblet was filled to the rim he let the dead goat fall to the ground. He maneuvered himself to stand behind the girl. He put the bloodied knife into its sheath that hung from his belt. He used his free hand to grab the girl by the base of her hair and pulled her head back. He put the goblet to her lips as she tried to fight against it. He pulled her hair again more aggressively forcing the girl’s mouth to open as she let out a gasp of pain. That was the opportunity he needed to get the goat's blood pouring into her mouth. The very moment  it touched her lips she grabbed on to the cup and drank the rest of the goblet in a frantic rush. It was like she hadn’t had a drink in weeks, which very well may have been the case. The man was speaking latin loudly now, almost shouting, yet laughing wildly as well.

As the girl finished the last drop of goat's blood she threw the goblet away from herself and began weeping as she fell onto her side. The man grabbed the dead goat a dragged it to the far corner of the room, smearing its blood on the floor the entire way. He walked back toward the camera almost stepping on the girl as he did. As the tape ended I sat there frozen in place for several mines unable to move or process what I just saw. There was no way I could even consider watching another tape tonight, I had already seen too much for one night. I put the tapes back into their hiding place and returned to the living room. Sleep was definitely out of the question as my mind was absolutely buzzing. The only reasonable thing I could think of doing at the moment was to get on my laptop and try to research different types of rituals. I needed to know what it all meant.

Most of what I found was related to satanic cults. The symbols and activities I witnessed in the tapes were very similar to the satanic rituals described in the sites that I had found on the subject.The upside down pentagram was supposedly shaped like a goat's head and was used in satanic rituals. Apparently due to the fact that the goat was an animal that symbolized satan. I found another website that had the letter ”t” with the infinity sign attached to the bottom.After clicking on the link I was hoping to get more information on that particular symbol. I was extremely curious at this point and needed to know what it meant. Was it Satan’s cross or the symbol for the church of Satan? I just didn’t know. What I did find out was that almost every ritual included a blood sacrifice in one form or another.

I must have sat at the computer all through the night because before I knew it, Jacob was coming down the stairs. I hadn’t even noticed that the sun was shining brightly outside. I quickly exited out of the site I was on before he made it to the bottom of the stairs. He was surprised to see me up so early after having worked a late shift. I normally slept for seven or eight hours after a late shift, meaning I wouldn’t have been out of bed until twelve or one in the afternoon. As I joined him in the kitchen to brew a pot of my morning coffee I noticed that it was seven thirty, a time I rarely woke on any given day.

I sat at the table talking to Jacob as he made bacon and eggs for breakfast. He was studying to become a culinary chef, so he loved being in the kitchen making all sorts of fancy creations using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Bacon and eggs seemed almost mundane in comparison. Samantha came down from her room just as Jacob was preparing the plates for the table. She was equally surprised to see me awake. She caught me off guard when she asked me what I was doing up so early. I almost forgot about the tapes since I had just spent the last half hour talking with Jacob. I had to stop myself mid-sentence, “I’ve been watching the tape……….ummmm I was watching old movies!!!.” I said, sounding overly dramatic.

We sat around the table enjoying our breakfast and discussing our plans for the day. I thought I was in the clear about the tapes, but while I was helping Jacob clean up after breakfast, he asked me what movie I had watched. I was so tired my brain was not in gear so I just stood there in silence, not having any inkling how to answer that. Jacob seemed confused that I couldn’t answer such a simple question. “I don’t know the name of it, it was just something that was on television.” I finally managed to stammer out. Jacob dropped the subject but he definitely had a puzzled look on his face. The minute the kitchen was cleaned up I quickly retreated to my bed for some much needed sleep.

In spite of how tired I was, I continued to toss and turn. I awoke groggily from my half sleep. The tapes were consuming my every thought. I just couldn’t get them out of my mind. The violent images haunted me. I was learning that things I had only thought existed in movies were all too real. I had to find out more, and I knew exactly who I could go to for some answers. As I got myself ready for the day, I mentally began preparing the questions I would ask. I got into my Taurus and drove to my parents place, as luck would have it, that where both home. My mother was excited for the surprise visit. My father joined us in the kitchen as my mom pulled out snacks for us to munch on. I started discussing my childhood, bringing up a slew of old memories and experiences, all the while consciously steering the conversation towards our former home, and former neighbour.

I brought up some of my experiences with our old neighbor, most of which was him yelling at me for being too loud or messing up his driveway with my street chalk. I tried to sound nonchalant as I ask my parents what his name was. They both could only remember him as Albert and neither one of them could remember his last name. The only other information they could share with me was that he had worked in one of the Government buildings in town as a janitor. My parents are friendly outgoing people but they said he never socialized with them. They said it was rare sight to see guests at his home. They described him as being a bitter old man.

When I realized I wouldn’t get any more information about Albert from my parents I changed the subject. After a nice visit and a full stomach I left for home taking the long route home. I was trying to figure out what I should do next. I felt like I had gone too far to stop now. Who was Albert, and what had become of him?

That night I decided I needed to watch more tapes to see if I could learn anything else. I  waited until I was sure my two roommates were sound asleep. This time I grabbed three of the tapes with the full intention of watching them all. The first video showed a young boy that I had never seen before.  If I had to guess I would say that he would have been no older than fifteen.The boy's arms and legs were tied with rope and his mouth gagged with cloth. The satanic cross was still on the back wall but the upside down pentagram was replaced with a hexagon.

As the tape began a man in a cloak came from behind the camera followed by Albert who had was wearing an identical cloak. Unlike the man he was with, he didn’t have his hood up. The man in the hood kneeled  down behind the boy and Albert kneeled down to the left side of the boy holding the boy’s left arm out. They were all situated to the very center of the camera's view. Albert pulled out the same knife he had used in all the other videos I had seen and began to cut the boy’s left arm. He began to cut just above the boy’s wrist and slowly continued all the way up his arm and down into his chest. The hooded man put something that looked like black ink onto the fresh wound as he chanted some latin phrase. It was obvious to see the boy was trying to scream but no sound made it past the gag in his mouth.

When I finished viewing that tape I grabbed the next one and shoved it into the machine and hit play. It was almost identical to the one I had watched with the girl and the goat, except now it was a man tied up with the goat. He looked like he was in his late twenties or early thirties. I grabbed the third tape realizing I was getting a little desensitized to these videos. I really didn’t believe there was anything at this point that could surprise or shock me when it came to these tapes. At least that was my thinking before I started to watch the third tape. I can’t even describe the feeling in my gut as I viewed my younger self in the third tape.

When the tape first began I had been surprised to see that for the first time it was not inside the storage room, but instead,it was in the very room I was sitting in. It was being filmed during the day as I could see the sunlight coming in through the cracks of the blind in the window.  Albert’s dirty coffee table was to the side of the screen covered in cigarette butts, old food packages and dust.  The camera moved across the room and over to the window. The blinds were separated just enough to fit the camera through at which point I could see my younger self, no older than four or five, playing in my front yard. In fact that was all I saw for the entire fifteen minutes of that tape. I was happily playing with some toys, tossing them in the air and just running around with them. I saw on the tape just how often I would run over to his side of the yard and play. That was the scene that gave me the chills. The tape ended with me looking over towards the window where I was being filmed. He swore as he quickly pulled the camera away and then the tape went black.

I watched that tape over and over again trying to make sense of it. Albert had been a very disturbing man from what my parents had shared, but why the hell had he filmed me as a child? On top of everything else was he also a pedophile? Once again morning came before I realized, unfortunately I hadn’t heard Jacob come down the stairs.  I didn’t even realize he was in the room with me until he was standing directly behind me and asked, “What are you watching Lou?” My heart skipped a beat as I jolted around to see him standing there with a perplexed look on his face. The tapes were scattered across  the coffee table in clear view.  We stood in silence for a moment just staring at one another.

Busted! There was no sense trying to come up with a lie at that point so I came clean about everything. I told him where I had found the tapes, their contents and my desire to dig deeper to get some answers about Albert and what made the man do the things he had done.Understandably, Jacob was a little skeptical so he was anxious to see the tapes for himself. I decided to show him the more recent tape I had watched of the man with the goat since I thought it to be the less disturbing one of the three I had on the table.  I sat quietly keeping my eyes on Jacob as the tape started. After a moment, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. By the end of the tape he looked like he would be ill.

Jacob and I had little chance to talk over the next week as our schedules kept us apart.  I continued to try and find out as much as I could about Albert but I was finding it an almost impossible task. It was a week to the day since I had shown Jacob the tape that he asked to see more of them. Afterward he had as many questions as I did. We decided to work together to try and make some sense of it all. We also decide that it might be for the best if Samantha didn’t know anything about the tapes.

School was now back in session and my factory work at a halt until next summer. This gave Jacob and I a little more free time to research Albert and the tapes. We weren’t making much progress due to the fact that we had exiguous resources. We ended up going through more tapes in the hopes they would yield more clues. Unfortunately they simply held more of the same rituals albeit with different victims. Rarely would we see any victim show up in more than one video.

One evening after Samantha had gone to sleep, Jacob and I sat down to another tape, expecting what we had already witnessed countless of times before. This tape was different though, this tape was evidence of a murder.  The tape began in the upstairs washroom. The girl we had seen from the very first tape I had watched was now lying semi-conscious in the bathtub. There was something just out of site of the camera which was sitting on a ledge just above her head. Whatever it was, it was dripping what appeared to be blood down the wall and into the tub. Then the angle of the camera shifted and we could see quite clearly what was in fact dripping blood. The severed head of the young boy we had seen having his arm cut in the one tape was now propped on the ledge, his lifeless eyes looking down on the girl. The image was one that will haunt me till the day I die.

We couldn’t see Albert, but we could hear the sound of his voice speaking Latin, just behind the camera. The tone in his voice sounded extremely strict. The side of Albert’s body came into view of the camera as he stretched out his one hand and used it to push the girl’s head under the water. There was no struggle or attempt on her part to resist him at all.

With his other hand, Albert pulled out the knife he always seemed to have with him, lowered it to the girl’s neck and slit it. He did this with the same ease in which he had slit the throat of the goat in the previous video. The blood came pouring out of her lifeless body and filled the tub until the girl wasn’t even visible through it. Suddenly the bloodied water showed some activity like tiny bubbles under the surface. My first thought was that the girl was attempting to breath but the bubbles grew in size and intensity. The water was now in full motion with bubbles rapidly rising to the surface. If I didn’t know better I would have said I was looking at boiling water.

As disturbing as the video was to watch, both Jacob and I forced ourselves to watch it again.I lost count of how many times we hit the rewind and fastforward buttons so we could watch it over and over again. We tried everything we could to decipher what it was we were actually seeing. Most of what was being spoken was in latin but there was the odd english word.  We did manage to pick up two crucial pieces of information. At first we almost passed it off as being another statement in Latin but the words “Samhain” and “Sata Minion's Cult”were used.

Both Jacob and I were quite traumatised the first time we watched the  video. We watched it for a second time to make sure we saw what we thought we saw and then a third and fourth time the following day. Even after we had watched it for the fourth time, we still had a hard time accepting that we had just witnessed a murder along with some strange, unexplainable things..


Part 3: Albert’s cult

It was on the first of October that we typed in “Samhain” and “Sata Minion's Cult,” into the computer. Nothing came up with Sata Minion's cult other than spell check wanting to change it to satanic cult. We did however discover some sites on Samhain. Samhain (also known as the origin of Halloween) was a demon from hell. He was worshipped by the ancient Celts as  a god. This demon was most noted for leaving hell and entering the human realm when the barrier between the two realms was at its weakest. That was during the Celtic New Year which was celebrated on November first.

According to our research we discovered that once Samhain had entered the human realm he would be able to raise ghosts, zombies and ghouls and release them onto the earth as well. He would then proceed to terrorize the living in the most horrific ways. Both Jacob and I looked at each other as we realized at the same time that there was a Gaelic festival planned for the end of the month to mark the end of the harvest season on November first. That meant the barrier for Samhain would be at its thinnest at midnight on Halloween night. That gave us both a feeling of uneasiness.

Less than a week later we found ourselves at another stand still. With nothing left for us to find out on our own, we decide that we would need to get some outside help. We posted on a few websites for any information regarding “Samhain” or the “Sataminion’s Cult”. After only three days we found ourselves with a slew of messages waiting for us. Most of the messages consisted of information we had already found out ourselves about “Samhain” or it was people just replying with utter nonsense. It had nothing to do with what we were looking for or much of anything at all. Once we weaned out all the garbage, we found a few very interesting messages that warranted a second look.

Some of the responses consisted of people asking us how we knew anything at all about “Samhain” and “Sata Minion's Cult”.  Other’s told us to keep our mouths shut and to stop looking into it. Most interesting to us were the few people who stated that they might be willing to help us  find what we were  looking for, but not online. We received two separate responses like that using almost identical wording. Both came attached with an email address and instructions to email them back to discuss the next step. We were quite intrigued and found ourselves quickly responding to both emails.

The next day I checked my email account to see if I had received a response from either of the emails I had replied to. I was both surprised and excited to see a response from both of them.Once again both emails were identical to one another. Each email asking us for the name of our town in order to arrange a meeting somewhere close to that location. Jacob had already left the house and was heading to his culinary class for the day. I felt it would be best to share this news with him in person rather than through a text. Unfortunately I wouldn’t have a chance to see Jacob until later in the evening. I was left with questions as to who we were talking to. I had an uneasy feeling that we might be getting ourselves into a situation that we didn’t want to get in. I honestly felt like we were in too deep at this point to turn back.

Later that night when I finally had a chance to show Jacob the two emails I had received we had a long discussion on whether or not we should respond, or if we even wanted to. The debate went on until we were both so tired that we both just wanted to collapse in our own bed. We decided to play the odds that they were just two people who were just trying to play us for fools for a cheap laugh. We respond with the name of our town saying we would meet them in a public place to give them the chance to prove to us they were legit.

We went straight to bed after sending off the email. Upon awaking I went straight downstairs to enjoy my morning coffee. I loved having a coffee machine with a timer on it that would automatically start to brew the coffee before I was even out of bed. I poured myself a cup and took a seat on the couch in the living room. I sat with my laptop on top of my lap, surfing the web and taking the time to watch some rather humorous videos. When I had finished my coffee, I checked my email, not that I was expecting a response so soon. I was simply checking to see if I had anything from anybody. To my surprise, I found a response from both of the people I had emailed late the night before. They had both replied just two hours after I had sent the email to them. Yet again, they both had identical wording in their response. Each email stated that they had an organizer near our town called “High M.” that was willing to meet us in a public place of our choosing. There was nothing in the email to give it any credibility, it simply stated that this “High M.” would answer any questions we might have. The fact that both of the emails referred to this same person as”High M” made me feel like it could be legit. Of course I knew it could also be the exact same person sending both emails.

After Jacob came downstairs I hollered at him to come into the living room. He sat down beside and I showed him the two emails. He seemed fairly nervous at the idea of meeting some stranger, more nervous than I had expected him to be. I mean out of the two of us, he was by far the more social one. Jacob had never shown any kind shyness or awkwardness around people he didn’t know. He simply made friends wherever he went. I,myself had always been quite anti-social. Most of the people I knew, including Samantha, I met through Jacob. His behaviour now seemed out of the ordinary to me. I wasn’t really all the concerned myself about  meeting this High M. person. Probably since I was still rather skeptical about the whole thing.

We sent emails to both parties  agreeing to meet at a local coffee shop that wasn’t too far from our home, around six the next evening. We chose that location since it was close and I was still quite skeptical about anyone actually coming to meet us. If this “High M.” didn’t show up, as we assumed he wouldn’t, Jacob and I could still sit and talk about our next step in our investigation. Besides, the place made amazing coffee. We had let them know they could identify us by the stack of VHS tapes we would have sitting on our table. Jacob and I had a lengthy discussion between ourselves prior to this meeting,as we tried to decide whether we should say anything at all about the tapes. We concluded that it was the tapes that had got us to this point and it was the tapes that we would want to discuss if this “High M.” was to show up. When we had sent the email informing them of this, they had both responded within the hour, agreeing to our meeting spot and confirming that High M. would be there.

When I left my class the next day, I drove back to my place to meet up with Jacob who would have been back home from his class for over an hour. As I pulled into the driveway, Jacob came out the door carrying his school bag. “Ready to go?” he looked far more relaxed about going to the coffee shop than before. I think he was starting to warm up to the idea. The more I thought about it, the whole thing seemed more absurd than ever, It barely seemed real anymore. I turned to Jacob as I got out of the car, “Got the tapes” I asked. His head tilted to the side as he let out a faint, “Yeah, I got them.”

“Let’s go then.” We barely spoke a word to each other as we walked down to the coffee shop. When we quickly turned the corner around the side of the coffee shop I collided with another man, knocking us both to the ground. Jacob helped the man up as we both apologized  to him. He was an older looking man who looked as though he hadn’t eaten in days. His clothing was old and torn, his face was wrinkled and unshaven and he was giving off an unpleasant odour. Once I got to my feet, the man just stared at us for a moment before saying a word.

When he did speak, he spoke very loudly, almost in a shout. “CAN YOU SPARE SOME CHANGE FOR TOMMY!?!?” It caught both Jacob and I by surprise. He just stared at us with wide desperate eyes, waiting for our response,“of… of course I can.” I reached into my pocket and gave him all the change I had. Jacob started to reach into his own pocket to do the same. Before he could pull his change out of his pocket the man was already shouting again,“CHANGE FOR TOMMY!!!! CHANGE FOR TOMMY!!!!” He took the change from Jacob and jumped around still shouting. Jacob and I rushed to the front door of the coffee shop where we could still see and hear Tommy jumping and shouting outside the window.

We grabbed a seat at the table in the back of the coffee shop. It was parallel to the wide window where we could enjoy the view of the street where we could still see the hobo Tommy. He spent most of his time just staring into the coffee shop. The only thing that was blocking Tommy from having a direct view of us was the group of three students around my age. The one girl in their small group was wearing a jacket with our school’s name on it. It was no surprise to see students from our school in this area. The campus was close enough that students would often flood this area of town around this time since the later classes were now out.

Jacob took the tapes and stacked them on the table as I went to the counter to grab us both a coffee. When I returned with our drinks I sat down as we waited in silent anticipation. It bothered me a bit that every time I looked out the window I found the hobo Tommy staring in. We waited there for close to thirty minutes before anyone else entered the shop. I had just grabbed a fresh coffee and found myself squeezing it tightly as the man walked towards us. By the time he made it to our table my hands were burning from the hot cup. The man stood in front of us looking down at the stack of tapes and then turned his eyes toward us.

“So you’re the ones who want to know about the Santa Minions.”

Jacob had been the one who answered him as I sat in silence and absolute shock that someone had actually shown up. “Are you High M.”

His lips rose in a smirk as he at let out a slight chuckle. “Yah, I’m the High Master.” He said, as he sat down across from us. It wasn’t until he was seated that I really took notice of his appearance. He was older, mid to late sixties and he had very short white hair. There was what appeared to be a lot of cuts mixed with a plethora of wrinkles all around his eyes. It was almost enough to distract me from his eyes. My god those eyes! Once I noticed them it was all I could do not to stare at them. Both of his pupils were a light green on the upper two thirds but became a continuously lighter green the further down each pupil until there was no colour at all, it was simply white. It was without a doubt the creepiest eyes I had ever seen.

After a moment the High Master broke the silence. “So how did you boy’s find out about the Sata Minion's?” Jacob and I both turned towards the tapes at the exact same time. For some unexplainable reason I found myself so incredibly nervous that I could barely speak.  Somehow I mustered up enough courage to answer him. I told him a shortened version of our story, how and where I found the tapes, what I knew about Albert and that he had mentioned the sata minion’s cult in one of the tapes. When I had finished my brief summary, the High Master appeared rather surprised. He wanted to know exactly what was on the tapes. Jacob did most of the talking throughout the rest of the conversion, “By the looks of most of them it was some type of religious ritual.”

Throughout the conversion he continued to ask us a lot about the contents of the tape but we refused to go into any greater details. We still knew nothing about the Sata Minions. This went on for an entire hour as High Master and Jacob talked. I sat there listening for the most part, only adding the odd statement here and there. By the end we had found out that the Sata Minions were a religious group that would participate  in “Different ways.” He agreed to bring us to one of their meetings as long as we brought the tapes for them to examine. Unbelievably, we agreed to this, of course we were reluctant to do so. Not only would we have to show this stranger the tapes that we still weren’t even sure were real, but the fact that they might be real was even more frightening.

Jacob and I stayed in our seats, long after the longer High Master had left. We were each still experiencing a bit of  shock and needed time to process it all. I wasn’t certain how much time had passed but we were the only ones in the coffee shop and neither the students out front or Tommy the hobo were around any longer. It was quiet walk back home. I found myself continuously turning around to check behind me. I think I was afraid that we might be followed by the High Master or some other person from the Sata Minion’s Cult. The thought of being stalked by the hobo also came into my mind. Both of these thoughts terrified me. Now that I knew the Sata Minions Cult actually existed, I believed they would be capable of just about anything. Tommy seemed completely unstable and could also be capable of just about anything.

Over the next several days we went back to our normal routine, at least trying to pretend everything was normal. We no longer had any ambition to look into Albert.  After our meeting with the High Master we both desperately needed a break from the tapes and everything that had ensued since finding them. Our break  was all too short though as just a week later I received an email from the High Master. He was inviting us to the church of the Sata Minions. The address was just outside of town. He asked that we meet up on the ninth of November at nine o’clock in the evening. It would be the second Sunday following Halloween. I was curious, but dreaded it all the same since my research on Samhain. Samantha wasn’t a huge fan of Halloween so there were no decorations hanging up to remind Jacob and I of our new found knowledge of the seasons ancient traditions. Samantha’s only joy in the season was to hand out the goodies to children wearing their cute costumes. I wondered how the Sata Minion’s Cult would be celebrating this season.

Part 4: The new recruits

November ninth arrived and neither Jacob or I felt prepared to head out to our meeting with the High Master. We were toying with the idea of not going at all. Ultimately, neither of us was willing to quit now, since we had come this far. “Well we have gone this far, can’t turn back now”, said Jacob, sharing my own thoughts. We grabbed all twenty of the tapes and told Samantha we were going to the bar, knowing full well she would have no interest in joining us. We filled Jacob’s school bag with the tapes into the back seat of my car and headed out.

The closer we got to the address the more we felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. After a long road with no other vehicles, the G.P.S said we were at the address and yet there was still nothing to be seen.We drove a little further down the road and noticed a small house down a long dirt driveway. If this was the place, it certainly wasn’t anything we were expecting. Since it seemed to be the only house or building that we had seen since leaving behind what was familiar to us, we took the off chance that it just might be the location we were searching for. The closer we got to the house the more deteriorated it appeared. It would have appeared abandon if it wasn’t for the person standing rigidly on the porch.The very sides of the house seemed to lean precariously inwards. Plants and roots growing up the sides were probably the only thing keeping the place from total collapse. It was undeniable that no care had been taken with the house or grounds for years.

As we slowly pulled up close to the house we could make out the familiar features of the High Master. I shut the motor off and Jacob and I stepped out of the car. As we walked toward the High Master he lowered his head to look at the bag in Jacob’s hand. “Did you bring the tapes?”

“ye… yes there in the bag.”

“Good follow me.”

We followed him into the run down cabin. The inside was filthy, there were cobwebs everywhere. The only thing in the room was a VHS player along with a television sitting on top of an old wooden crate that was connected to a cordless power generator.Other than the old crate and the cabin, the electronics were all in pristine condition.

The High Master never slowed down he made his way to the back of the room where we could see a stairwell. We followed him down the narrow staircase where it became difficult to see due to the lack of light. I heard voices and the closer we got the louder it became. Once we were at the bottom of the stairs we found ourself in complete darkness. I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. Suddenly there was a flash of bright light. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust, but once they did I could see that the light was coming from the other side of a door that the High Master had just opened.

It was so dark when we had entered this basement that I hadn’t realized there was a door at the back of the room. Once my vision was restored to normal I could see a crowd of people in the room with us. There had to be at least twenty five to thirty of them standing around talking with each other. The High master told us to socialise with the other members as he and a few of the other members wanted to review the tapes we had brought on the television upstairs. Jacob had relinquished his school bag the moment we had entered the basement area. Two older men walked past us to join the High Master upstairs. They shut the door behind them and both Jacob and I soon found ourselves engaged in conversation with a number of  different members. The conversation soon went in an unexpected direction that caught both of us off guard, leading to the most surprising night of our lives.

We entirely expected the people to all be like Albert, but they proved to be nothing like him at all. This group of people seemed to be quite friendly and kind hearted. We were told about a book that was written way back in the sixties about Satanism. After countless conversations with most of the members we came to understand that Satanism has nothing to do with hell, demons or even Satan. These member seemed to live their lives more like atheists than anything else. From what they showed us in one of their member’s books they gave us, satanism was more of a way to live rather than anything that involved the supernatural.

Before we realized how much time had passed, the High Master and the other two members were heading back down the staircase. The High Master gave a wave of his hand, motioning for us to come towards him. We immediately made our way towards him and proceeded to follow him back up the stairs to the main floor. The other two gentlemen remained in the basement to begin their meeting. I must admit to feeling a little apprehensive as I followed the High Master up the stairs. I had no idea what to expect and was almost afraid to even try to guess. Up to this point, every time I had made an assumption it had turned out to be wrong. We all joined the other member that turned to face us as we entered the room. The High Master was the first to speak.

“So what do you think of our organization.”

“Well, to be honest, it’s not quite what we were expecting.”

“I suppose you were expecting something a little closer to what we all witnessed on those tapes you shared with us.”

“We were.”

“ Are we a disappointment to you?”

“No, not at all. We are quite relieved actually. We had only hoped to get some answers from those tapes. We wanted to know who the guy was and why he did those horrible things.”

“Well I don’t know everything, but I can share what I do know with you both so you won’t be leaving without some new insight.” The other two members looked as surprised as Jacob and I did at this statement.

I once knew the man in those tapes. His name was Albert and I first met him many years ago when I had first joined this organization. You could have heard a pin drop as we all listened intently to every word the High Master shared with us about Albert. Apparently, Albert had joined the Santa Minions shortly after he himself had joined. Unfortunately, Albert had joined under the assumption that they were Satan worshipers. He had been relentless in his desire to convince the others to change to dark magic. Most of the members believed him to be delusional. It wasn’t long before he was completely banned from attending any meetings with the organization. He had managed to convince a few members to join him in his quest to form a group of Satan Worshipers. From what was heard of them, not too many stuck around for very long. As for the tapes that we brought to him that night, the High Master had said the images had turned their stomachs and left them deeply disturbed.

We were invited to stay for the rest of their gathering and join them for future gatherings if we were interested in learning more about the Sata Minion cult and how they did things. We returned to the basement to attend the remainder of the gathering. Members were sharing experiences that had helped them to grow and become a better person. They tried to include Jacob and I by getting us to introduce ourselves, but they were respectful of our wishes not to share stories as the others had. They seemed to understood our nervousness, being newcomers.

When the gathering had come to it’s closure, a woman we had spoke with earlier in the evening, came over to us with her hand outstretched to give us a copy of a book. She let us know that should we decide to join them at future gatherings it might be helpful if we better understood what it was they actually believed, along with what their practices and rules of behaviour consisted of.  Our eyes were certainly being opened like never before. These people were as far from being like Albert as Jacob and I were. This organization had a deep respect for all life, especially children and animals. They would never abuse or kill a child or an animal the way that Albert had. We came to understand this was true of all Satanists. We had learned so much in just one evening. While people all started to head up the stairs to leave, Jacob and I just waited patiently near the back of the room for our turn. The High Master came and stood beside us.

“I assume you’re going to want your tapes back?”

Jacob and I responded in sync, “NO!!!”

He let out a laugh at our response “So you won’t mind if I got rid of them for you?”

“We would appreciate that greatly,” I replied

The High Master walked us outside to our car and invited us to their next gathering in two weeks time.  Jacob and I were both interested and excited to learn more. We agreed to come back for their next gathering, knowing we would be more prepared and have a better idea as to what could be expected. As we got into our car we could see the other’s drive past us from behind the cabin. We realized now why we hadn’t seen their parked cars upon our arrival. Jacob and I were both extremely talkative on the drive back home. We had a lot of our initial fears diminish and were now enjoying the relief we felt. Although we still knew little about Albert, we were pleased with our newfound knowledge of the Sata Minion Cult.

It was almost midnight when we finally arrived back home. We decided to head right to bed and went our separate ways at the top of the stairs. I laid awake for most of the night, my mind racing, similar to when I first found the tapes. The difference being that now it was with much more enthusiasm as I was filled with both joy and relief from the evening's experience. I even considered telling Samantha everything that had transpired over the past few months. I thought she might be willing to join Jacob and I at the next gathering once we shared with her all that we had learned about it.

I fell asleep with thisthought. My alarm went off much too early for my liking. My class began in exactly one hour which is how much sleep I felt like I got. My mind had been so restless throughout the night that I now found myself completely drained and quite unwilling to leave the sanctuary of my cozy bed. I had to mentally and physically force myself out of my bedroom and down the stairs to brew myself a particularly strong cup of coffee.I needed to be sure I wouldn’t fall asleep during any of my classes and lectures I had throughout the day. Unfortunately the coffee wasn’t enough to energize my overtaxed body.  I was barely able to make it through the first lecture and found myself dozing on and off throughout the second lecture of the day. To say it wasn’t my most productive day would be a huge understatement. Simply walking from class to class seemed to be the  only thing I was capable of. Concentrating was out of the question as I found myself constantly daydreaming about the Sata Minion. There was no doubt that this day consisted of wasted time, unsatisfying sleep and an overall lack of work on my part. It brought to mind one of my favourite writers who had once wrote, “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream at night.”

I went to bed early that night with more pleasant dreams popping into my head about the Sata Minion’s. It was the first time in a long while that I was enjoying dreams instead of waking in a sweat from some nightmare brought on by those tapes.

I awoke ahead of my alarm the next day feeling quite well rested. I used the extra time before leaving for class to read some of the book I had been given at the gathering. It began by taking an in depth look at the founder and the reason he started it all. He had spent years studying Christian religion only to find it left a bad taste in his mouth. The hypocrisy that he had witnessed weighed heavily on him. The so called faithful ones, constantly hunting to satisfy their lust every Saturday night, only to pray for forgiveness every Sunday morning as they sat in church with their families. Beyond his issues with the congregation itself, he didn’t feel that the religion was what he first believed it to be. The rules made no sense to him and he felt they had no place in today's society.

He decided to start his own religion in the hopes of creating something that he felt was needed to address the needs of modern society. When it came to naming this new religion, he chose the name “Satanism”, which managed to alienate Christians. He didn’t mind that outcome as he had purposely chose a name that would cause the most uproar. He wanted to see who would judge his religion on that alone rather than looking past the name to see what it was really all about.

I was fascinated by all that I was learning and found it difficult to put the book down but I decided I had better or I would be late for class. There were so many things that made complete sense in regards to how one should live. This book was written with a true heart and mind for living in harmony with yourself and others. It spoke to me in a way that no religion had before. That might be why I had never been a religious person myself. I still wasn’t entirely sure if I was sold on it, yet it fascinated me.

When I returned home at the end of the day I saw that Jacob was now reading the book. We shared our thoughts about it's insightfulness. We both stopped our discussion the moment Samantha walked into the room. Jacob and I exchanged looks before I told her we were discussing a horror book I had borrowed from the school library.  She looked down at the book that Jacob had in his hand and cringed at the title. “It looks very scary.” She said as she let out a little chuckle. Jacob threw the book on the table as we changed the subject. It was a nice change after the past few months to just sit and enjoy the company of both my roommates as we sat comfortably in our living room discussing normal day to day activities. The night grew late and I reluctantly headed to bed, yawning as I made my way up the stairs. Samantha followed behind me leaving Jacob alone with the book once again.

By the time the twenty third came, both Jacob and I had finished reading the book. We were eager to be heading back to the gathering with are new found knowledge. Not surprisingly, we were one of the first to arrive. Jacob and I talked to other members as they arrived about how captivated we were by the content of the book. The more we opened up about ourselves the more the other members divulged about themselves. Most of the members led quite ordinary, conventional lives. Others had lived lives that left us intrigued.The life of the High Master, or Marvin as he was called, stood out the most.

High Master had been the title that was given to the leader of each church of the Santa Minions. It is similar to the title of minister or priest. Although it wasn’t uncommon for other organizations of Santa Minion to use different titles. High Master was his title, but when speaking with him, it was his given name that was used. When Jacob and I found ourselves comfortable enough to boldly ask one of the members what had happened to the High Master’s one scarred eye.

They shared with us the story of Marv’s experience in Vietnam as a soldier. He wasn’t there long before he was discharged. Marvin had been in a trench when a grenade landed inside. Two men were killed instantly while five men, including Marvin, sustained horrendous, life changing injuries. Marvin ended up being hospitalized for over three months in which he was subjected to many surgeries and a lot of time in rehabilitation. The broken bones healed eventually but Marvin had permanent eye damage resulting in vision loss. At the time, he was told he would be permanently blind in that one eye. However, as the years went by, some degree of vision did return.

As the gathering began we found ourselves sharing our own life experiences with the group. We both loved the time that we spent there, it was a great group of people. We had the chance to study a different approach to life and religion through our discussions with members and reading their book. It was appreciated when Marvin asked us if we would like to become members of the Sata Minions, but to Marvin’s surprise, and a bit of our own, we said, “no.”

“As much as we have enjoyed meeting you all and learning so much from you, I think we need to step back and give it more thought. The past few months have been filled with the horror of those tapes and to be honest, still have us feeling pretty disturbed.  We’re happy to know that Albert was the exception and not the norm and grateful you shared all you knew about him. That was really our only goal. Maybe after some time and more soul searching we would like to return, if that would be alright with you?”

Marvin responded with a smile on his face, “After seeing those tapes myself, I completely understand. There will always be a spot for the two of you if you decide to ever join our group.”

We prepared to hand the book back to the women who had lent it to us but she refused. She insisted that we keep it as a reminder as well as a constant source of knowledge to revisit and learn from. As it turned out, she couldn’t have been more right. As time went on, we found our need to discover what became of Albert to have less fascination for us. I no longer needed or cared to know. I will always be haunted by the tapes he made and feel torn apart by the atrocious acts he committed on his innocent victims.  It was all in the past now and I was willing to leave it there. I like to think that Albert did find Samhain, and that Samhain brought Albert down to the very hell he was summing. Wishful thinking of course. I will have to be satisfied with the knowledge that at the very least I am no longer a small child for him to videotape any longer.

Time seemed to move quickly now and before we knew it Christmas was just weeks away. Neither Jacob or I had returned to take part in any other Sata Minion gatherings. I knew that each one of us did in fact plan to go to future meetings, it just hadn’t happened yet. We both fully intended to celebrate some of their holidays when they came around. Walpurgis Night was definitely a holiday we would be celebrating.

One week before Christmas I came across a news article on the internet that revealed a photo of an older gentleman. My heart skipped a beat as I looked intently at the picture. It could have been Albert, the resemblance was unmistakable. It may not have been him at all but I was now curious enough to start to read the attached article.

As soon as I read the words “Satanic rituals” I couldn’t stop reading further. Three men from deep in the South had been arrested for Satanic rituals involving human sacrifices. it said that they were arrested for satanic rituals involving human sacrifices. I now knew that there was no true Satanic ritual that involved blood of any kind. Apparently the  press knew  just as little as Hollywood movies did when it came to true  Satanism. Like most people they never look past the name and instead form an opinion around that solely.

The details were sparse, which was particularly frustrating for me. It did however state that there had been three dismembered corpses found along with a room that was believed to be used in the rituals. It was also reported that traces of both human and animal blood had been discovered.

The grisly discovery was made deep in the woods at a small cottage that could have passed as a child’s play fort. The sheriff's department had been following a lead while investigating some illegal drug activity. They had followed a suspect to the location when the disturbing truth was revealed. Something far more sinister than just drug activity had transpired in those deep woods. The three men that were arrested ranged in age from mid thirties to late seventies.

No names were released, so I will always have some lingering doubt as to the man’s identify. If it was Albert, then I think he got off far easier than he deserved.

I look forward to starting the new year without the heaviness of secret tapes weighing on my mind. The past year taught me to see the world in a different way. Whether it is a good or bad thing is yet to be determined.

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