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If you witnessed a crime and the perpetraters saw you watching them, what would you do? My entry for the 1000 word competition, picture prompt 1.

Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016





We have made a ritual of it, meeting up at Henry's cafe on a Friday afternoon. Bob and Jack share a flat with me and we find it a lot easier to get along when we've shared our plans for the weekend. Mostly we're out, but if anyone is planning on a romantic evening in the flat it is better that the other two are fore-warned; it can save a lot of embarrassment on all sides.

So we've aired our grievances and shared our plans – no one wants sole use of the flat this weekend – and we are heading off home.



1000 words

Stepping out of the elevator I hear a noise. It sounds like some kind of scuffle is going on. I hesitate so Bob and Jack both pass me, going into the corridor. As I also go to step out of the lift I see that both my flat-mates have frozen in front of me and the reason is all to clear to see.

Two gunmen, standing in front of our neighbour's door. Even as we stand there they shoot and we can hear someone, some body, fall to the floor.

Get back in the lift,” whispers Bob, urgently. “And don't make a sound.”

It's not hard for me. All I have to do is take a step backwards. Bob and Jack have got to creep backwards, avoiding each other, but they do so in silence.

We would have been okay if the lift door hadn't been so noisy and so slow to close. The two men turned and looked directly at us. We had a clear view of them and would easily be able to recognise them again. Unfortunately they also got a good look at us. They knew we were witnesses and they couldn't let us go.


What the hell are we going to do?” Jack said.

The three of us could clearly hear the footsteps of the gunmen as they ran down the stairs that were directly next to the elevator shaft. The lift gained ground though; there was no way that they could keep up with our descent over ten floors and that gave us our one chance of escape.

Head for Eric's truck. He'll have left the keys in it.” I said.

But then he'll notice it gone, report it stolen.” Bob said.

Exactly! The police will apprehend us and we'll have a chance to tell them what has happened before these guys get a chance to shut us up for good.”

Yeah, great plan Sophie. But can you drive the thing?”

It's bigger than anything else I've driven but the way I see it we don't have a choice.”

The three of us just made it inside the truck when the two men ran out onto the side-walk. They looked to their left, then to their right and spotted us almost instantly.

I turned the key, put my foot on the accelerator – and stalled the thing. By the time I had got us into the traffic our pursuers had made it to their own vehicle. We were separated by just two cars as we sped through the town.

I might have been used to driving but I had never been in control of this sort of truck before and speeding through the busy streets with a couple of gunmen on our tail was not the best way to get used to it.

I had so many near misses, caused so many crashes, that I cannot understand how we made it through the town and out on to the highway without being stopped by the police. There must have been something big going on somewhere.

Where to now?” We were exiting the town and I needed to know which way to go.

I don't know but they are still behind us and are catching up fast.”

Poor Jack sounded almost hysterical.

Head for the desert!” Bob said. “This beast will be able to make it through the sand. Their car isn't going to get very far.”

So that's where we headed, away from civilisation, away from any likely help. My foot flat on the floor, I could just make them out in my mirrors. And as soon as we reached the sand I headed away from the road.

It didn't take them long to draw level with us but as I was driving further into dessert we were actually increasing the distance between us. Bob's idea was really giving us a chance to escape.


Hey, look!” cheered Jack. “They've stopped. They've given up and we've made it!”

I hated to put a damper on his cheerfulness but our gas tank was almost empty and I could see that they had not given up the chase at all. The gunmen were climbing out of their car and clearly had the intention of carrying on the pursuit by foot.

Look, Bob, Jack, we're out of fuel. And there's nowhere here we're going to be able to get a fill up. What are we going to do now?”

Sophie, no! You've got to be kidding!” Jack's hysteria was coming back.

Could we make it back to town if we turned round now?” Bob asked.

Not a chance,” I said, and just as I finished speaking the truck ground to a halt.

Look! They're running now. They know we are sitting ducks.”

Shut up, Jack. Get out now, both of you. Get the doors shut as quick as you can, hit the ground and crawl. As fast as you can. Get some distance between yourselves and this thing.”

And that's what we did, crawled on our bellies and when the explosion came it did nothing more to us than cover us with sand.

The truck was a burnt out wreck but our pursuers were leaving.

We'd have to wait awhile and we had a hell of a long walk back. But what was most on my mind was how I was going to explain it all to Eric.



1000 words




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