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Below is a list of the best online savings account rates in the U.S. I'll update these weekly. If you come across any other rates that should be on the list, please leave a comment.

Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016



Making the most of your safe money is one of the key pillars for building wealth. This is easy money and over time even small differences in interest rates can accumulate into significant wealth. It has to do with the compounding value of money. Check out a compounding money calculator and you'll see what I mean. 

So, if you have cash sitting in a low rate bank account, move it now! What rate should you be getting? Take a look at the top savings account rates below. Have a question, post them below this article. Thanks!


The Best Savings Account rates for the week of May1, 2016 are:

iGoBanking - 1.10% APY | $25,,000 minimum balance

Sallie Mae Bank - 1.05% APY | $0 minimum balance

GS Bank - 1.05% APY | $0 minimum balance

Synchrony Bank - 1.05% APY | $30 minimum balance

Radius Bank - 1.01% APY | $2,500 minimum balance

Ally Bank - 1.00% APY | $0

MySavingsDirect - 1.00% APY | $1

ableBanking - 1.00 APY | $1,000

Discover Bank - 0.95% APY | $0

FNBO Direct - .95% APY | $1



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