A Thug's Life

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Description would spoil it but here is some indicative information.
Its about the thugs of the old times who supported their living by lies.
The story of a farmer who meets them and they plan to loot him.

Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016




A Thugs’ Life

Once upon a time, in some village in Punjab, there was a farmer and his mother. Both lived together and had menial income from the very small farm they had. Once the farmer said to his mother that he is old enough to be married and going to a journey to get married. In those days, getting married was quite difficult for a person having such a small piece of farmland as he had. His mother knowingly sent him off on a wild goose chase.

The farmer made a belt called Baasini. The Baasini was made with a number of short bamboo pieces filled with coins and the bamboo pieces were tied to each other to make a belt. The baasini was used to carry gold coins in journeys as it easy and safe to carry the coins around one’s waist. The farmer filled the baasini with iron coins instead of gold coins, tied to his waist and started the journey.

He got on his horse and went in the north after riding horse for almost all the day, finally he reached the village he was heading to.

In earlier times, the drinking water was brought from wells. As he reached near a well on the outskirts of the village, he saw some women on the well. He got off his horse and tied it to a tree nearby the well. Then he took off the belt of coins and threw it near the tree with other items he was carrying, to relax himself of the weight he was carrying. As the belt fell on the ground, it made noise very much similar to the gold coins and the women on the well were all ears. Then he requested the women for water and they offered him readily. After that he sat down with the tree and started relaxing. The women left the well soon and he was alone.

The village was famous for thugs and their deeds. Lots of people were robbed by their tricky talks and deals. Even the clever and wise men were robbed by the trickery of the thugs. No one dared to visit the village.

The women on the well had heard the sound of the coins and thought those were the gold coins. They walked home and told to their husbands that today is the day they always waited, a very wealthy person is resting near the well. The women told them to hurry and rob him as such chances are very rare. They were family of four brothers, their wives, their father and a sister. All the four brothers immediately went to the farmer resting by the tree.

 They reached him and greeted him. The eldest brothers said to the farmer ‘It is quiet late to continue the journey and this is not the place to rest. You must come to our home and stay for night as it is not safe out there. After all human are meant to help each other’.

Listening to this the farmer agreed and went to their home. The women of the family started cooking special cuisines to make him feel welcome. All the males of the family sat in the yard of their house and started chatting. Their father was sitting at some distance, pretending to be hearing nothing at all.

The youngest of the brothers said “I want to tell a story, whosoever will object, will have to pay a baasini(the belt)”.  Everyone agreed and asked him to start the story.

 He started and said “Once we bought a hen for milk from Japan. The hen had one chicken and two teats. The hen had so much milk that when she walked, there was butter on the ground behind her up to a man’s knees.” The farmer said “Yes, some hen breeds provide enough milk”.

The youngest felt defeated and looked at the eldest brother. The second youngest brother set the same condition that one who will object, will have to pay a Baasini. Everyone agreed to condition and the four brothers hoped that this time he would raise an objection in the story.

The second youngest started the story and said “Once our donkey had some skin disease and kids burrowed a seed of jujube (Fruit of a thorny medium sized tree) in the affected area while they were eating those. The seed germinated and grew into a large tree. The tree on the donkey had so much sweet fruit that people from distant villages came to eat. In order to bring down the fruits from the tree, people pelted so many clods that they made a land on the tree.  That year, we didn’t have enough land to sow the wheat crop, so we sowed it on the land on the tree on the donkey. Wherever rain would pour, we took the donkey to the place to water the wheat crop we sowed on the land on the tree on the donkey. The wheat crop grew so well that we had to arrange labor from nearby villages for harvesting. After cutting the crop, while threshing the wheat grains out of the straws, we lost two bulls in the grains. We didn’t find those even while transporting grains to home, storing the grains at home, sorting before grinding to make flour or the process of making flour. When my wife was sieving flour for cooking, the two lost bulls were found the sieve”.

Listening to this the farmer said “this is a pure lie”. All the four brothers have been waiting for the farmer to interrupt him and loot money. They asked him to pay a Baasini and the farmer readily gave them.

Then the farmer said “I would like to tell a story, if someone will object, he will have to pay the ten Baasini”. The four brothers agreed thinking that they would never object, no matter how big lie he is going to tell.

The farmer said” The sister of the four brothers from this village is engaged to me”. All said in monotone, “Yeah, it is possible, what’s thebig deal? What should we do?”

He replied “You should marry her to me as she is yours sister”. All the brothers were bewildered and looked at each other. They never thought that they would face someone so wise who could trick them.

Then they went to discuss the situation with their father separately as they didn’t have ten Baasini in order to object to the farmer’s statement. Their father told that the person seems wealthy and wise, marry her to him. They unwillingly married their sister to him.

The farmer brought his newly married wife to home. His mother was quite surprised to see such a beautiful girl to be her daughter in law.

On the other side, the four brothers opened the Baasini they had won from the farmer and told their father about how they all have been cheated. Their father cursed them and said ”you are just losers and useless. Just stay away from him; he is cleverer than all four of you together.”

 After some days, all the brothers planned to go to meet their sister and her in laws at their home. In old days, it was tradition, after a fixed number of days of marriage the married girl’s brothers would come to meet her in laws and take her back to parental home for one day.

The four brothers went to the village of the farmer. The farmer was working in the farm and they met him on the way. They showed him a great respect and requested him to go home as his family could start cooking in time.

The farmer laughed and said “Don’t worry about the food, I will send my hare to send message to my mother” and brought a hare from the room in his farm. He held the hare in hands and told him loudly ‘go and tell my mother to cook food for 4more people’. After that he set the hare free, the hare immediately jumped into the wheat crop standing nearby and was gone.

After resting some time, they started strolling towards the farmer’s home and talked about the hare. When they reached home, a hare was sitting in the room, which was twin of the first hare and the four brothers were surprised to find it as they thought the first hare had come home and delivered the message for cooking.

The Eldest brother said “this hare is quiet amazing”. The farmer said “I can’t tell you how helpful this hare is to me. If it wouldn’t have been in my life, my life would have been very difficult as he could deliver messages while I work in farms.”

After a while the dinner was served and the four brothers talked with their sister. Their sister was unaware of the hare trick being played to her brothers and neither the brothers bother to discuss with her.

Next morning, when they were to leave, the eldest brother requested the farmer “Please give us the hare, we really need it. We would pay any amount for it”. The farmer said “It’s very costly, as very long time is required to train a hare but you can take it for 10gold coins.”

They paid him the amount and took the hare while their sister was getting ready to go with them to her parental home. Their sister got ready and the farmer saw them off.

They walked to their village together and reached on the outskirts of the village by the evening. The youngest brother suggested to rest and to send a message to the home for cooking meals.

The eldest brother took the hare in hands and said “Tell my wife to cook for fivemore people”. Then he set the hare free and the hare jumped into crops standing nearby.

Their sister didn’t know what they were doing and kept silent.  They rested on the well for a while and then went to their home. After reaching home the eldest brother asked his wife if the dinner was ready. His wife replied in a rude tone “how am I supposed to know you were coming?” The rude behavior was unbearable for him and he slapped her. She went crying to her room and his father saw the whole thing.

Their father was witnessing the whole thing and asked for the whole story. When they told him, the old man started cursing them “you are just idiots, I told you not to fall to his tricks. He is wiser than you all together. Now, just stay away from him”.

None of the women in family know what happened as in old days, women were not allowed to interfere in matter of men. After two days, all the brothers started journey to send their sister to her husband as they had promised him. No one talked on the way and all of them just kept walking. As they reached on outskirts of the village, the farmer was working in the farm and he greeted them all.

The eldest brother took the farmer aside and asked him why did he trick him? The farmer acted innocently and asked what happened, the eldest brother told that the hare didn’t reach home. The eldest son said “we thought we are related and you won’t trick us but you are just…”

The farmer interrupted him and asked him “did you show the hare the way to your home?” . The eldest son replied “No” in muffled voice and fell silent.

The farmer said “You should have shown him the way to home first, he would have been looking for your home and dogs would have hunted him down. You killed that nice hare” The eldest son felt really sorry and was ashamed that he forgot such a basic thing.

They altogether reached home and the mother of the farmer started cooking. As the four brothers and the farmer started eating, the mother of the farmer fell flat on the ground and held her breath.

All the brothers stood up and wanted to rush to check her. But the farmer told them “Don’t worry, just eat, we will see her later”.

The youngest brother said “she is not breathing, how we could eat?”

The farmer stood up and went to kitchen and bought a colorful wand with two little bells at the end. Then the farmer touched the wand at his mother’s forehead and feet. His mother started breathing and sat up calmly. The eldest brother asked her “what just happened to you?” She calmly replied that she just died but this resurrection stick bought her to life.

 The four brothers were shocked to know. The farmer said “if I die, my mother resurrects and if she dies, I resurrect her”. The four brothers were amazed and requested the farmer to give them the resurrection stick.

 Again this time, their sister was not there as she was meeting women in neighborhood.

The farmer said “I can’t give it to you, it’s really very essential for us” but all the brothers insisted. The famer agreed to give them that colorful wand for 10gold coins. They readily gave him and hid it in their satchel.

Next morning the four brothers started journey back to their home and on the way started talking. The eldest brother said “my wife is becoming very rude these days, she needs to be taught a lesson. I will cut her down to pieces then I will resurrect her”.

The other brothers also planned the same thing in order to teach lesson to their respective wives. As the four brothers reached the home in evening, the old man was not at the home. All the brothers killed their wives by cutting them down into pieces and each made a heap of pieces.

Then the eldest brother took the colorful wand and touched the heap of pieces of his wife to resurrect her but the wand was just a colorful sick and nothing happened. All the brothers tried by turns to resurrect their wives but to no use.

Meanwhile, the old man returned home and called his daughters in law to bring him a glass of water. When he received no reply, he went to the kitchen and saw four heaps of pieces of human body. The old man sat on the floor in shock and asked his youngest son how did this happens and who did it. The youngest told him the whole story of resurrection wand and this time the youngest son received a really hard slap.

The old man remained in the state of shock for some time and then told his sons to just kill the farmer as there is no way to end this. The four brothers were also furious for their loss and wanted to avenge.

The old man said “this man is better to be finished; we would marry the girl to someone else”. The old man further instructed them “Just tie him to a cot and throw him in the river”.

All the brothers immediately started the journey back to the farmer’s village. The journey took almost all the day at normal pace but the four brothers reached to the farmer’s home just before dawn.

They entered the farmer’s home stealthily and bought his cot out, on which he lay asleep. Then they tied him tightly and lifted the cot and started the journey towards river.

 As they walked, the movement of the cot woke him but by then they were on the outskirts of the village and the farmer knew that now there is no one to help.

Now he thought of trying some trick, he asked the eldest brother ‘where are you taking me?’. The eldest kept silent but the other brother said ‘to throw you in the river’.

The farmer asked him ‘why?’ then he replied ‘you have tricked us enough and yesterday you just crossed all the limits, you killed our wives’. This time even the farmer didn’t understand how did he kill their wives and he asked ‘how?’.  The resurrection wand you gave us, doesn’t works and we found that after cutting our wives into pieces.

Now the farmer was shocked by the level of their stupidity but he had to make way through this and said ‘you are just idiots, the wand just works when the body is in shape, not on chopped pieces. You should touch the wand at forehead and then toe.’

The four brothers gave a deep thought as he made a good point. But their father had told them ‘no matter what happens, you just have to throw him in river.’ So, the eldest brother said ‘anyway, we are going to throw you in the river.’

After walking some hours, the sun reached at top and their shadows shrunk to their feet. Everyone felt thirsty; they stopped near some shrubs and hid the cot behind the shrubs. The four brothers left him alone and went to drink water from a well at some distance.

 A few minutes later a shepherd reached the farmer tied on the cot. He was grazing a flock of sheep and asked the farmer why he was tied to the cot. The farmer said ‘I belong to a very rich family; they are going to marry for 5th time. They marry me to some girl and take huge amount of gold for themselves in dowry and then just leave the girl. But I’m not agreeing to this, so they have tied me to the cot.’

Listening to this the shepherd said ‘what a lucky person you are, I’m 40year old and still bachelor’. The farmer immediately said ‘just lay at my place, they are in so much hurry that they won’t even notice’. The shepherd also agreed to the proposal and untied the farmer. Then he lay on cot and the farmer tied him. Then the farmer gathered the flock and started the journey back to his home.

As the four brothers returned after drinking water, they immediately picked the cot and started the journey to the river. When they reached at the river the shepherd got to know that they are going to throw him in the river because the farmer had told him that he had refused to marry.

 As they readied the cot to throw into river the shepherd started shouting ‘I will get married, don’t throw me in… I will….’ but they didn’t listen and hurled the cot into the river waters.

In moments the cot was lost in the rushing waters of the river. Then they started the walk back to the farmer’s home and started to discuss about sharing the belongings of the farmer among them.

When they reached the home of the farmer, the whole yard was occupied by sheep flock and the farmer was sitting in the corner. They were shocked to see him alive and looked at each other in bewilderment. Then the farmer said in harsh tone ‘what kind of idiots you are, you threw me in the flock of sheep, if you would have made a little more effort, the river bed was full of horses, further there was gold & diamonds.’  

Now they thought of recovering their loss and requested him to tell where exactly the gold is on river bed. The farmer agreed to tell them. The farmer’s neighbors were porter by profession and needed a donkey for help. They also listened to the whole conversation over the wall. They also requested him to tell them that where the horses are, the farmer agreed to them also and took all of them to the river with him.

After reaching the river the farmer took some pebbles and threw one at some distance in water and said that there are sheep, then threw another little farther and said ‘there are horses’, then threw another father said ‘there is gold’ and then farthest said ‘there are diamonds’.

The porter’s wife requested the four brothers that they only need one horse so please let them take first as they would be quick. The four brothers agreed and the porter jumped into the river.

As the water rushed into his mouth and he wanted to ask for help, he made a noise like a sheep “baaaa”.

 His wife said ‘what a loser you are, what are you doing in the sheep flock?’ and in flash she also jumped into the river. 

Then they both disappeared into rushing waters of the river, the farmer said ‘damn, they must be loading the horses with gold and diamond’. Listening to this, all the four brothers jumped into the river and were gone in minutes.

The farmer returned to his home and lived happily ever after.

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