Eaten Alive (old)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A women finds herself chained up in a room with a dead body with no apparent escape, until a man bursts in and releases the women, and all she can do is ask "Are the walls moving?"

(Not finished yet)

I gaze at the cracked stone under my bare feet for what seems like days before dragging my eyes away from the ground to look at my surroundings. Water drips down the far mossy brick wall like blood, a small pool of water that had collected glistened from the shaft of light coming from a small crack in the ceiling. I look to the left this time, I see a figure in the gloom, but I know there is no point calling out, remembering the scene that had unfolded moments before I fell unconscious, a man with dark hair blood was dragged into the room by god knows what and thrown, no pulled to the wall and within seconds blood was spraying out of holes forming over his body, splattering up the wall. Most people in this situation they would have started screaming and struggling by now, but I know there’s not point, I'm chained to a stone wall, and my wrists are burning with pain. I then turn to attention to the dragging footsteps which are echoing around the space outside the room I'm trapped in. My start to panic, my mind racing.


There was a loud thud from outside the room.


The door to the room then opened with a deafening groan which split through the silence. I squint at the light to try and focus on the blurry figure. A man then came rushing over to me from the door and released me from the chains, helping me up and handing me a lighter and a bottle of what looks like a bottle of petrol with a rag stuffed into the top. I stare blankly at him in confusion until he says "At the far wall". I nod, not understanding why, but understanding nonetheless. I use the lighter to ignite the rag, which by the way it quickly caught alight, it was soaked in something flammable. Just as the man passed through the doorway I threw the bottle at the far wall, almost instantaneously creating a ball of fire, the flames rolling across the wall. I could have sworn the wall was moving when suddenly the man grabbed my arm and flung me out into the corridor and violently slammed the door shut.


I turn to him, confused, but when the end of the corridor started to move as well the next thing I knew was the blood roaring in my ears and the, what seemed like, everlasting corridors.


My bare feet soon started to throb, and I began to fall behind, the man looks back over his shoulder and grabbed my hand, before looking further back down the corridor his eyes widened, looking behind me I see a human like figure slowly moving towards us, its skin seemed to ripple in the gloomy light. I look in front of me again, hoping to see an exit, but there was nothing there other than more corridor. The next turn then took us a junction in the corridor, looking the man for a direction, all he did was shrug.


"What is that thing?" I burst out. He looks at me shaking the question off as if to say ‘Don’t ask me’ and grabs my hand again and drags me to the left, we pick up our pace, occasionally looking over our shoulders to check for the figure..


We finally grind to a halt, catching our breath. I look at him, furrowing my brow.

“Were the walls moving back there” I take a quick breath “Or am I hallucinating?”

"They’re tiny creatures – well bugs I guess?" I nod slowly "Well they can take the shape of other beings – provided there are enough of them.” There was a long pause, filled with heavy breathing. “Oh, and all they want to do is eat you alive”


"Right," I pause "So we’re screwed then?”

Submitted: May 01, 2016

© Copyright 2021 insanis. All rights reserved.

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