Too Good to Be True

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Maggie Sawyer has finally found the man of her dreams. So what is the problem?

Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016



Too Good to be True


Maggie Sawyer sat back in her chair and smiled. She loved being the center of attention. She thrived on it.  Maggie was sitting with her three closest friends in the Sunset Café describing her newest guy. Liz, Carol, and Kathleen gave their undivided attention to the excited young woman and her tale. Maggie was the most outgoing of the foursome and the other women often lived vicariously through her amorous exploits. The latest involved a man by the name of Sean Parker.

“I met Sean at the Sunset Café last month. Maggie said. “I was alone when this handsome, square-jawed man with dark hair and green eyes looks in my direction. We stared at each other for several moments, and then he gives me this smile. And not just any smile. It was a smile that said: I have to have you. At that point, I knew I had to have him too. It didn’t matter to either one of us that he was sitting with another woman because of our attraction to each other.”

“What about the woman?” Carol asked. “How did she react?”

“The woman had her back to me so she couldn’t see our flirtations.”

“Maybe she wasn’t worried about you.” A skeptical Carol added.

“Geez, Carol. Let her finish the story before you poke holes in it. Go on Maggie.”

 “Thanks, Liz. Anyway, when they were leaving, I noticed he was in a military uniform and the woman was in a soft, form fitting dress. Major, major fashion faux pas on the part of the woman because she had a big gut.

“No wonder he was checking you out.” Kathleen said laughing.

“I’m sure. Sean looked at me and said he would be back at the café tomorrow at 12:00 for lunch. I told him I would take lunch at the same time and same place too. The next day I was at the café by 11:30am. I didn’t want to run the risk of missing my mystery man. Sean arrived on time and we’ve been seeing each other ever since.”

“I can’t wait to meet this guy, Maggie,” Kathleen said.  “To hear you talk, he sounds like THE one.”

“Oh, there's no doubt.” Maggie responded. “Sean’s everything I want in a man.”

Carol was the most skeptical out of the group and she always preached caution. She knew Maggie could stretch the truth on occasions.

“What separates this guy from the countless others you have told us about?” she asked.

Maggie was only too happy give more information to her friends.

“Sean’s an honorable man who serves his country. He’s a pilot for the US Navy and….”

“So that means he makes bank, huh?” Liz interrupted.

 “I’d say the sky blue Lexus he drives means the ends are meeting quite nicely,” Maggie said proudly.

 Liz winked at her friend and said “I’m with you.  Time to lock him up, Maggie.” 

Carol was not sold.

“What’s the catch then and why haven’t we met him?”

“I told you, there’s no catch. It’s really quite simple. He has brains, looks, money, a great personality and he’s all mine. As far as meeting him, you girls just need to say the word and it will happen. You think a man like that has any fear of disapproval from my friends?”

Carol took offense to the comment.

“How can there be disapproval from someone I’ve never met? Maggie, all I’ve ever wanted for you is happiness. You’ve been on a man quest for a long time now and where has it gotten you? Fired from your job. A restraining order placed against you, and don’t forget that psychiatric evaluation you had to go through.”

Kathleen and Liz were speechless. These were painful and embarrassing memories for Maggie and they were surprised Carol brought them up.

Maggie winced.

“Why do you always have to do this? Why can’t you just be happy for me? Jsut once. Has your divorce made you so bitter that you can’t bear to see anyone else happy?”

Liz decided she had heard enough. She was not going to allow her friends to verbally tear each other apart.

 “Enough ladies. We don’t need to go where both of you are going. Maggie, we love you and we all want what’s best for you. That’s all.”

“It’s true,” Kathleen chimed in.  “We just wanna meet him. We’re all happy for you. Even Carol. Perhaps he even has a brother for her.”

This brought laughter from everyone at the table except Carol.

“If you ladies want to sit around and live in a dream world, be my guest. I won’t do it.”

Carol stood up and laid money on the table for her lunch.

“I hope I’m wrong. I really do. See you later.”

When Carol was out the door, Liz chuckled and said, “Wow. She takes skepticism to a new level.”

“She’ll be fine,” Kathleen said. “I think the divorce comment kind of hit home for her. Those wounds are still fresh.”

“I’ll apologize the next time I see her,” Maggie responded. “Everything she said was true. I made a fool out myself in the past, paid for it and now I’ve learned my lesson.” 

Liz reached out and touched Maggie’s shoulder. “Hey, you don’t have to convince us. I like to take things at face value when I’m dealing with friends and family. And as far as I’m concerned, you qualify as both. Now tell us more about that hunk of yours……”

As Carol was walking to her car she noticed a blue Lexus pulling into the parking lot of the café. The man who got out of the car was a well-built, square-jawed man with dark hair and green eyes, wearing a military uniform. Carol did not believe in coincidences so she deduced this must be the man Maggie was talking about. This was confirmed in Carol’s mind when she saw the name plate on the uniform that read Parker.

As he walked past her, the man smiled and said, “Good afternoon, ma’am.”  Carol smiled back, turned around and headed back towards the café. She felt a sense of relief.

She was going to give her friend one hell of an apology.

The square-jawed man entered the café and looked around.  It was Liz who saw him first.

“Hey isn’t that your guy?”

 Maggie’s smile lit up the room.

“Why yes it is.  I was beginning to think he’d never show.”

The man smiled as he approached the table with the three women. He continued to smile as he walked past the table and towards a woman seated in the corner. The woman rose, hugged and kissed the man passionately.  The woman was wearing a form fitting dress and she had a protruding stomach that the man rubbed and kissed as they sat down.

 They had matching gold bands on the fourth finger of their left hand.

Carol watched the scene from the window of the café. She took no joy in being right once again. Her reflection from the glass illustrated as much. She wanted desperately to go in and comfort her friend but she found her legs would not allow her to move in that direction.

Carol turned her tear streaked face from the window and walked off into the afternoon.

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