My Deepest Fear

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Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016



Have you ever been so mad before that you were calm as a quite storm? Or maybe so frustrated and overwhelmed that you couldn't calm down?? This is how I feel as I reflect on my previous relationships experiences the unapologetic moments recurred to me. Some experiences were terrible to the point where not a single soul would want to return. From physical, verbal, and emotional abuse to what the fuck was I thinking of all of my so called years of dating...I realized I AM A QUEEN! My deepest darkest fears of being not good enough has conquered my mind. As my head leaned over purposely incorrect posture my crown began to fall out of place. The sweetest touch of your companion or significant other or whom ever medium to soft hands could be threatening to your unforgiven mind. My desire for my chances to be in love such as Dwayne and Whitley from a Different World. Then I realize I am in a different world, but mine is much more unrealistic. My generation is so caught up in designer clothes, money, cars, and hoes with no aspiration or goals. But, that's just how the story goes get money and fuck hoes!!! But what about our Dear Queens? You know the ones who have a high self esteem, with goals and aspirations, don't take shit from anybody or anything, and the ones you friend zone just to keep hoes on your zone?? Yes, I'm talking about me the one you chose to ignore because I'm a goal digger and not a gold digger. It seems as if hoes get appraisal for being hoes, and queens are being bashed for having higher standards. My Queen keep your head held high like a hoe the highest pedestal of them all. Let the light reflect off your crown and let the haters bow down. 

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