Revoking Death Penality

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"Who, exactly, gives us the right to kill? If killing is wrong, then why are we allowed to kill?"

Submitted: May 02, 2016

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Submitted: May 02, 2016



In my dairy before this death sentence,

I am parched into the sickness of this crime,

If any misdeed threaten your life today,

It is not death but impassable days that will not end here,

Severities of our choice lead me here,

Always I claim this as a calamity,

Here this length of a day enrage vanity in action,

Beholders of my sight turn aside inconceivable touch,

Every human life on this valuable planet is precious, 

If this charioteer balance any impoverished vision,

May be it is a circumstance we have not made let you here,

May be it is someone’s wickedness that trapped us here,

May be it is dialect of one instigated mournful villain here,

Shortly in this sanctuary you may visit one Elysium,

A land where souls find here rest in peace,

If someone can complain a misery in this sinful choice,

Some unaccountable imperfection in this kingdom of ours,

May end the cruelty that hangout like this death sentence,

When any proven cure of any crime is a life back from its ends,

I don’t understand why any misdeed anguish this misfortune,

If our human society value every life born,

Any law of this land must respect that taking life is a sin,

Though this means a rendition outlying any final deed,

This ignominy is infamous if depraved of guilty may imprison another crime in the name of any justice,

I enrage a time never before every battled,

There are lots of people who are persecuted in the name of any crime,

When this purse before us as the death sentence,

Not wealth or riches of any justice of any nation neither can raise them from death,

If everyone can conceive this apprehension guiding a proper life for the guilty behind bars,

Any mistaken unfathomed truth must turn aside this quantum of untrue practice,

Everyone needs rehabilitation if we need to shoulder a change for the rest,

If we can revoke death sentence towards lifelong imprisonment,

Looking aside this malice for any evidence,

Will represent the greater need for our mankind,

A time when holiness of justice will landmark this choice,

For people whose life is worth to be lived healthy till end,

Howsoever this orient literally for speaking a truth,

Life is God’s gift,

God gifted this clemency,

It is benevolence of compassion we must be lenient on time,

Not ending life given for an unknown yet existing treasure,

In any name under the heaven,

May be all of us worth this assurance, :)

If all of us are serious about this good cause, worth promoting here

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