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This is a story of a lesson to by me by my late mother and only just recognised now as a mother myself the importance of the message she was trying to send

Submitted: May 02, 2016

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Submitted: May 02, 2016



As I look through the back door, into a room where my family and friends are sprawled out laughing and enjoying each others company I am reminded of a story my mother used always told me. 

She would paint a very clear picture of herself as a girl walking a huge distance every day up and down a gruelling hill on which she lived. 
Rain, wind, ice, sleet and snow is almost a daily occurrence. This made for an experience that everyday would make her feel so alone in the world. 
Then, as a young girl shivering and miserable she would pass a window. This window always had a warm glow from the fire that warmed the family within. My mother would gaze through this window and wish for nothing more than to be the young girl she saw inside. The girl in the window was always at the breakfast table surrounded by a family, so safe and loved, no way would this girl ever have to feel the loneliness that my mother carried with her like a heavy blanket on these winter mornings. 
This is a feeling that I believe my mother wanted me to experience. As a school girl myself I would battle a steep hill and less than pleasing wintery conditions and I too would look through a window. A window that showed a family eating together and being together in a house that let the warm glow of the fire encompass them like a safety blanket. 
I realise now, as I watch my own family as if I were a young girl looking in longing to be apart of something so beautiful that I am the girl in the window. I am right where I need to be and am so blessed as to have found my window and not have to feel like the girl who's on the outside looking in. 

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