Names, Tricks and Dances

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Submitted: May 02, 2016

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Submitted: May 02, 2016



Alex’s stomach suddenly erupted in a fit of butterflies. "Not now, not now,” she muttered to herself. She was so close to doing what she had looked forward to for months. She couldn’t lose it now! She gulped and tried to keep it together.

“Next up is Alex!” Alex closed her eyes and plastered on what she hoped was a fake smile. She stepped on stage… and nearly stepped back down again. ‘No’ she told herself. She wouldn’t let her stage fright stop her from performing. She walked over to the piano and sat down. Hands shaking, she placed her fingers on the keys. The piano felt so alien, as if she had never touched one before. She couldn’t remember the first chord. Everyone at the disco was looking at her, waiting for her to start, wondering why nothing was happening. Alex shook her head but the thoughts kept coming back. She looked behind her off stage at her friends, two of them waiting to come on when she cued them. Carey nodded at her encouragingly. Alex took a deep breath and started. “Head under water, and you tell me…”

Alex actually enjoyed herself. Everything went just as planned with her band and she was feeling amazing. “I will never let you down.” Alex was out of breath and exhausted from her sixth and final song that she would perform this night. She hi-fived her band-mates and hugged them, smiling the whole time. Taylor Swift music began playing in the background. Alex had had the last live performance. Her band stepped off the stage. “You guys, that was amazing!”

“I know right! This is like the best night ever!” Carey said.

Alex walked over to the food table and got a sprite. “Hey,” she turned to see Luke walking up to her. Luke was one of Alex’s classmates; they were close, but mostly just as peers.

“Hi Luke, did you like the performance?”

“Yeah, you guy were awesome. I didn’t know you could dance.” Luke got a coke and they walked over to the side.

“Well, I like dancing, I don’t think I’m very good at it though.”

“Are you kidding me? You were incredible! And I don’t know how you managed to sing and dance at the same time for five songs straight. I’d probably collapse halfway through the first one.”

“Haha, thanks.” Alex smiled.““So… I’m sorry about quitting the band. I probably should have taken things more seriously. I know performing was one of your big dreams.”

Luke had been in Alex’s band that performed tonight, he was one of the bass players. Luckily there were two. “It’s okay. I was really mad at first but I guess I a little bit hard on you. I just really wanted this.”

“I know. Will you forgive me?”

Alex pretended to think hard for a second. “Of course I’ll forgive you.” She stepped forward and put her arms around him. He returned the hug.

“So… say someone asked you out on a date… where would you want to go?”

Alex was speechless. Was he actually flirting with her? Luke was flirting with her. And she was probably making a fool out of herself by not answering. She shook her head to get any negative thoughts out. She didn’t have a big crush on him anymore. She wouldn’t care about what Luke thinks. But since someone was actually flirting with her, she might as well have fun.

“I would probably want to go to the beach in the evening, maybe for a picnic.”

“And if somebody asked you out, would you say yes?”

“That depends. If it’s somebody I hate, then of course no. But if it’s somebody that I don’t mind-”

“Then you would say yes?” Luke cut her off.

“Well, first I would ask them if it’s a dare.”

“And if they say it isn’t?”

“Then I would ask them if they’re sure.”

“And if they say they are?”

“Then I would make him promise that if I say yes, it doesn’t mean I have a crush on him.”

“And if he promises?” Luke persisted.

“Then I would make him promise that he wouldn’t tell anybody until the last hour of school. That way, I’ll make sure that it isn’t a dare because he won’t be able to tell his friends that he fulfilled it.”

“And if he says yes?”

“Then I would say yes.”

Luke nodded thoughtfully. “Would you say yes if Dylan asked you out?”

Dylan was one of Alex’s friends. Some would say that they were best friends. “If he says it’s not a dare and promises everything?”

“Of course.”

“Then I would probably say yes.”

“Would you say yes I asked you out?”

Alex was a bit surprised but she managed to hide it. “If you say you’re sure it’s not a dare and promise everything. Then…” Alex thought for a bit. “Yes.”

Luke smiled. “Well, will you have a picnic with me tomorrow evening on the beach?”

“Hmm, is this a dare?”

“No, and I’m sure it’s not.”

“If I say yes…”

“I promise not to tell anyone until the last hour of school and if you say yes, it doesn’t mean you have a crush on me.”

“Hmm… I guess… I can say yes.”

Luke smiled wider. “So. Tomorrow at the beach at 5:30 so that it’s not dark? I’ll bring everything. We can have a light dinner?”

“Sure.” Alex smiled too.

“What’s your favorite juice?”



Alex and Luke downed their cans of soft drink and then hugged again.

“Since I’m not allowed to let anyone know… I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Luke winked and walked away.

“Huh. That turned out differently than I thought it would.” Alex shrugged and went to throw away her drink can. She just landed herself a date with her crush. Luke, Dylan and their friends were standing near her. She didn’t really mean to, but she caught a few snatches of their conversation.

“I can’t believe Alex fell for it…so gullible…now we know who Alex likes.”

Alex whipped around, shocked. They were talking about her! Luke met her eyes and she thought she saw a bit of realisation in his eyes that she could hear them. He faltered as he said “I actually feel kind of sorry for Alex…”

Alex turned and ran out of the hall. She could hear Luke shouting her name behind her. She burst through the doors and ran outside.

“Stop! Alex! Wait!”

Alex turned around slowly, tears in her eyes. Then, she felt drops of water on her. It was about to rain. She started to head back for the shelter where Luke was standing. But she didn’t get there in time. The skies opened up and drenched her in water, rendering her vision useless. She sputtered and staggered to where she thought the shelter was but she couldn’t see. Suddenly, hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her out of the rain. She gasped and wiped her eyes then looked up to see Luke staring down at her. She was promptly aware of the warmth of his body next to hers, his flawless hair, his amazing eyes and his perfect height; about a head taller than her.

She was mesmerised for a few seconds that felt like eternity as she fell into his gaze. Then, she shook herself away from him abruptly, reminding herself that he had betrayed her.


“I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Please just hear me out.”

She sighed. “Fine, but this probably won’t change the fact that it was a dare, you lied to me, and I will hate you forever.”

“Maybe it might.” She snorted but he continued anyway. “There are two people nicknamed Alex in our grade: Alexander and you, Alexandra. I don’t think that you realise that we were talking about Alexander.”

“I’m just supposed to believe you now? Where’s the proof?”

“Alexander likes May.”

Alex stared at Luke in disbelief. “May as in Maybelline?” When Luke nodded, Alex laughed. “Oh my god! Are you being serious?” Another nod. “Can I tell her?”

“No! I only told you because I wanted to show you that we were actually talking about him!”

“Fine.” Alex shivered.

“You’re cold.” Luke took off his jacket and wrapped it around her, even though she protested.

“You really didn’t have to.”

“I really did.” There was a short silence. “Do you want to go back inside?”

“Soaking wet? Are you crazy? Now I’m thinking that you just want to embarrass me in front of everyone!”

“Fine then.” Luke stood up, took his phone out of his pocket and ran out into the rain, dancing around and getting himself fully wet.

“Luke wait! Oh wow.” Luke came back under the roof. “Why did you do that?”

“So that if you want to go back inside, you won’t be the only one soaking wet.” Alex opened her mouth to say something but Luke cut her off. “Actually, how about a dance?” He bent down in a low bow and swept his hand out to Alex. She laughed and took it. Luke grabbed his phone and started playing a slow dance song. Alex laughed again. He looked at her questioningly and she just shook her head.

Then, they both had the same idea and pulled each other out into the rain. With a last laugh, they calmed down and started dancing. Alex looked up into those enchanting eyes and pressed her head against his chest. It was the best moment of her life and she knew that she was right where she had always dreamed of being. Luke cupped her chin is his hand and she closed her eyes, feeling him pull her closer.

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