From Prince Charming to Knight and Shining Armour

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This written work is my testimony and based on my own experience.

Submitted: May 02, 2016

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Submitted: May 02, 2016



Before, during my teenage days, I am one of those hopeless romantic longing to be seen by someone, especially this guy who destructed my high school days. I hope that someday, I would meet my prince charming and be with him and have our happily ever after, just like what I often watch on films or t.v dramas.

During those days, I worried to be miserable because no one has ever notice me nor attracted to me, no matter what I do to make myself look beautiful for someone. I was longing for attention, longing for that guy to notice me.

But then I met the One, the One I never knew I needed. He searched me when I was looking for the guy. He noticed every deeds I made even though it's not for Him. He loved me even though I was only longing for attention. And then He make me know Him.

I came up to realize why am I doing all the thing I have done? Why did I ever look for someone's attention? While there is the One who love me not for what I did, not for who I am but for what I am and who He is.

When I met Him, I realized that the world has blinded me for what truly love is, that love is more than those I have seen in movies, that love is so great and truly powerful. That Love is He.

Now, I am completely change by the One. I don't need man's attention anymore because I am already fulfilled by His love. Even if it takes me a lifetime to meet my reality prince charming, I will not be weary because I already have my Knight and Shining Armor who has saved me from certain misery.. and His name is Jesus Christ <3

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