What is Love For Lilian Reaper

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This is what I think love is and what makes love love as well as how love works. Please enjoy, this is also based on my views of love.

Submitted: May 02, 2016

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Submitted: May 02, 2016



Love For Lilian Reaper


What is love to me? Love is the one force that is unstoppable. Love is the one thing that death does not affect and can’t affect. Love is what death fell to.


When you meet your true love or loves the both of you know right away. It doesn’t matter who or what it is, it only matters that it’s true love. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl you saw in your dreams or the guy you bumped into in the hallway, you’ll know your true love the moment you see them. True love is instant and irreversible, unbreakable even.


When your true love is the girl you saw once in your dreams you do whatever you can to find her. You become able to do the impossible to reach them. The only price you can’t pay are the ones that’ll cause your true love misery and suffering. When you do, it leaves them with a scar that can never go away. This scar will always be there but can possibly fade away. It can only fade with the help and the healing and the love of another.


I believe that it is okay to be in true love with more than one person and that it is okay for them to be in true love with more than one person. As it was stated before, love is love and nothing can stop it. Everyone has at least one true love whether it’s before death, during death, after death, or after you’ve been reborn into the infinitrity, there is still at least one person there for you to fall in love with.


I love Music, Writing, Reading, Anime, the 11 Girls I’ve only ever seen in my dreams, Fighting, Nightcore, Dubstep, Art, Drawing, Food, Cooking, Baking, Dragons, Drakens, the Unknown, Exploring, Creating, Inventing, and Mark Edward Fischbach


I might sound corny by saying this but I’m going to put it here anyway.

I believe that the best way to express your love with your true love is by sharing true love’s kiss. Or maybe a heart felt hug if kissing makes things akward at the moment...

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