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rose gets sold off by her junkie mom to a ganguro girl named toriel only to find out that rose is in more ment for something more than just a quick fix. she is the only one who can stop the 5 lords of cinder

Submitted: May 02, 2016

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Submitted: May 02, 2016



"how long has it been my dear child? I feel your lust and filth, your craving" sadly my father belial was right I haven't been able to hunt in a good three months and it was eating at the pits of my very soul, turning me into a hallow husk of a woman, like a wolf I needed of stalk and hunt my prey...sink my teeth into the neck of my victim as I watch the life fade from my preys eyes it brings my joy and bliss may it be from killing or rape its all the same to me but for me it must be done my way it must be like a work of art.
I packed what I needed to and headed out to L.A, going to the slum area's there were more than enough homeless sheep for this big bad wolf, getting out of my car I walked the streets for a good fifteen minuets only to find a mother of three children, taking a look at theme and the mother I smiled as I pulled out some meth and coke from my purse, I looked a the mother, she smiled nodding her head as she spoke "give me all that you got in your hand and fifty can take one of them for good, that one less mouth for me to feed and I get my fix...what do ya say stranger?"
I smiled at the junkie mom as I took out the cash and passing her the dope, she took it from my hands like it was food and she hadn't ate in two days as she went back into her tent getting read to shoot up and snort I looked at the cubs  and the three of them were all good but I had to pick one and with my luck the mother had some good looks so I knew one of these cubs looked better then the other and all were different ages but I loved the pale goth chubby one, she was quite yet there was something about her that made me salivate a little.
I called her over to me by clicking my tongue at her like a dog as I pointed to her,she came to me with out a fight but she came to me slow as I opened my car door letting her inside as I closed it behind her I blew a kiss to the other two kids as they just stood there giving me a look of sadness but I didn't care or those runts, I got what I need. getting in the car  I looked at her and smiled as I caressed her face she shook a little. I pulled up my skirt revealing my girlish member, the girl looked over shyly blushing with a light gasp "b-but I-I c-cant" i talked at her in a dominate tone " you will do what i say, i just got our away from your junkie mom for good so you better show some appreciation, i got you away from the bad people now you will serve!"
the shy cried as she slowly put her face near the ganguro girl's uncut pre-cum covered cock, the ganguro then took her by the back of her hair pulling it forcing her cock into the young girls throat. the girl slurped on the ganguro's member swallowing the flowing pre cum gulp after gulp  she was showing her appreciation with every moment passing she skill became better and better. "mmmmm that's a good girl. that my little rose...your rose now ya hear!?" the girl nodded her head as she continued sucking, feeling the ganguro girl's long nail up and down her back causing light trails of pain. "you keep sucking till we get home you understand me rose?
Rose nodded her head and with a muffled said yes, starting up the car the ganguro kept one hand on roses head as she drove making her keep that cock in her mouth feeling the slobber and spit made here cock that much harder as she felt roses throat choke and gag on the head of her member let out a light giggle mixed with a moan and before she knew it they were already at the ganguro's home.It was an apartment, small but livable, she then force all of her cock into roses throat making her fully choke on it, roses body was twitching and squirming tying to grasp for air only to black out seconds later.
The ganguro girl opened the car door pulling rose out of the car and over her shoulder she then took her inside her home as she then tossed her on the couch and slapped her in the face a few times to wake her up, she awoke gasping for air "Wh- What happened! where am i!?" she slapped rose in the face again "shut up little girl or ill gag you!" rose shut up for a  moment as the ganguro girl gave her some water, she stayed silent taking the cup and drinking it thankfully as the tall golden ganguro sat down lighting up a cigarette, the make up she wore on her face was beauty to yet dangerous, "Toriel is the name " she said with her feminine deep voice, rose responded "are..are you gonna kill me?" toriel scoffed and smiled "no kiddo I'm not mila,but you will serve me and do what i say when i say come!" she patted her hand on the couch  signaling her to come closer.
 toriel pulled her in holding her close "I'm  a demon you know, and soon you will be too" toriel then put rose in a choke hold and within a few seconds she was out again, she kept her on the couch with a blanket on her tucking her in and clearing middle of the floor  as she got some chalk and started to make the sigil of Baphomet into the wood floor and as she finished she then grabbed six red candles and placed them in sixteenth century Baphomet candle holders and placed them around the sigil, lighting them one at a time, as she got done with the candles she then went over to rose taking off the blanket and taking off her clothes and tossing them to the side as she dragged her into the middle of the sigil.
grabbing a goblet filled with goats blood  she poured it on roses body making her wake up choking on the blood as she chanted out "oh Baphomet our great lady i call thee baring a gift for you, take this broken girl and make her the demon she needs to be for she is damned like rest of belial's children, may this child please thee!" the lights then went out only the candles remained to light the living room floor rose then felt a cold wind wash over her body only to see Toriel laughing maniacally, rose had no idea what was going on and was scared.
 her body trembled in fear as she felt a force put her into the floor  on her back feeling the hands of the demon around her throat Baphomet slowly pressed against her throat she felt the demons claws press into her neck making blood draw as it dripped down onto the sigil, rose started to panic and Baphomet was not gonna have that, she then thrusted her snake cock into her ass nice and deep, she screamed in agony as her snake cock expanded stretching her ass open wide and with more blood leaking on the sigil roses transformation has now begun.
Baphomet pulled her member from roses ass quickly as she showed her true self, she stood above rose grabbing her by the throat again forcing her up on her feet as the demon took her claw cutting open her hand making her leak blood and forcing rose to drink making sure she gulps it down, shoving her to the floor Baphomet watches the transformation come together as toriel  passes out from her laughing fit hitting the floor not moving, rose starts feeling pain shoot up in her upper back as the bones of wings start to rapidly grow from her back screaming in blood curdling agony as the bones push out of her skin the process was slow and painful as she screamed  "PLEASE MAKE IT STOP KILL ME KILL ME PLEASE!!!"  as that was said the horns started to take shape and protrude out of her head making her body start to twitch and convulse as Baphomet pinned her on her back and held her head in place making  sure the horns grew correctly.
The wings were thick and black with feathers like a raven, they were covered in blood and lifted her an inch off the floor, Baphomet forced her on her feet again making her flap her wings as she continued to convulse, blood was flung on the walls and ceiling, Baphomet pulled rose in with a deep hug whispering into her ear "shhhh child it almost over you will become apart of a mission only you can do, the pain is all worth it my dear shhhhhh" with that said her convulsions slowly stopped but the pain  only increased as the words solve and coagula were magically  branded and inked into her arms, holding her tighter she continued to whisper "i will always be at your side, i will show ye the path but it is ye who must walk it alone for i can only help thee to a point my words shall help thee cross the village of ash for it is ye who must relight the fire to our home of hell and serve your father " she lied her down onto the sigil again, she was passed out from the pain but now it was time for her journey.
As rose awoke she saw that she was not in the home of the ganguro girl toriel she was in a stone coffin and the top was open, as she got out, in front of her was  a mirror looking at her self she saw her demon self her eyes now a deep bright shade of red, her nails black and sharp like the talons of a raptor, her canines were double the size and twice as sharp, her lips colored a deep onyx black, horns of a goat with the sigil scared into the middle of her forehead, dressed in a thief's armor and a thief's mask rose travels  to a place deep in this unknown world there were many people there she even saw toriel the ganguro girl, all were quite as woman approached her and caressed her face and whispered in her ear.
"welcomehomeashen  one"
to be continued...

© Copyright 2018 Toriel Wolf. All rights reserved.

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