Now You See Me, Now You Don't (Pt. 1)

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Well, I really have no idea why I wrote this. I guess I just got bored

Submitted: May 02, 2016

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Submitted: May 02, 2016



Why? Why did everything have to fall apart this way? I’m sitting in my window of the shelter that I’m currently living in, staring off into the dark. The night’s absolutely silent, and the only source of light is a flickering streetlight at the end of the block.


Six months ago, one rainy night, I had come here looking to start over again, or at least the best I could. Shivering, I reached up to ring the doorbell. A tall, thin, red-haired lady with the biggest green eyes opened the door. She took one look at me and immediately brought me inside. The house, for the most part, was quiet, besides the whispering of other girls like me in some of the rooms. I was led through the entrance to a small cozy kitchen.


"Please," the lady gestured to me, "sit down." She spoke with a thick Irish accent.


I didn't understand English the best at the time, but I at least knew what she was saying, so I did as she told me and sat down. She went to the stove and put a silver tea kettle on. While the water was boiling, she went into the pantry and brought out some biscuits and set some on a small glass plate. When the kettle started whislting, she poured some into two cups with tea bags. 


"Here ya go, dear," she says in a soothing voice as she sets the plate and a cup of the steaming tea in front of me, "this will help. Yer shivering and ya could get pneumonia." 


I don't exactly know how to respond, so I just smile and nod. I take the cup and sip a little bit of the warm liquid out of it. It feels so good. The lady sits across the table from me as she does the same. 


"So, what's yer story?" she asks.


I've been preparing for this, so I'd better not screw up. I take a deep breath and begin.


"My name is Mousumi. I am a run-away from India. I ran away because they were going to force me to marry and I'm only thirteen years old." I blurt out in the best I can.


I expect her to throw me back out into the cold, but to my surprise, she smiles. 


"Welcome, Mousumi. I am blessed to have a brave young woman here in my home." 


I don't know what to say. 


"Th-th-thank you," is all I manage to get out. 


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