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Submitted: May 03, 2016

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Submitted: May 03, 2016



Midday recess
on the school's sports field
Yehudit lies next to me

we're watching clouds pass by
kids over the way
play balls games

some girls in groups
chatting and laughing
you know Benny

until you came
I never watched
the sky and clouds

what did you do?
I say
just sat with the other girls

and chatted and laughed
and looked at boys
playing ball games

or about teachers
and what they did and said
she says

turning to look at me
you hear about
that English teacher

got in trouble with the law?
I say
no what teacher?

she says
that English teacher
we have or had

I say
o him
I thought he was good

and didn't he say
you'd make good writer one day?
yes that's him

I say
what did he do?
she says

took kids home
in his lunch hour
I tell her

what did he do?
don't know
but the cops

took him away
after a parent complained
about what her son said

well I never
Yehudit says
guess he won't be

teaching here no more
I say
she gazes at me

I'd kiss you
but there are
too many eyes watching

she says
later maybe
by the pond back home

I say
she smiles
yes OK

I turn and stare
at her blue eyes
and her smile

and touch her thigh
with my hand
a bell goes

from the school
loud ringing
best go

she says
see you in class

I say
watching her go off
and whisper
nice ass.

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