Anorexia and Bulimia

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A small poem about bulimia and anorexia, two of the most harmful eating disorders.

Submitted: May 03, 2016

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Submitted: May 03, 2016



Bulimia /Anorexia

By- Lauryn Hall

I am wasted, losing time,

I'm a foolish fragile spine

I don’t care what it takes or where I have to go.

I want to be skinny, I want a weightless soul.

Scars locked upon my wrist.

Eyes glazed over,a simple glist.

Imperfections, I've been told.

A heart so vacant, and forever cold.

Knees down on the floor.

Fingers in, bleeding sores.

Tear stained eyes and my hair pulled back.

The food remains aren’t the only things I lack.

Almost dying, but it feels great.

Waiting for perfection isn’t worth the wait.

Holding my breath, I can’t smile.

These results better be worth my while.

Looking for a little light.

Mia, Ana, give me the insight.

What do I have to sacrifice?

Other than a bloody wrist and a silver knife?

I’m crazy and unsafe.

Mind the blood and the hate.

Eyes full of hurt and a mouth full of lies.

Anxiety and panic pulled together at the ties.

Give me something that makes sense,

In life's awful state of early pretense.

Chapped lips and venomous sips.

Off with a tip, sly cuts on my hips.

The bathroom is my happy secret place.

All I am to you is just another ugly face.

Skip a few meals, skip a few pounds.

Invisible I am, hiding in the background.

The mirror is my enemy, she only tells the truth.

Buddy buddy with Ana, she is taking away my youth.

I don’t eat and I don’t sleep.

I’ll crawl on the ceiling and weep while I sleep.

Nothing tastes sweeter than size zero.

Fat free and sugar frees are my sinister heroes.

I could be the subject of a sickening dream.

I could kiss a flowing red blood-filled stream.

BIg black wings, colorful red lipstick.

Play me like a videogame, a fearful joystick.

The angel of death and a kiss to slide by.

A whimsical experience, death to keep me high.

Hold me with your cold hands and caress my careless skin.

Forgive me not, lovely, for I have made an unforgivable sin.

Touch our lips together, and heal my bleeding sores.

Let my hair down, The world will soon have open doors.

Give me back my youth, and give me back my time.

Bulimia and Anorexia poems shouldn’t have to rhyme.

Take me to my coffin where I will die of my mistakes.

Natural disasters take over, a devastating earthquake.

A tear sliding down my cheek and as I reach remorse.

Keep me under the silence, hold me down with force.

With a heart that’s beating at the speed of light.

I’ve been waiting for this moment all of my life.

A need to come back, a will to live again.

A healthy body and intellectuals to maintain.


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