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Poems from Love

Submitted: May 03, 2016

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Submitted: May 03, 2016



The temperamental conclusion today is that people have been led astray. The story in life is that many have strife as this is the cause and effect as they are to live pain free in Me. The capable trial that all have seen  is how consuming it is for those who are not free. To be free is to live without limits knowing the plan of God is impermeable like a tree; as there are many levels depending on what you see. Let the eyes of all be open and ready to receive for all who  believe what is written today will only experience great care and guidance as they are quiet and never led astray unless they turn on this path to another way. For the secret that many do not know is  that evil is subtle that you may not notice the fall until you hit so hard that you did not see for this is the enemies great strategy. A quiet enemy is about to strike waiting for opportunity to take you out when the timing is right. What lurks around for generations to be is the way he looks at thee. What is the weakness what is the bait that one will take for this is the thought for the end result is sought to have people speak only what they see and adding confusion with complaining too for this is what has made a difference for you.  If the plan is successful  today all will listen to the lie that is a negative report believed by thee. This is the first step in trapping some of the best who think they are smart and will pay back what has been lost. The idea is to recall that vengeance is mine in Romans 12:19 so if you strike you are out of line. I assure you my plan is best for are only to rest in Me not jumping from tree to tree for in Me you will see clearly.

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