True Love

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Submitted: May 03, 2016

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Submitted: May 03, 2016




Seema sitting on her seat was looking outside through the window of the train. She was returning home after visiting her relative. The train stopped at a small station and after a minute or two started again. She was alone in the compartment. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep. Hearing the sound of steps and opened her eyes and found a well familiar face in compartment. Filled with surprise she said in low voice, “oh! You Suresh”

Suresh remained silent for a moment and answered, “yes, I.” After a pause she asked, “How are you? Where are you going?”

“I am fine. I am going home. And how are you?” Seema uttered.

“I am Fine.” He gave short answer.

Both of them looked at each other for a moment. Seema then lowered her eyes. He began to look at other direction. They have nothing more to say. After a few minutes she said, “What are you doing and what do you live?”

Suresh looked at her and answered, “Nowadays I am living in Delhi and manager in the same company. I am going home.”

Seema told, “And what about wife and children?”

“She passed away last year. She died in car accident. I have a son named Ajay. He is six years old.” Suresh replied.

“Oh! I am so sorry.” She uttered.

After that conversation both of them became silent. The train was running at its top speed. Both of them lost in the memories of their past days.


**CHAPTER  2**


Someone, someday, somewhere would meet her and will marry her as was her thoughts about her marriage and future. She was used to alone in the life for being unmarried for a long time and having a very few social contacts. She was not much interested in her marriage and family life but sometime a sudden surge in her physical demands forced her to think so.

She belonged to a middle class broken family and spent her childhood among quarrels among her family members. She was a neglected child. No one gave her proper attention.  Her mother was not much interested in providing motherly affection to her children. Her father was addicted to alcohol. So she along with her two siblings was free to adopt the way of life.

After completing her college education, she somehow found out a job. The earning from the job was sufficient to fulfil her all present and future requirements. After finding job, she felt herself happy because she was now far away from her quarrelsome parents and other family members.

Years had been passed. All her friends got married and settled. She never took interest in getting married because she was acquaintance with and evidence to the life of her parents and she thought that married life means quarrel and bitter relation with someone.

But sometimes the notion of her being a social animal prevailed on and she began to think of getting a male companion for her. At that moment she found herself helpless for nobody was available to help her on this matter.

After remaining in such a helpless condition for years she began to believe in accidently meet with someone on the way of life who would accept her.


Mr. Suresh was a reserve natured person working in a multinational company as a manager. He was unmarried. Suresh never thought seriously about his family life or being married to a girl. He was not so handsome that he could attract the girls. He was of such a looks that distract the girls.


She met with him in a marriage party given by their common friend. The organiser of the party introduced Suresh with her. As both of them came alone in the party and had no other familiar person to talk to, they liked to remain together in the party. They took dinner together. They talked about each other over the dinner. After that their first meeting they were feeling attracted towards each other.  

Soon Suresh arranged meeting with her. In the meeting she did not take much interest in Suresh and did not show her attraction towards him. She loved him but she was afraid of something. One day Suresh proposed her for marriage. She found herself disabled to accept the proposal. It was her past which was preventing her from accepting her love.

She took a long time to come out of the shell of introversion caused by her sorrowful past. Finally she accepted his proposal for marriage. She was very happy to find someone in her life. Life seemed to her filled with colours of love. She spent many evenings with him dreaming their future.

For her misfortune, Suresh’s parents did not accept her as their daughter-in-law. They said that she did not belong to respectful and good family. His parents were aware of her family history. They convinced their son to not marry her.

Suresh had to marry with that girl. After marriage he had removed Seema from his life.

Seema was now alone finding herself disabled to forget Suresh. She felt sorrow for her past, for her being come of broken family. She was still unmarried. Many times she felt a strong urge for someone in her life but the time to get someone had been gone. She was spending her rest of the life in aloneness. Nobody was to share the ups or downs of the life.

In this way years had been passed. Now she was a spinster.  She bought an apartment in her home town and began to live alone in the apartment. She employed a maid to do household. She confined herself within the apartment and did not like to go out of the house except going out for job.  After duty hours, she remained in her home. She had no friends to visits and no social life to live.

On the other hand, Suresh was of reserved natured person. He was the single child of his parents. He spent his childhood and adulthood in the strict discipline of parents. After completing his college education, he got a job in multinational company with attractive salary. For the first time when he saw Seema, he got attracted towards her and fell in love with her. It was hard for him to marry a girl other than Seema. He could not go against the will of his parents. He never forgave himself for not marrying Seema and leaving her alone. Even after marriage, he could not forget Seema. Seema had always a special place in his life. After the death of his wife, he was alone with his only son.

** CHAPTER 3**

Both of them never thought of meeting again in this way and in this situation. Train stopped at a station. Coming out of her thoughts, Seema looked out of the window and called a station canteen’s vendor for water. Suresh told her “he will not come. I will have to go.” He went to the canteen and bought the bottles of water. Before his returning the train had started. She got worried about him and began to look out of the window and found himself running along the train, he increased his pace and get in the train successfully. When he entered the compartment, she felt relief and gave him a smile. He was panting but he managed to smile in response.

This exchange of smiles broke the ice. He asked with hesitation, “What is your husband and children.”

She replied, “I am unmarried.”

Suresh asked, “Oh! Why? ” she remained silent.

He asked, “What do you do?”

She said, “The same previous job in the same company. My life is like stagnant water. There is no flow.”

He told, “I am responsible for this. I gave you sorrow. Forgive me if it is possible for you.”

Looking at him she told “I don’t think so. One comes in this world with one’s destiny. Even if you did not come in my life, I would be still the same; alone and unmarried. Please don’t feel guilty.”

She paused for a while and wiped her tears. She said in low voice, “actually it was only you who gave me love and happiness. The moments I spent with you are the best moments of my life.”

He was moved. He felt strong emotions for her.

A waiter interrupted their conversation and asked for the order of the meal. Suresh gave order for lunch.

Both of them were taking their lunch silently. “Suresh” she called. He raised his head and looked at her. She moved a spoon filled with food towards his mouth to feed him. He smiled and opened his mouth. She began to feed him.


After lunch Suresh asked her, “What about your future? You have to face several problems in your old age if you remain alone.”

She thought for a while and asked, “All will happen as per my fate. Pairs are made in the heaven. I came alone in this world and will go from this world alone.”

He told, “Take it seriously. Would you like to give me another chance? I mean would you like to marry me?” He looked at her seriously and remained silent in order to know her reaction. She was looking at him. He asked, “Please give me answer. Don’t take it otherwise. I still love you.”

“I too still love you.” Said she and moved her hands toward him. He held her hands. She lowered her head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “From now you are mine. Your wish is mine wish. I am with you on all the ways of life.”


In evening they reached their destination. 

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