Who Is She?

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This is a poem dedicated to mothers especially those who go above and beyond to inspire, uplift, and show graciousness.

Submitted: May 03, 2016

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Submitted: May 03, 2016



She’s quiet but deadly if need be

When it comes to protecting her family

You will see a side you’ve never seen

Most mothers know exactly what I mean

Always a smile on her face

Her presence is always full of grace

Never involved in drama or conflict

But step to her wrong and you will get hit

Don’t mistake her kindness for being weak

Gracious enough to not deal with you and still speak

Keeps her business, her relationship, and finances to herself

Chills with a few close friends but is mostly to herself

Doesn’t go out of her way to seek attention

She doesn’t need to- her natural beauty will always be mentioned

Adored for her kind heart

Admired for being street smart

Celebrated for not being afraid to show GOD love

She’s never ashamed to send praises above

Truly someone to be admired

Because her caring soul and kindness will never be expired

Her legacy is more than her beauty

Her legacy is that her demeanor is being about the Kingdom’s duty

Cause only a child of GOD could be so unselfish

And only a child of GOD could be blessed with so much and could careless

But would rather focus more on uplifting others

And celebrating and complimenting all of the other good mothers.


Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!


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