Late Nites Pt. 2

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Pt. 2


After dinner with the boys, I proceeded to lay down with remote in hand.  My feet and back were very thankful.  Being a single mom isn’t an easy job but it’s one I am proud to take on.  My boys mean more to me than they may ever know.  As I’m looking for Seinfeld on the guide my phone began to vibrate.  I had a message from Terrance.  A couple days earlier I had posted a pic that said “Do one thing every day that makes you happy”.  So he wanted to know my one thing that I had done.  I thought that was too cute.  What’s better than a man that pays attention?  Since my life is pretty boring all I could say was “cooking makes me happy!”  He asked me what was on the menu.  I gave him the short list but I didn’t get a response back the rest of the evening.  This next morning I felt the need to send him a message and offer him my cell number.  The FB thing was cool but I figured texting would make life a little easier.  His response was “thank you”.  He’s not going to give me his? Wow. Ok. Was I being too forward?  I just wanted the conversations to be more convenient!  Oh well, I thought. Hopefully he didn’t take it the wrong way.  About a month goes by with no phone call, text or FB message alert.  I caught a couple of his post on FB and he was apparently going through some rough times.  I sent him a message to remind him that he can call me anytime he needs someone to talk to. Just to know that someone is concerned about you can make troubled times a bit easier to deal with.  He replied “I just may take you up on that. Sometimes I just need a hug”.  That made my heart melt. I assured him that at times we all need that.  “Ice cream helps too!”  I said.  He laughed, we exchanged a few more messages and said good nite.  The following day my kids wanted to spend the nite at my mom’s so I was free at last!  I made the braggadocios announcement about me being alone for the night on FB and shortly thereafter my phone starts flashing.  It was Terrance.  He said he was coming to get that hug he needed.

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I am going to need you to continue writing.

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