The Story of an Unfortunate Dragon

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A short fan-fiction story happening prior to the events of Hobbit, telling us how Smaug became evil.

Submitted: May 03, 2016

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Submitted: May 03, 2016



The Smaug or The Story Of An UNfortunate Dragon

Fire. That was all the people of Dale could see. This was the day they have been attacked by the Smaug, the fire drake of the old, the legendary dragon of the land beyond. Pain, suffering and death was the only thing that was present in the fallen city. People tried to stop him, but no one could. Even the mythical black arrows which were supposed to slay the beast failed. Dale stood in ruins, the mountain of Erebor was captured and occupied by the fire breather. People who survived, fled the town because everyone knew that the dragon will guard his treasure until his own death and no one even the Sauron himself, will not make him abandon his newly acquired gold. That is the story of the fall of the Great Mountain of Erebor and the city of Dale. Smaug brought sorrow and desolation to those places. He was fire, he was death.

A thousand years before, when the stars on the dark night sky were brighter and the blue moon shone brightly upon the earth, the dragons were larger in their numbers and much kinder in their nature. The fire-breathers were peaceful and were friends with humans. Goblins hated the flying kin, because the kept stopping them from attacking the innocent. That was the time when Smaug was born.

He was a son of the dragon king Alung and his wife Saphire. When the prince started being taught how to fly and breathe fire, his mentor was blinded by the Sun reflecting in the young dragon’s fiery scales. By the age of ninety (very young for a dragon), Smaug had learned the most advanced  flying techniques you could even imagine. He was a fierce opponent for every beast and human alike, even his own father.

One day, Smaug was summoned by the Alung. The king started to talk.

  • Son, it is time for me to tell you the secret. When you were born, I heard the voice of the ancient dragon Shrulduin in my head. ”You son will be the one who will bring the piece on the whole of earth and there will be no war again. For this he must travel to the Mountain of Knowledge and retrieve the five Dragonstones, they will give the dragons power to keep the peace in this lands forever.


  • Father, why me?


  • It was not for me to choose. Go!


And so, the great fire-drake embarked on the journey that will change the lives of all creatures and his own life forever.


Meanwhile, the goblins gathered in the dark, gloomy cave to create an evil plan. They were fed up and tired of dragons, who kept stopping their raids and saving their victims. They kept talking and talking about the nasty things that they could do to the dragons,untill their wile arch mage came up with a cunning plan; he knew about the old prophecy and offered to corrupt the Dargonstones, so they will corrupt Smaug and, further on all the dragons. All the goblins applauded, because the plan was so sneaky and sly. The poor Smaug knew nothing about this secret meeting and there was nobody to warn. His normal life was coming to an end.


After 3 days, Smaug arrived to the mountain. He walked to the Northern edge of the giant rock and said the words his dad told him has told him: “I am Smaug, son of Alung king of the skies, son of Odaviir, king of Below and Above. I came here to claim the Dragonstones of our ancestors to bring peace to this world.” The Mountain heard him and opened its doors. Smaug came into the great hall and touched the corrupted stones. Everything inside his mind went blank. He could see, hear or feel nothing. Corruption got inside him and started to settle down.


That night many villages were set on fire and robbed of anything precious the fire-breather could find. Rings, goblets, necklaces, everything was taken by the mad dragon, people died, but he did not seem care. But, after the fifth village, the old Smaug took over and not remembering all the pain he caused flew back to his father with the cursed stones.


-I see you have returned with the stones, my son. You did a good job. Did you meet any trouble on your way?


-No, father, the area around and inside the mountain was totally empty. I haven’t seen a bird or a mouse or a goblin.


-This seems strange, I have heard that five villages not far from the peak were violently burned and sing villager was murdered. I think that was one of our enemy’s deeds.


-Strange, I never saw a single light. Now I will get myself some rest.


The king became suspicious, but said nothing f it to his descendant. Instead he descended into the pool of deep thoughts.


During the next year Smaug kept destroying the towns and spreading sorrow across the land in the night time. In the light hours he was usual Smaug that helped people and kept gobbling away. This carried on for a long time. Alung was puzzled greatly by these occurrences, but could not think about anything that could cause them, since goblins were to weak to cause such a destruction. On the late December night, Smaug’s corruption has reached its peak. He knew that one day his father might cease his treasure and claim it for himself. So, when his father resting, the corrupted had assassinated the king and ceased the throne and all the Alung’s treasure for himself.  Smaug never became sane again. All he felt was greed. Then all the other dragon became corrupted becuase of the cursed stones, one by one, until all of them were like their leader, greedy and ruthless. People fled from those land. The desolation arrived. The golden age came to an end. 

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