Insanity v.s. Normality

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A poem about a little girl with mental health issues that lives in a facility for the mentally disturbed. Her therapist st soon becomes just as diseased as the little girl is and soon realizes why the girl acts the way she does. This is a deep piece of writing containing evidence of pain and hurt from mental health problems.

Submitted: May 03, 2016

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Submitted: May 03, 2016



Insanity v.s. Normality/Lauryn Hall

How are you?

Speak from your heart.

Are you still masking your secret art?

The words you speak, are they true?

Do you still hear the voices inside of you?

Would you let me wonder inside your mind?

Well, if only you coulf figure out the time.

The time it takes to explain yourself,

and why you haven't accepted anyone else.

The world you once knew, with it's creatures, illusions and more...

Doesn' t treat you so great anymore.

Why do you speak to the mirror and why can't you accept what you've come to know?

Is this all in your head, or may I watch the show?

May I listen to your secrets and stand in the eye of your world?

May I become friends with you, insane vibrant girl?

Yes, the onw with the straight jacket and crooked little smile.

The one who is trapped between white tiles.

May I endure the pictures you draw and the words you create?

May I burn and persecute the ones that you hate?

I'm beginning to see the broken down walls of your society.

I could fix them up for you, clearly but silently.

The world I've come to know isn't happiness, joy, and more..

The world doesn't treat me so great anymore.

No one understand, of course they don't.

They say we've gone mad, but no, we won't.

What you have taught me is something to stay up late with.

Something you said that I once believed was a myth.

You tell me secrets, that you're chasing clarity.

What are you saying? Are you underminding my sanity?

Please don't touch me, no, I won't stay here with you!

I won't put on that jacket and I won't tell you who!

The girl in my head is my only friend.

Her and I can still reach the bit of light at the end.

Stop, don't tell me I'm crazy, unstable, or dazed.

I'm stubborn as a mule, mothing I believed has fazed.

You've taught me to scream silently.

You've taught me to train violently.

We are perfectly sane.

No longer are we pained.

Are world is plain.

But we are maintained.

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