Bottled mind

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Submitted: May 04, 2016

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Submitted: May 04, 2016



I’m throwing heavy bottles to the sky

They’re not empty for I have filled them

With the air from my lungs

I do not know where they will fall

Sometimes they’ll dig holes

In the safest grounds

And once they break, they

Will send my message to the sky

If you want to, you’ll breathe

Them in

But you’ll probably cough

Them out

And if you don’t let them in

They will stick to your hair

This polluted air

Poisoned by my thoughts, I fear

Will spread the Darkness

Of my soul on this restless,

Breathless world

And my thoughts will spread

Like a disease in your brain

You will plead,

You will pray,

But isn’t that what you asked for, friend?

I put the bottle down

And keep that air inside my mouth

And I watch yours open

To form the words:

“I want you as my friend”

And I smile, you take my hand

“Will this nightmare ever

Come to an ending?”

I think to myself,

“I’m tired of pretending”

But I smile, you take my hand

Let the lies begin, I found a friend

I’m throwing empty bottles to the sky

Cos the air won’t leave my lungs

Let the lies begin,

I will be your end.

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