Death Collides

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You never know when your time is up. The universe… it has a way of knowing. It works to create a livable reality for people the moment they take their first breath of oxygen when escaping the womb of their mother, and it brings doom onto those with death being their fate in the long run. Everyone dies, but how is the question no one can seem to answer. There’s disease. Murder. Natural causes that affects a being from the inside, out. There’s other complications, as well. Lists, and lists of ways to die, even in the most gruesome, and tragic of all. Tragedy. It’s a word that fits reality perfectly. Death knocks upon someone’s door every second of everyday, and once it finds it’s victim, there’s no giving up. Once you've been picked to meet the Devil, that’s exactly what your fate is going to be.

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Under the grey clouds that makes up the afternoon sky, rain poured down upon the city of Aspen, Colorado. The roads were wet, and slippery; causing old people to drive much slower than what they are presumably known for, and giving the speedsters a scare for their life as they hit a spot that sends them in a different direction than what they were aiming for. With the December air creating a thin sheet of ice to cover the roads, it was a trap for those that dared to battle against Mother Nature.


There was laughter that rang through the air; escaping the lips of thirty-year-old Hana McCormik as her boyfriend of two years joked about their upcoming vacation. Skiing. It was an activity they had wanted to experience for many months now, and had only found the time, and money to do so this weekend, within the mountains of Aspen, Colorado; a very popular resort town known for skiing, and other recreational activities.


With the rain pouring down from the sky, it made it difficult to see through the windshield. Hana kept her foot lightly on the gas pedal; pressing down every so often to keep her SUV going at an average speed down the road. Trees surrounded the narrows streets, and with the dimly lit sky above, it made it hard to notice others coming from around the sharp turns.


“Maybe you should slow down a bit,” Matthew threw out there; his laugh now dying out as his body relaxed against the leather passenger seat.


Hana couldn’t help but grin a little in amusement. “I’m going 30mph already, babe. Calm yourself.” It was rare that he allowed her to drive, and after annoying the hell out of him back at the hotel they stayed in last night, Matthew had finally gave it; tossing her the keys, and allowing his fiancee to get behind the wheel of the SUV. “It’s not like I’ve never driven before.”


Her fiancee snorted with that comment. “Sometimes, I wonder, though. With your bad driving.”


“Hey! I am not a bad driver,” she stated; a hand leaving the steering wheel to swat at his arm with an audible slap ringing through the air.


“Then keep your hands on the wheel, and eyes on the road, you psycho.” Another laugh filled the car due to Hana’s actions. “We have another hour to go, and I want to get there without any complications.”


A frown crossed the woman’s lips then in a pouting fashion. “Am I really that terrible?”


Silence surrounded them for only a moment, before Matthew’s deep voice resonated the air. “Let’s just say you can be a bit better. You’re a woman. Bad driving skills are your forte.” He held a twinge of amusement within his words as he looked towards Hana; still carefree as ever. Noticing the frown upon her features, Matthew let out a small sigh; a hand reaching over to rest on her jean-covered thigh. “Doesn’t make me love you any less, though.”


The feeling of his hand on her thigh made a shock of electricity to course through her petite body, which also brought that captivating smile of hers to her lips. “I still can’t believe we are getting married this Spring,” she spoke; reliving the romantic proposal within her mind. Flowers, and an elegant dinner at one of the five-star restaurants back home. Matthew getting down on one knee, and stating he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. How else could she say no? There was no resistance, or hesitation. The moment that diamond ring slid onto her finger, she jumped into his arms, where she would happily be until the very end.


“Well, it’s gonna happen,” he stated; his famous crooked smile taking over those soft lips of his. “And it’s gonna be amazing.”


With his words, Hana took her hand off of the steering wheel; fingers now entwining around his, where both hands now rested upon her thigh. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.” No, she wouldn’t. Her gaze left the road for a fraction of a second; emerald hues meeting resonating baby blues, before the sudden sound of tires screeching caught their attention.


Instantly, Hana noticed the jeep heading their way; hydroplaning, and losing control before suddenly hitting them from the front. The sudden impact sent them both back; their heads coming in contact with the back of the leather seats with a very hard hit that sent a shock of pain through Hana’s body which made it’s way up and down her spine. A cry passed her lips, before it was interrupted by another sound of breaks locking, and tires screeching against the wet asphalt from behind.


The beeping sound pierced the air; vibrating the entire SUV just as the front of the truck made contact with the back of their car; sending them forward with a spin. Due to the impact, it sent the SUV down the side of the road; into a ditch, where the front bumper stopped with the help of a couple trees.


Grinding metal. Glass shattering. It was all that Hana could hear ringing against her eardrums, before her hands came to rest on the tree branch that had crashed through the windshield, and made it’s way through her abdomen. She felt the unbearable pain take over; a piercing scream, laced with cries for help, soon filled the SUV. Matthew - whose head was bleeding uncontrollably - was now unconscious against the dashboard. Hana could hear the screaming, and yelling from the road, before the sound of shuffling feet approached the SUV. It was just a matter of time before two male strangers came from either side of the car. Questions, upon questions going over her head as the pain made it too damned difficult for her to listen.


‘There’s no pulse. He’s dead.’


‘Ma’am, I am calling for an ambulance. Stay with me.’


‘Dammit, Ryan. How the fuck is she gonna get outta this?’

Before Hana knew it, her world was becoming black. Their voices sounded as if they were in the distance, despite being right next to her. The pain… it ceased gradually, as her breathing became shallower by the second. It wasn’t long until her heart stopped beating, with Matthew being the last thing on her mind before death collided with reality.


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Submitted: May 04, 2016

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A very sad story that was very powerful, very descriptive, and filled with emotion.

Thu, May 5th, 2016 3:02pm


Thank you! (:

Thu, May 5th, 2016 8:04am


Well that's my story not winning anything. In this story I see that you have had a complete career change when it comes to the direction of writing you are doing now, and now it allows you to show off all of your talent to the most beautiful extreme. You only did romance before, and that limited your ability, so it's great to see you have spread your wings.
This story is a metamorphosis of your change in writing. The beginning is sweet, innocent romance. Lovers wanting to be on that beautiful holiday. The ending is the tragedy you write about now. You got the emotions out of both genres and made them as one, into a tragic beautiful story.
You have found your sanctuary now when it comes to writing. I love how sweet and tragic this is at the same time.
This is a wonderful little story, and I admire the phrases and wording you have used to make it poetic.

Thu, May 5th, 2016 10:25pm


Thank you so much for reading, and giving me feedback, love. (:

Thu, May 5th, 2016 3:34pm


Very sad and very well described. It made me want to help them or change the ending to where they survived haha. But at least they died together holding each others hands:)

Sat, May 7th, 2016 1:17am


Yes(: Thanks for reading.

Fri, May 6th, 2016 9:53pm

Oleg Roschin

Oh my God, I can't believe I missed this during the contest. This made me cry. So touching, and so powerfully and intensely written. Superb pace and shaping of the story, great balance between descriptions and dialogue... Everything is so heartfelt, loaded with genuine emotion... This has instantly become one of my favorite short stories on Booksie. Wonderful job, truly wonderful!

Tue, May 17th, 2016 7:31am


Thank you so much!(:

Tue, May 17th, 2016 12:38am

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