They all come to supper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
creepy short story

Submitted: May 04, 2016

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Submitted: May 04, 2016



Standing in silence as a cold angry wind swept around my body sending chills up and down my spine

I had a splitting headache and my stomach felt like I ate nails for supper

I heard a loud bang from the cabin

And I knew I was next

I took off running through the woods I didn't care where I was running to

just how far I could get away from the cabin with the man inside with the crooked grin and gaunt face with sunken grey eyes to match

His face will haunt me forever

That made me run even faster

It started to rain now making it even harder to run but if it became tougher for me wouldn't that make it tough for him too?

I couldn't know that for sure so I picked up the pace even more I kept on going even tho my lungs burned and my legs begged for me to rest I didn't

It would be long while before sunrise

I looked behind me and saw no one

I bet he is waiting for me to rest and right as I do he will slit my throat

Again no way to be sure so I kept on running

I saw something in front of me

Not sure what I was seeing so I kept moving closer until I made out a silhouette

I slowed down and then it became clear it was him his grey eyes shining with a sick joy to see me his crooked grin even wider than before "hello" he sang to me echoing all around me "hellooo"

I was so horrified I couldn't run or move

He sang out to me again "you should have rested you should have hide. They all run right to supper right to super they run."

His grin growing even wider and somehow he was getting closer to me his feet not even moving.

He sings to me once more "Its time for super"

His grin widens to reveal his razor sharp teeth. Knife and fork in hand.  

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