Never to give in - Nor allow...

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Submitted: May 04, 2016

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Submitted: May 04, 2016




I’ll never give in nor allow

Myself to be treated how

You have continued to do

Efforts mean nothing now

I’ll never give in nor allow

Anyone of you to judge me

Nor emotionally blackmail

My son will always be my son

Turning him against me will fail

If only I could give you a taste

Of your own attitude and haste

For you to remotely even feel

This whole strife you caused me

And constantly continue to do so

Cleverly provoking my senses

Then wondering why I go?!

Why I cannot stay to be accused

I AM the one who is being abused

Just because the world doesn’t see

Any physical marks or bruises on me

I have never claimed sympathetically

To be the victim nor made out to be

Giving everyone a reason to blame me

Let it be known I have nothing to hide

I am not doing anything wrong despite

Your constant accusations and disbelief

I can no longer expect the truth from you now

Or understand why you destroyed us & how

Just remember this as my final plea

I’ll never give in…nor allow. 

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