Mothers' Days

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This poem is for all who have a mother in heaven. In memorandum with love and gratitude to Helen Ann Marshall. Your memories and all of the laughter will live within me forever.

Submitted: May 04, 2016

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Submitted: May 04, 2016



This time of the year all I see are Mother’s Day flowers 

 And my tears are flowing like hot showers

For I cannot hand my mother a big beautiful bouquet

And wish her a Happy Mother’s Day

Instead I place my flowers atop her grave

And silently relieve all the memories of her that my heart has saved

And think of all of the different ways

I would express my love to her if she were still with me these days

I wonder if I did enough when she were here

My heart aches just to see her standing near

Just one last embrace

Just one more sight of her beautiful smiling face

How I wish I could once again hear the distinctive sound of her laughter

Never once did I think my mom and I wouldn’t have a happily ever after

Never once I did think I would see her so weak

Never once did I believe her fiery soul would no longer speak

The looks she gave me when I was wrong

The gentleness she showed me when I needed help being strong

The familiar presence that just made everything better

Now all I can do is put all of the things I want to say in a letter

That she will never read

But I write one every year on this day because it’s what my heart needs

My heart knows what I wish I could say

And although writing it down doesn’t take the pain away

It keeps me going another year, another Mother’s Day

Mom I miss you so much

I would give anything for one last touch

And although I know heaven awaits

It doesn’t stop the heartache

I love you even more

Than I ever did before

You being gone has made me a believer that absence makes the heart grow fonder

And the reason you had to leave so soon I will always wonder

But on this day I am comforted and full of peace

Knowing your memories can never be deceased

Mother’s Day tributes are a thing of the past

But memories of all of Mothers’ days will forever last.

© Copyright 2018 Cindy Dancy. All rights reserved.

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