Element Earth & it's entire entity

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If they once were worthy of your love that is enough to equal the entire world and all its elements!

Submitted: May 04, 2016

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Submitted: May 04, 2016



Never compromise yourself. You must never look at the one you love and view them as a burden on your personal growth as it does not help anyone in the grand scheme of things. Resentment has no place in the lives of any man/woman as resentment is the spite of self and dwelling disappointment in your own decisions that were born from weakness. If pity, self-righteousness and ignorance mask themselves with delusion in order to ‘save’, ‘rescue’, ‘change’ or ‘teach’ another then you are bound to diminish yourself in the pursuit of an unachievable goal.

Frail fiction forged feelings are not productive. We were not put on this earth to guide the gutless, teach the thick or shelter the stupid. Care is the conspiracy of the conceited.

Before life as we know it to be today man was once known to be the creator of fire! To most of us fire is the element perceived to be the most harmful to us and it is not one that we use in every day modern life. Not like AIR, we need air to breath. Earth, well that’s obvious. Water, again… obvious. But fire not so much. But I think that fire it the most vital element to not only our existence but the entire planet! Without the Sun earth would just… no one really knows but I’m going to guess it wouldn’t be good!

See now I think that love is a lot like earth in many ways and it is what most of us live for (Not me, just for the record) Family is like water, I know they say blood is thicker than but let’s not nit-pick! Life is like air due to the fact we consume it and when it’s gone so is life. Last but certainly not least, self… that is FIRE!

The importance of keeping that light ignited within yourself is panicle to your survival. Without it a person can lose all that connects them to every other element. Your inner fire is what unites you and it is the light that you shine is what attracts the earth (love) to you. The brighter the fire the stronger the Earth (love).

Over time a fire can extinguish and if the light goes out the earth dies. But a fire does NOT extinguish if it sees another smoke into darkness! All that is needed is the whisper from the Air (life) and help from what’s left of the Earths (loves) resources. Just a bit of coal to engulf the soul with flames to forge a future.

If they once were worthy of your love that is enough to equal the entire world and all its elements!

By LJ Ralph

© Copyright 2018 LJ Ralph. All rights reserved.

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