The Secret's Something

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There is a fine line between hating someone, and falling in love. Both give you emotions that are out of your control.

Submitted: May 05, 2016

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Submitted: May 04, 2016



Thump, thump, thump, the beats of her heart getting rapidly fast her. The crease of her brow tightening as a drop of sweet tracks its way down her face before its drops from her chin. The short pants, creating puffs of smoke. All of her muscles tensed, whether to fight or run I don’t know anymore, I used to, before things changed.

I had her right where I wanted her, I could finally could end all of this right here and now. One push of the button and she is gone. My finger hovers over the button, this was all I wanted when this thing, because it’s not a relationship or rivalry, started between us. I just wanted to get justice for what had happened, I want closer. But she stopped and fought me at every step. Every time I had those slimly bastards in my grasp, gun at their head, gun chocked, she stopped me. I what I am doing is right, and she stopped me every time!

My finger gets closer, but then I remember when she talked me from putting a bullet in my head, on their anniversary. The rain was pouring down, thunder and lightning roaring over head as it clashed in the sky. I thought it was poetic when I stood there, staring at their graves. The cold and sadness seeping into my bones as salty tears trailed over my lips. It was as though the weather could feel what I was feeling.

I held the gun in my hands staring down at the mud and puddles as I released the safety. My hand ready to chock it when I heard her.

“Stop!” she screamed. I knew that voice. Why couldn’t she just leave me alone! I twisted around to face her, to scream at her, but what I saw in her eyes took my breath away.  There wasn’t pity, or disgust, but understanding and concern for me. Why would she care if I died, it would just be one nuisance gone. “Please, please don’t do this,” her voice cracked, and a lone tear marred her face, “I don’t even know your name, but I know and care about you. Please don’t do this”

Even with the thunder booming and the lighting striking above me fighting, she shone, like the sun on a lazy fall morning, full of warmth and possibilities. I released my despair and heard it when it hit the surrounding water, then through the executioner away in the distance. I always hated guns.  

Then I felt lighter for a second, I knew it would be back tomorrow but for today it went away. Suddenly as if my strings were cut, I dropped. Mud now seeping in with the water, I didn’t have the strength to get up. I just used it all. Then there were warm arms encircling me.

She took me, held me, clean me off and offered warmth. For that day we were just people. I needed her, and she cared about me. We never spoke of that day ever again but now every year when I visit the graves I can turn to see the sun. She holds me when I need it or just listens to me talk about them.

I take my finger away from the button. She didn’t turn me in that day, or any other year and she could have. It was then on that first day we spent together I started to think and feel differently. I saw her in a different light. Before then I never knew why she always stopped me when we both fought for the same thing, justice. I know now, I want to kill the vermin in this city every last one, I don’t care about the consequences. She wants to capture them though, she has never killed.  

I learnt to relish the fights when she would try to capture me and free the evils, so that they could slither back to the shadows. She didn’t kill, I didn’t kill the innocent. They were battles that took everything out of me. Though no one ever won.

At times though we would be captured for a short while by one another and slowly during that time I learnt more about her and she learnt more about me. I learnt that she loved to geek out and was a nerd at heart. I told her that I loved to be with nature and hiking, anything outdoor I loved. I learnt that she loved tea, I told her the stuff was repulsive, and that coffee was my one true love.

I thread my hands through my hair, trying to figure out what to do. I look down to her in the middle of the room as I stand on a platform above. Her eyes lock into mine, everything becomes clear. It was like a shot of lighting coursing through my veins as I take a shuddering breath. I couldn’t kill her, over the years, I had come to care for her and now. I realise now that I have fallen for the one person that I should hate.  

I turn to the controls and shut everything down. I press the button to open the door.

“You can go, it’s not a trap, I can’t kill you. I know that I don’t have the right to ask but what is your name. I know your hero name but what is your real one.” I say as I drop to the floor, head resting on my knees.

I hear a few footsteps before a slight whoosh. I look up to see her floating in front of me. There she is, warm and hopeful as ever. I small smile creeps on to me face that I can’t control.  She looks strong, vibrant, and rich with beauty but most of all a softness that people love that shows how much she cares.

“Why, why didn’t you do it? This is what you have been wanting to get on with your revenge. You hate me don’t you?” that got my laughing which turned into a sob, “I don’t understand.” she says almost pleading.

“Me and you both,” her head tilts a bit making her adorable, as well as hot, “I couldn’t because, because. You are not going to believe me if I tell you anyway” I say frustrated. She would laugh, who could ever love me. The last people that did died 10 years ago in a lab. I stand up because I am sick of always setting myself up to be disappointed.

Suddenly she is so close to me I can hardly breathe; I immediately cast my eyes to the ground. She floats a few inches of the ground but descends so that she is on solid ground. She brings her right hand under my chin lifting my head to look her in the eyes. I have to tilt up a bit because she is slightly taller than me.

“If I tell you my name, will you tell me why?” she asks softly. I give a soft nod yes not trusting myself to speak. “My name is Kate”

“Kate” I say letting the name roll of my tongue, “the reason I, the reason” I say softly before casting my eyes down, a small tear escaping my eye. However before it can fall down my face Kate’s hand cups my cheek and whips the tear away. She then brings my face back up to look at her.

“I want to see your eyes when you tell me why.” She says softly. My eyes brim with tears, I let out a shuddering breath focusing on anything but her face.

“I fell for the one person who I should hate,” I say bring my eyes to meet hers, “you.” a soft smile graces her face and in turn mine.

“I fell for the person I should hate to,” she says, “you” I gasp in surprise before I feel her lips on mine. For the first time since I started this my anger was gone, and I didn’t want to hunt down the people. I just let my self drown in the kiss. For I finally found the sun again, and I wouldn’t let go.

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