I WILL GO 1916

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Submitted: May 04, 2016

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Submitted: May 04, 2016



Susie peels the potatoes
Mrs Gripe had told her to do
hands in cold water

back aching
the cook moaning
in the background

Polly by the other sink
washing pans
Susie wants it

to be night-time again
wants to be able
to put her hands round

Polly's waist again
to keep out the cold
andto smell Polly's back

as she had the night
before it was so cold
Polly didn't seem to mind

her hugging her
and secretly kissed her arm
while she slept

lips to her nightgown
covered arm
getting warm

snuggling there
feeling sensual
being close

to the other maid
in the attic bed
are you going to be all day

peeling those spuds
Gripe says
need them for dinner

wake up girl
Susie turns and stares
yes Mrs Gripe

she says
and peels faster
with the knife

avoiding nicking her thumb
as she nearly did just now
she glances over

to where Polly is working
mind elsewhere
thoughts on George no doubt

wanting him back here
not on that hospital far away
wish she wanted me

in the bed as she does him
Susie muses
wish she did to me

what she did to him
wish she kissed me

as she kissed him
Susie thinks
and when you've

done there girl
go fetch her Ladyship's tray
from breakfast

and don't slump so
and all Susie says
is sorry Mrs Gripe I will go.

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