Where We Are Now, And Where We Are Going

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Submitted: May 04, 2016

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Submitted: May 04, 2016



Where is your sight, where do my eyes directly examine and survey 

How do you lose perception with open eyes and progress on falling to the brink of dismay; 
To pull up from under the earth as lucifer coming 
Or to keep those eyes open, shining down with a sword filled of light as the wind comes with me swinging directly to affect the income growing 
Destroy what is possibly a growing past
Breaking the wall that comes between two and letting it never hold a grasp; 
Some of the imagination of what is true will always stay with you, but the imagination grows to more of the possible 
Some want it all, but still cant find a way to live even with all the best, what is incoming around any day could be horrible 
But that's not how we live life, even with an accident around every corner
Some wondering what may happen if my heart stops and i am filled with mourners; 
As I awake from the grave, paradise is what my eyes light up to see 
What we live in now, the earth is becoming destruction by mans hand of hate and greed 
I can pray and hope that we don't say God bless America, but God bless the world 
We have forgotten that no matter what color, or creed that we are humans, creating our own living netherworld 

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