The Decision

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Submitted: May 05, 2016

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Submitted: May 05, 2016



Suddenly she realized that he didn't like the bindi. She ran towards the mirror and removed the bindi, did a little touch up to the hair and then she was all set to go. After all these years she exactly knew everything about his likes and dislikes. It's been 6 years since they have last met. They used to be inseparable but then he decided to go abroad for further studies and eventually they lost touch.

Now after 6 years he called and told her that he's in town. She was excited. Anxiety was running through her heart and creating chaos in her nervous system. She woke up this morning , took a long shower and chose his favourite color's dress. After tonnes of apologies from his side they had decided to meet each other. He chose the perfect place for the meeting. The place where they first met. They decided to meet at CCD at 7 pm.

She reached exactly on time and he was late as always. She called but he didn't answer. After 15 mins, a tall guy with skinny shirt crossed the door. At first glance she knew that it was him and she wanted to shout his name but she waited until their eyes met. He walked towards her with a smile on his face. His brooding eyes made her uncomfortable for the first time. She stood up to greet him with handshake. While they shook hands, her eyes were still gazing the floor.
''Don't you think it's too formal'' he said and smiled.
She also smiled and stepped forward to hug him. As he hugged her back they both felt that all the broken pieces of them finally crawled back as a whole.
''It's been 6 years'' he said as they settled on the table. 
She nodded.
''So how's life??'' He asked.
''Nothing much" She replied.
She was waiting for him to apologize to her for leaving her alone here for 6 years. She was angry as well as pleased to see him after so long
She wanted to yell at him for not calling her once in all these years. She just waited for him to speak.
He looked nervous. He was confused about what to say and from where to begin. Finally words spilled out of his mouth.
''Listen I know you are angry but that was the toughest decision of my life, you know. Every single day for past 6 years I regretted. Everyday I wanted to call you and ask you that how have you been but I was so afraid to face you. I loved you and I still do. I will never leave you alone again. I am here now, to be with you, forever.''
She got tears in her eyes. She was about to say something when her phone rang. She saw the number and closed her eyes and tears rolled down her cheek. 
''I got to go. It's my daughter. I promised her that I'll be home soon today." She said wiping her tears.

His heart broke. With teary eyes he tried to stop her. This time she didn't listen. She held his hand and said, "Now, this is the toughest decision for me" and she left the place hiding her tears.

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