Mind With No Legs Simply Two Arms, No Head But Unseen Stars

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Submitted: May 05, 2016

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Submitted: May 05, 2016



Similarities between crushed worlds, lies in the one chance of a million.

Perspectives never the same, but it’s what most do not realize.

That generation lasting smile could not make up for the time spent howling at the moon in a false ecstasy of painful savagery.


When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, but what if you’re fed up with lemonade? What if you simply want an orange or an apple, tired of the same routine of mocking yellow because at this rate, your conflicted timeline begins to make love to a sea of monochrome and a field of permanent loss. You’re a stone in the ocean, with an empty space for calm.


You see, I have a mind with no legs, simply two arms, a mind with no head but unseen stars.

Running is futile, but the strength is there, sometimes it’s too much to bear, so I switch the thoughts off and avoid my potential. Living an illusion void of personal credentials.

Constant movements. Never looking back.  Yet that’s merely a figment of my imagination, to avoid what needs to be confronted, but this selfishness of mine to prolong such a masculine appearance is nothing but compensation. Idiotic is a term to exclaim one’s own ignorance, but to me it is a term to review my lack of mental vigilance.


If you see no evil, then you speak no evil, if you hear no evil, then what? Assume there’s no evil? That this world is sunshines and blossom petals with an emerald meadow? In short, we live with our brains wired and our emotions secured, a lie that’s a blunder, and our real-selves blurred. We think that fleeing is a sin and that moving forward is key, but I think it’s best to run back and reflect, but perhaps that’s just me.


And even as I say that, you can sense a tint of hypocritical, don’t you agree?

For my car has no breaks and I’ve already forgotten what I was doing. Now all that’s left is to see the future as an evasion of my dwelling worries.

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