The Fading Flame

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Submitted: May 05, 2016

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Submitted: May 05, 2016



How can you learn to love life,

without a life to love?

I firmly believe, though no eyes could ever have hoped to see,

my soul once burned bright and hot as the sun on the sea,

that it flared and fanned to a flame wondrous true to behold,

but it wavered and waned as it lonely grew old,

that it flickered and died, with the barest and saddest susurrus

and how can any heart bear to beat, once the fire’s left us?


The path through the world is dark from the day it appears,

and since you can’t see the light of your own design,

and since the gloam of our sight doesn’t fade over the years,

we need the company of connection deemed divine--

we seem to want, we need the glorious bright of another’s lovely soul.

But when the decades etch on, and it’s only grown darker, and somehow cold,

and the only lights you’d ever seen, came and went long ago,

and their warmth’s something you only ever used to know,

and you wonder, how much more of this can I take, oh how much more?

this virulent void presses harder and closer than any before.


How can you learn to love life,

without a life to love?

You can’t-- you might be able to pretend for a while,

laugh a lot and even wear a wide smile,

but in the quiet moments, especially the ones in the deep of night,

you feel it, you know the embers give off the faintest of light,

and the blaze that raged-- to consume you it tried,

at long last wavered, whispered, flickered and died.  

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